Ukraine’s ATO veterans go from protecting their country to protecting its cats

Ukraine, War in the Donbas

They don’t only protect their country. In their regular lives, some veterans of the conflict in eastern Ukraine help homeless animals find a family. This all started when they found five abandoned kittens next to one of their houses.

“They are somewhere between 3.5 and 4 months old. No passport. They didn’t have any birth certificates. They only had a dirty bag and some nice people put out a bowl with some wet bread,” says Viktoriya Kolosovska, Volunteer.

“Don’t buy happiness, take it from a shelter!”

“Don’t buy happiness, take it from a shelter!”

Since then, the life of these kittens has improved. The woman nursed them back to health and fed them. And now these and other homeless fluffy animals seek new owners. Ukrainian servicemen are among the volunteers. The animal defenders turned to veterans who had served in some of the hottest points of the conflict in eastern Ukraine — Ilovaisk and Pisky. They offered the veterans a chance to take part in a very unusual photo session. Oleksiy Rubets immediately agreed:

“I like cats most of all. They change with age, they are very interesting, they have more of a personality. They can even hit back.”

Three more servicemen together with Oleksiy posed for photographers. All of them, experienced veterans of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, held defenseless kittens in their hands. And the result of the photo session was several hundred pictures. Photographer Yuliya is satisfied with the work:

“They are non-professional models, nevertheless, it was very easy to work with them. Although, I can not say the same about animals. It was difficult to work with them because they are kittens.”

“Don’t buy joy, take it from a shelter!”

“Don’t buy joy, take it from a shelter!”

As soon as the photos have been published, three kittens got new families. Now the task is to find a home for Kleo, Sarah, Naomi and a few hundred more kittens.

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  • Oknemfrod

    It should be no surprise that men of this stock love cats. There share common traits; and those are dignity, independence, strength, and grace.

    • Ihor Dawydiak

      Agreed. It also shows that these Ukrainian soldiers have demonstrated their humanity to God’s defenseless creatures in an area of constant turmoil, death and destruction. This of course is in direct contrast to Putin’s hired bandits and scumbags in Russian occupied Eastern Donbas where the value of any life is relatively meaningless.

      • Oknemfrod

        “The Cat that Walked by Himself” – Rudyard Kipling. This is the type those valiant men impersonate, so there’s no wonder they associate themselves with these fiercely independent and proud creatures. One of the warriors in the video noted of the cats: “They can actually hit back”. From Lesya Ukrainka:

        Месники дужі приймуть мою зброю,
        Кинуться з нею одважно до бою.
        Armed with my weapon, will mighty avengers
        Rush in the battle, defying the dangers.

        Слава Україні! Героям слава!