Experts urge to scrap term “Minsk Agreements” as they are not a treaty, use “Protocols” instead

Minsk-2 was signed on 11 February 2015, but it hasn’t
brought peace to Ukraine. Pictured: Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka, Russian President
Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel,
French President Francois Hollande, Ukrainian
President Petro Poroshenko, after the signing of
Minsk-2. Photo: Wikipedia 

War in Donbas

A number of experts specializing in hybrid war have appealed to the Ukrainian authorities to stop using the term “Minsk Arrangements” and start using the name “Minsk Consultations,” or “Minsk Protocols,” since the protocols signed as a result of the negotiations of the Tripartite Contact Group in Minsk are not an international legal treaty. Therefore, the notions of “agreement” and “agreement” are misleading Ukrainian and international society about the nature of these documents and the possible legal consequences of their implementation.

The experts believe that the introduction and promotion of the names “Minsk Agreements” and “Minsk Accords” contains signs of a hybrid operation to strategically disinform the world community regarding the legal nature of the signed documents.

“Although the vast majority of politicians, diplomats, experts, and journalists have recently used the terms Minsk Agreements or Minsk Accords to refer to this document, the Tripartite Contact Group consultation protocol is not an international legal treaty, nor is it in accordance with international law. or in accordance with national laws. This means that it creates neither rights nor obligations for either party, including Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

The introduction and popularization of the use of the names ‘Minsk Agreements’ and ‘Minsk Accords’ contain signs of a hybrid operation to strategically disinform both the public and, unfortunately, professional politicians, about the true nature of this document and its alleged obligatoriness to the parties,” the appeal reads.

The signatories emphasize that the Minsk Protocol is not an international legal treaty and even the full implementation of its clauses by Ukraine will not lead to any obligations on the part of Russia or the OSCE.

“Given the fact that the Minsk Protocol is not an international legal treaty, even full compliance with the provisions of this Protocol by Ukraine will not lead to any obligations in the Russian Federation or in the OSCE,” the experts emphasize. Instead, in order not to mislead society, experts suggest using the terms “Minsk Protocols” and “Minsk Consultations.”

“In order to avoid misinterpretation of the nature of this document, which is solely a protocol of political consultations, and not to mislead society, experts, journalists, diplomats, and politicians about the international legal consequences of its implementation by Ukraine, we ask to use the terms ‘Minsk Protocol’ or ‘Minsk Consultations’ for the short name of this document. without using the terms ‘agreements’ and ‘accords’,” the experts say.

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