About Us

About Us

Euromaidan Press (EP) is an online English-language independent newspaper launched in 2014 by Ukrainian volunteers. EP focuses on events covering Ukraine and provides translations of Ukrainian news and expert analysis as well as independent research. Through its work, EP strives to bridge Ukraine with the English-speaking world.

EP is registered as a non-governmental organization in Ukraine, NGO “Euromaidan Press.”

EP’s coverage spans Ukrainian politics, the war in eastern Ukraine and the peace process, economy, history, top stories, business opportunities, tourism, and more. We collect, rely on, and promote non-partisan, non-religious, non-biased information in our fight against the Russian disinformation campaign. Many of our stories are devoted to Ukrainian soldiers defending territorial integrity of our country’s eastern flank.

Our vision: We believe in a democratic and united Ukraine that is free from foreign pressure or coercion, with a government that is accountable to its people and where on basis of the rule of law a society is created and maintained that provides its citizens of all ethnic backgrounds with equal rights and possibilities to build their futures, free from want, corruption and political oppression.

Our mission: We provide truthful, reliable and accurate information on developments in Ukraine, as well as on issues that relate to Ukraine both as a state entity and a multi-ethnic free society, by developing and maintaining media, information and analytical sources that are non-partisan, non-religious and non-aligned, and that counter disinformation that is detrimental to Ukraine and Ukrainian society.

We wish to be an independent voice of Ukraine and provide a bridge between Ukraine and the Ukrainian communities living abroad. We strive to inform the world public opinion about the country’s history, political and social developments as well as of the opportunities the country offers for business and tourism.

We support all honest initiatives that would help the country realize the ideals and values that formed the basis of the Euromaidan movement in Ukraine. We also support initiatives developing independent media and democratic  initiatives in other states that uphold the core democratic values.

What we do: We run the site euromaidanpress.com, where we translate and write news articles and analysis on Ukraine, make videos and graphic materials about Ukraine in English, as well as maintain a professional presence on social media (Facebook and Twitter). We release  quasi-weekly newsletters from the Friends of Ukraine network covering projects in support of Ukraine. We publish articles analyzing authoritarian movements in Ukraine, Europe, and beyond in the Reft & Light project. Jointly with Euromaidan SOS, we launched and run the site letmypeoplego.org.ua and promote it on Facebook (EnglishUkrainian) and Twitter(EnglishUkrainian) in two languages to inform the world about the #LetMyPeopleGo campaign aimed to free Ukrainian political prisoners and hostages illegally held in Russia.

We welcome editors, translators, journalists, and web designers who care about the future of Ukraine to join our team and other friends to support our work. You can submit your contribution here. Or drop us a line at euromaidanpress (a) gmail.com

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