From combat to coding: how one IT company is helping Ukraine’s war veterans

War in the Donbas

IT therapy. One IT company in Lviv is helping veterans of the war in eastern Ukraine adapt to peaceful life. The veterans visit special training and courses. Many of them become software developers.

Serhiy Koziuk is a web developer. He decided to enter the profession after being wounded in the war in eastern Ukraine:

“When I was in the hospital, I passed tests online and came to the courses in 4 days. For me personally, everything was quick and high-quality.”

The courses for veterans of the war in Donbas were initiated by a Lviv IT company. According to the organizers, such social projects help boost people’s self-esteem.

“We all help those who are now in the Donbas. But it happens that when people come home, they don’t have their previous jobs, the circumstances have changed, so they need to try themselves in a different profession. That is why we came up with this idea,” says Director of the Corporate University Liliya Mudryk.

After the courses, the company has already employed four veterans.

“Serhiy was one of the best in testing. He also stood out during the training, so we gave him a chance. It is nice to see these people smile and meet them in the morning when we drink coffee or tea together,” adds a software engineer Taras Peretiako. 

Serhiy Koziuk says that he set a clear goal for himself:

“I want to work in this field, and I have to achieve it. That is why I set aside everything else. I worked on myself, and on my self-improvement, to get this job.”

Psychotherapist Mykola Vinnytskyi says going back to peaceful life requires a lot of efforts from veterans. This format of adaptation is a great option which helps them get on their feet:

“This idea is undoubtedly rightto work with the soldiers who came back from war, in a format where there is an opportunity to learn and get a new profession, which also means financial stability. Then it’s psychologically easier to work: it’s like we’re cementing in the result.”

This year, the company has already held the course 5 times. Now it’s training 40 veterans. Meanwhile, Serhiy is creating software for learning to play the guitar, which is another passion in his life.

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