How do I apply to be a contributor?

We’re open to new contributors at Euromaidan Press or on our various other platforms. Would you like to pitch an original piece? Have some breaking news you think needs to be covered and seen by thousands? Maybe you’d just like to volunteer and help edit or translate someone else’s work? Drop us a line and we’ll try to get back to you.

We’re always looking for:

  • new ideas
  • translators
  • editors
  • writers
  • web-developers
  • social-media monitors for updating facebook and twitter accounts
  • graphic designers
  • organizers and coordinators of digital campaigns

Please fill out the form and we’ll try to answer ASAP.

Dear readers! Since you’ ve made it to this point, we have a favor to ask. Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine is ongoing, but major news agencies have gone away, which is why it's extra important to provide news about Ukraine in English. We are a small independent journalist team on a shoestring budget, have no political or state affiliation, and depend on our readers to keep going (using the chanсe - a big thank you to our generous supporters, we couldn't make it without you.)  If you like what you see, please help keep us online with a donation

5 Responses to Contribute

  1. Avatar BikeDude says:

    Hey! Your contribution signup form will not let me help you. I can’t select anything in “What are you sending” drop-down list (it appears to be empty, in all browsers), and it’s a required field.

  2. Avatar Pepe le Moco says:

    Pepe: sois muy poco de fiar y ademas desinformais

  3. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

    Dear Maidan Press ,Im In Kyiv from Toronto and born in Kingston Ontario Canada ,my dad is Ukrainian Yaroslav which i created a role as a tribute with Cossack Ivan the elder in my film.,I enjoy daily to read your emails and stories of Ukraines struggles and politics and soldiers stories and tradgedy,,that is hard to read each day,,but i keep on top of this every day in Kyiv ,

    ,Please ..See our Movie Trailer BITTER HARVEST on Youtube,,Its and Epic Oscar nominee British actors first ever in English about Holodomor with many Ukrainians all filmed in Kyiv and region when Yanukovich was in power and the Maidan demonstrations started being very risky and dangerous for film crew and actors coming in to Kyiv to work under contarcts ,,some questioned and searched at the border ,,,it could have been the loss of the film material possibley by government officials denying the Holodomor with Putin as a genocide against Ukraine ,,im sure if we promoted the film as a Holodomor which we kept quite secret most the time here Yanukovich and Police would have apprehended the film for investigation and maybe never sen it again? ,,its an action drama about Ukraines Holodmor first film ever in history in English in cinema ,Diakyum Ukraina! Slava Ukraini!! Heryam Slava !!

    thank you Euro Maidan ,as a reminder -,i was a Canadian demonstrator ,donater food server ,wood chopper ,brick breaker , and fighter in Marinsky Park Hrushevsky wheels on Fire I fed many times and was under the brideg and across at Ukraina hotel when snipers were still killing the heroes ,,I was there most the winter ,,when I wasnt ill with pneumonia that I caught bad ,,that never stopped me I had to get back in the Maidan with my Ukrainian brothers and sisters ,,I was one of the lucky ones to survive ,the real Heroes ,,many I met in Maidan are with the lord ,,they will never die! ,,screenwriter Executive producer Bitter Harvest ,,Richard Bachynsky Hoover ,,im in a documentary just complted on Youtube titled -Ukraine Path To Freedom ,,excuse me in it 26,minutes into it ,,im quite upset and emotional. We will have a prenmiere in spring in Kyiv ,,stay in touch with me please, Be nice if you put theBitter Harvest trailer on the site if you wish.this is a 21 million dollar investment from Canadas caring Ukrainian diaspora investor my partner ,,,a big riskmmbut worth it for Ukraine and the world to see the truth about Stalins crimes on humanity,,Ukraines Humanity!! glory ,,gods speed to all heroes in this horrible war! brought on by Stalin Number 2 ,,Putin! and Yanukovich! enemies of the Ukraine people.,,maybe the world mostly! I would think thats true!

  4. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

    excuse the typos,late at the keypad,drifting.

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