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Euromaidan Press is an online newspaper founded in 2014. As a media outlet, EP focuses on news and events in and relating to Ukraine, and is driven by articles both from professionals and experts, as well as volunteer contributions. Specializing in translations of local Ukrainian news outlets, EP strives to be the go-to bridge between Ukraine and the English-speaking world.

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maidanpresscenterMaidan Press Center – an information space, playground, workshop that sets its goal to facilitate communication between Ukraine’s civic society, media, and the authorities.


Information Analysis Center is an initiative of students, graduates and deans of International Relations Faculty of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Ukraine) with the aim to distribute transparent, objective and comprehensive information, as well as conclusions drawn from the analysis of events in Ukraine and its surroundings.

informnapalmINFORMNAPALM is a volunteer initiative to inform both Ukrainian citizens and the foreign public about the crises in Ukraine consisting of journalists, political scientists, military experts, public figures, IT specialists, editors, and translators.


Voices of Ukraine – a volunteer project dedicated to delivering news about Ukraine in a variety of languages working to give a realistic picture of the ground reality of the Ukrainian political and cultural space.


Razom is a non-profit organization established to support the people of Ukraine in their continued quest for democracy, justice, and human rights.


Free Donbas is a project of the Donbas pen club featuring expert comments, verified news and eyewitness stories aimed at giving a true and unbiased picture of the war-torn Ukrainian Donbas.

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