Russians far more imperialist now than they were in Soviet times, Cossack historian says

Russian neo-Cossack paramilitaries pose by a Putin monument in St. Petersburg, Russia

Russian neo-Cossack paramilitaries pose by a Putin monument in St. Petersburg, Russia 


Russians today are “much more imperialist than they were in the last years of the USSR, Vladimir Melikhov says; and in the pursuit of empire, they are prepared to sacrifice their freedoms, a loss that means that “it is completely possible that the present-day Russian Federation will share the fate of the USSR.”

Vladimir Melikhov

Vladimir Melikhov

But even before that happens, the Cossack historian tells Vyacheslav Puzeyev of the After Empire portal, the attitude of Russians has made absolutely impossible the formation of democratic institutions and federalism for all nations within the country’s borders, including the Cossacks.

“If there are no democratic institutions such as freedom of speech, division of powers or an independent judicial system, how can one speak about any federation?” Melikhov asks. And given their absence, neither the Cossacks nor any other people can hope for a real republic. If the country disintegrates before democracy arrives, “in place of one dictator, there could be 85.”

Consequently, a Cossack Republic for the time being must remain “a project of the future,” he continues. “It will become possible only on the basis of real federalism and stable institutions of self-administration. When power in various regions will belong to their population and not to governors and mayors appointed ‘from above, then real change will occur.”

Melikhov has been persecuted by the Russian government for his efforts in the media and as an organizer of two memorial museums to enlighten the Russian people about the real nature of the Cossacks. The authorities over the course of a decade have brought him to court 500 times in the hopes he will stop.

But Melikhov says he has no plans to do so, adding that the repression he has been subject to in itself shows “what a dictatorship leads to.” The powers that be crack down on him because they see in his work on the history of the Cossacks under the Soviets a reflection of the earlier oppressors of his nation.

Rebellious Cossacks before execution by the Red Army

Rebellious Cossacks before execution by the Red Army

The Soviets committed genocide against the Cossacks, but the post-Soviet regime is seeking to destroy the Cossack tradition by turning everything upside down, presenting Cossacks as the invariable supporters of the Russian state, as simply a social stratum rather than a nation, and as harshly authoritarian rather than freedom loving, the historian says.

They are thus destroying the Cossacks in a new and dangerous way even as they present themselves as supporters of the neo-Cossacks in Russia today, Melikhov says.

Most of these new Cossacks know nothing about the traditions of the real Cossacks but simply have failed at life, want to play act, and to win points from the regime.

Russian neo-Cossack mercenaries in Donbas, Ukraine posing for camera, 2014 (Image:

Russian neo-Cossack mercenaries in Donbas, Ukraine posing for camera, 2014 (Image:

“Historically,” he says, “the Cossacks evolved as a separate ethnic group, quite different from other ethnic groups in the Russian Empire. It had its own democratic institutions … and therefore if one speaks about the rebirth of the Cossacks, one must above all speak about the rebirth of this political culture which arose over centuries.”

Melikhov concludes: “The Cossacks always were independent and self-sufficient in the organization of their own lives and never counted on the powers for assistance. They were masters of their own land, but today few understand these terms,” and the Russian government wants to keep it that way lest the Cossacks become a model for others.


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  1. Avatar MichaelA says:

    the heirs of the true cossack tradition are the ukrainians
    he is right that it is not possible for true cossacks to exist in modern day russia
    ukraine these days is a sich
    the barbarians are beyond the walls
    the soldier patrol and ward against attacks
    and inside the walls life goes on

    1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

      Those pictured individuals who tried to pose as “cossacks” were nothing more than a bunch of fakes with fake fur hats that resembled a “wannabe” a punk rock band rather than any genuine cossacks. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. The real cossacks died out following their dismemberment by Tsarina Catherine II in 1775 and their subsequent banishment to farms in Ukraine, the Danube Delta bordering the Black Sea, The Kuban Region where they were given those lands in supposed perpetuity and to border outposts in the Caucasus Mountains. Even those soldiers who called themselves cossacks in the latter part of the Tsarist era or individuals such as “Hetman” Pavlo Skoropadsky during Ukraine’s short lived war of independence during and after WWI were nothing more than replicas of the true Zaporozhian Host.

  2. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Bloody ‘ell!

  3. Avatar Buddy Rugger says:

    That donut’s been…

  4. Avatar David McClintock says:

    If you want “imperialists” look at United States. Russia not imperialists. Russia is defense only.

    1. Avatar Alex George says:

      I see … So that is why Russian troops are in Georgia, Crimea, Donbass, Moldova, Syria?

      1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

        Not so fast, Alex. Our newest “wannabe” Kremtroll has four flat tires.

      2. Avatar David McClintock says:

        Correct. These are key positions of NATO. Syria is Russia ally before Globalist imperialist invasion.

        NATO slowly closing in on Russia. Game of chess. Russia acting in defense. These areas vital to Russia geopolitical security.

        1. Avatar Alex George says:

          So your version of “acting in defence” means Russia invading other countries?

          In addition, why is NATO membership by neighbouring countries a problem for Russia? It should be friends with NATO.

          1. Avatar gmab says:

            Putler, imperialistically speaking, also desires a port in the Mediterranean.

          2. Avatar Alex George says:

            Very true. It has nothing to do with protecting or defending Russia, and everything to do with Russian imperialism.

    2. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

      Too funny. Another fake pearl of wisdom (but very real for many Russian “gopniks” but not anyone else) from an undergraduate of the Tomsk Branch of the Sankt Peterburg troll factory. Sorry David but there will be no kapusta for you today. Why? To begin with, your command of the English language is atrocious. Second, your statement is absurd. So, as your hero Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) once stated, “What is to be done?”. There are 2 possibilities; 1) Go back to school and refer to your troll handbook (Section 101), or, return to your job at your kapusta farm and while you’re there you can at least steal some free kapusta.

    3. Avatar Scradje says:

      Kremtrolls are always an accurate reflection of the wormy minds of the naцi degenerates they troll for.