Demonstration to support Ukraine in the city of Mariupol after Grad rocket shelling by Russian forces, Jan-24-2015

Demonstration to support Ukraine in the city of Mariupol after Grad rocket shelling by Russian forces, Jan-24-2015 

War in Donbas

Yesterday morning the sound of heavy artillery exploding in our area woke the entire city up. Tomorrow, the city could wake up and discover it has been occupied.

From the moment the Russian armed forces entered the Ukrainian city of Novoazovsk seven days ago, some half a million people in the nearby industrial town of Mariupol are preparing for war.

To be more exact they are preparing a resistance to the Russian-led war. Students have left their studies to join the ranks of the battalion of territorial defence in order to protect their native city.

The people of Mariupol are bringing warm clothing, food, building materials, flak jackets and helmets to their self-organized headquarters. Using their own shovels, regular citizens are digging trenches; trenches that are supposed to protect them from the invading heavy artillery of the invading Russian army. These are not the middle ages, but Europe in the 21st Century!

Surely, Russia will use its powerful information channels to tell you about the Kyiv junta” and of “the liberation of Russian speaking people of the Southeast.  If these claims were true, how is one then to understand the trenches, camouflage and bomb shelters? Is this the manner in which liberators are welcomed? No, this is how people welcome an aggressor. This is how people are preparing against occupation by the Russian army.

We are citizens of our city and we are using our right to self-defence. One must not put too much hope into the ceasefire recently negotiated in Minsk. Unfortunately, we are dealing with those who are accustomed to violating their agreements.

By way of this letter, we appeal to the citizens of cities in the European Union. Please, look at how desperately how the people of Mariupol are struggling for their freedom; how devotedly they are responding to the aggression of a much more powerful aggressor. Would you not also do the same if Russian tanks suddenly were to appear in your city?

This is exactly the reason why we are turning to you with a plea to support Mariupol and show solidarity with us – as we stand against the Putin’s bloody campaign and show we are capable of defence. The manner in which you will show solidarity with us is up to you. Do anything, write to us or even an open letter to Russia’s government, organize a Twitter-storm or a press conference. Of course, such actions will not stop Putin, but – at least – it will help the truth be heard in this terrible war. Today, just like in the Soviet times, Russia is “liberating” people using its tanks while simple people risk their lives to protect their freedom.

It is necessary to be honest with one’s self. Europe is too weak to stop Russia, but it should – at least – demonstrate its support by acknowledging the situation for what it is. Whoever is not afraid to address the atrocities of Putin’s war, please do! Should this desperate plea be ignored and Russian tanks enter our city, you as “formerly free European citizens” will also be partially to blame for the war.


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