Former Auschwitz prisoner teaches separatist a good lesson



Russia, Ukraine

Ihor Fedorovich Malitsky is a former prisoner of Auschwitz concentration camps. Today, he is Head of the Kharkiv Regional Council of Anti-Fascist Resistance that brings together former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. He takes an active part in educating young people. He also works as a professor at the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy. Mr. Malitsky mastered the computer when he was 80 years old, and now he is developing his own educational manuals.

Former prisoner of Auschwitz concentration camp, 92-year-old professor at the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy Ihor Malitsky recently rebuked a separatist who insulted Ukraine and Ukrainians in a Kharkiv café.

“Today, I went to the local market to buy some cucumbers for pickling. Then, I decided to have a beer in a nearby café. I sit down and see a man somewhat “under the weather” hanging around nearby and muttering something about serving as an officer.

Then he comes up to me, probably looking for support and a friendly ear… and announces loudly:

“Ukraine’s not a country, and Ukrainians are just shit! Putin’s gonna beat you all. Putin’s a great man, and so on and so on.

You know, if I’d had a pellet gun, I’d have pumped him full of holes! That’s what I’d have done!”

Malitsky then picked up his mobile and said loudly:

“Comrade Colonel, send over some guys to such-and-such an address. There’s a Putin lover here who needs to have his ass kicked. You can take him to the border and dump him there. Let him kiss his idol’s butt… It’s about a three minutes’ walk… OK, I’ll be waiting.

You should’ve seen him jump up and run! He missed the door and slammed into the wall, got up and ran off as fast as he could. The waitress split her sides laughing, and another man nearby smiled widely. I turned to him and said:

“Hey there, if someone abused your wife or mother, would you keep quiet?”

“No.” he replied, “Let me walk you home so he doesn’t bother you again.”

“Thanks a lot, but I can take care of myself.”



Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: Obozrevatel

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  • veth


  • Eddy Verhaeghe

    ROFL 😉

  • Screwdriver

    “Ukraine’s not a country, and Ukrainians are just shit! Putin’s gonna beat you all. Putin’s a great man”
    Good to know what Ukrainians say in public when they think that SBU Nazis are not around. . :-) Very interesting.

    • veth

      He was no Ukrainain, just drunk Russkie

      • Screwdriver

        You said that Russians in Ukraine love new Kiev regime, no ?

    • veth

      In Duma are 6 nazzi-parties hahahaha

    • Murf

      Get a Russian drunk and he will believe anything.
      Like how Russia is a super power.
      And that the world loves Russia.
      Or that Putin is a great leader.
      Then when they sober up the have to face reality.
      So they start drinking again.
      I guess they prefer a fools paradise to the awful reality.

      • Screwdriver

        Do not forget, it was in Ukraine.

        • zorbatheturk

          A RuSSian a-hole is a RuSSian no matter where he is.

        • Murf

          A nd how many times have Krem Bot said the Ukraine east is Russian?
          Unless they are beating unarmed protesters or attacking sceard police stations they can’t take the heat.

  • Screwdriver

    And very interesting what this guy admitted in one of his interviews :
    “Украинским властям нужно набраться смелости и признать, что их действия также сделали возможной эту войну. Никогда нельзя начинать свою власть с кнута. А первым делом новой украинской власти была отмена языкового закона. Многие это восприняли как запрет русского языка, что и породило почву для страха, в том числе в Крыму”

  • Screwdriver

    Very interesting fellow.
    From his interview :

    “Я убежденный интернационалист, материалист и коммунист”

    – Сейчас хотят обелить «бандеровщину», это недопустимо. ВО «Свобода» пропагандирует: «Геть жидів! Геть москалів!». Для меня же, когда я стою перед аудиторией, не имеет значения, кто мои слушатели по национальности – украинцы, русские или евреи.

    Что больше всего врезалось в память из ужасов лагеря?

    – У меня там был друг – полковник Федор Громов. Он был болен цингой, у него кровь шла из десен. Нужна была хоть какая-то зелень, но на территории лагеря люди уже съели все до травинки. И вот я как-то пополз за пучком травы для полковника в «запретную зону» под колючей проволокой и услышал выкрик с вышки: «А ну, відійди звідси, бо стрельну!». Так я, украинец, познакомился с дивизией СС «Галичина», охранявшей лагерь

    • Murf

      Can I point out the stupidity of posting articles in Russian on an English language web site?
      Just a free price of advice from me to you.

      • Screwdriver

        Most of you malorussians are pretty good in Russian.

        • Murf

          Then go to a Russian site and spill your drivil.

        • Eddy Verhaeghe

          1. Some of us aren’t Malorussians.

          2. Posting texts in another language on an English language website without translation is not only stupid, but plain rude.

          3. Your deviation from the subject.
          That the man is “a convinced internationalist, materialist and communist” doesn’t change the fact that he chased a friend of Russkiy Mir out of the café. Because a friend of Russkiy Mir is by definition not an internationalist, etc…
          That fellow Ukrainians made him suffer in the German camps during WW II didn’t stop him either to chase that drunk fool out of the café. Because somebody who suffered at the hands of Nazis recognizes who are the real fascists today, etc…
          Have a nice day 😉

          • Screwdriver

            “Posting texts in another language on an English language website without translation is not only stupid, but plain rude.”
            Maybe it is not as rude as some of the Nazi comments made by your friends here on the regular basis ?

            “Because a friend of Russkiy Mir is by definition not an internationalist” – WHY ?
            “Because somebody who suffered at the hands of Nazis recognizes who are the real fascists today”
            Looks like you unaware about Jewish Holocaust centers /Jewish organisations opinion of Ukrainian nationalists ?
            Maybe you unaware that even Euro-parliament, in 2010, passed a resolution condemning heroisation of Ukrainian Nazis ?
            ” The European parliament said it deeply deplored the decision by outgoing President of Ukraine Viktor Yuschenko to posthumously award Stepan Bandera, a leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), “which collaborated with Nazi Germany, the title of National Hero of Ukraine.”
            Have a nice day 😉

  • Dirk Smith

    Another cowardly mongol. Nothing new here…….

  • Murf

    Well played.
    All seperatists are cowards who only survive because of Russian money and threats.
    Man to
    Man they fold like a wet box.

  • zorbatheturk

    Great story! Any Putin lovers in Ukraine should be hung upside down and used as a punching/kicking bag by Donnie Yen, Jet Li, and Jason Statham for a one hour long training session, and then driven to the closest border and hurled across into their beloved fascist RuSSian Federation like the sacks of human garbage they are.