More victims of soviet terror found in Zhytomyr Oblast (update)


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On August 3, 2019, we published a report on the latest findings of the Poshuk (Search) Historical and Patriotic Association in the destroyed village of Velyky Shumsk, a few kilometers from Zhytomyr. Excavation and exhumation work started in mid-July and is ongoing.  

From August 2 to August 4, Poshuk continued to search and excavate territories that were settled by inhabitants of the village of Velyly Shumsk. The remains of 19 more persons were exhumed… all civilians: men, women and children. The number of executed victims now totals 192!

Excavation and search work at this important historical site is far from being finished and will require additional research trips and digs.

The Zhytomyr Regional NGO Poshuk (Search) Historical and Patriotic Association was founded by Pavlo Shmunevsky in 1989.

Poshuk conducts archival research, studies little-known historical facts and events that took place in Zhytomyr Oblast before, during and after World War II. The main purpose of the organization is to search for fallen Red Army soldiers and commanders, as well as their relatives, establish the names of the missing, preserve and perpetuate the memory of the fallen, and conduct patriotic training for young people.

Schoolchildren and students from Zhytomyr and the region are actively involved in the organization and in search projects.

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Editor’s Note

As we reported earlier, Poshuk believes that the tragedy occurred 100 years ago, and that the mass massacre is linked to soviet food-requisition divisions that helped establish the soviet regime in Ukraine; the villagers were taken hostage and held in ransom in exchange for food and farm products.

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