Wife of soldier KIA posts poignant statement: Your scent lingers in my hair…


Ukraine, War in the Donbas

Source: Volyn24
Source: promin.cv
Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Yana Kaminska, wife of 26-year-old officer Maris Kaminsky, killed near Avdiyivka on February 3, 2017, has posted a poignant statement in VKontakte. Yana is expecting their first child:

Dear friends, I want to thank you for sharing our pain, and the loss of a beautiful, bright, and sincere man. Thank you everyone who was there with us, everyone who prayed and grieved with us. I know many people accompanied my beloved to his resting place. I couldn’t look into your eyes as I wasn’t able to tear my own eyes away from my husband’s face. I bow my head in sorrow; my heart and soul know no rest… I pray that you will never live to bear such pain. It cannot be expressed or measured…

I want to ask you to remember my husband and pray for his child, which lies near my heart. This child longs for his father and wants to live.


Dear friends! Appreciate every passing moment! Death and pain walk beside us. May the Lord protect you all! Make each other happy because you don’t know if your last action was the last in your life.

You know, people go from day to day without realizing what real happiness is. I knew my love for two years and I can say that we lived a period of true happiness. We lived together only four months… it was so quick, so short, but these were the sweetest months of my life. But, the most beautiful thing that happened to us is when we got married and joined our hearts forever.

You know, my darling, I am yours forever. Today we kissed for the last time. It was the sweetest kiss of my life. This kiss will be on my lips forever… and your scent still lingers in my hair.

He didn’t want to leave us and go to war, but he gave his life for all of us so that peace would finally come to our Ukraine.

I pray to God for this war, which has destroyed hundreds of lives, to come to an end. I pray that parents, brothers, sisters and children no longer have to bury their men.

I stand and cry loudly: “No, I am not a widow! I am the beloved wife of Maris Kaminsky, a soldier and a Hero.”

Heroes Never Die!

Maris Kaminsky was laid to rest on February 8, 2017 in his native town of Kivertsi, Volyn Oblast. Photos (Volyn News, Kivertsi Information Portal):








Source: Volyn24
Source: promin.cv
Translated by: Christine Chraibi

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