Wife visits Kremlin-jailed Ukrainian journalist in Moscow

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Ukrainian journalist and Ukrinform’s correspondent Roman Sushchenko is in Russian jail for 6 months already. The FSB is illegally detaining him for espionage. The journalist’s wife met him in Russia for the first time since he was arrested, and she went to UATV’s studio to disclose the conditions of his detention.

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An hour’s walk a day, two cameras filming 24/7 and rare letters to relatives, welcome to the cell of Roman Sushchenko. It’s been six months that the Ukrinform’s correspondent is being illegally detained in Russia.

He was allowed to see his wife for the first time since last September. Angela Sushchenko explained to UATV that she only received 8 letters from him since he got arrested. She also said that authorities recently allowed him to have a fridge where he can stock goods from his supporters. The reporter’s wife strongly insisted that Roman Sushchenko can only be released through an exchange for another prisoner.

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