Three Russian answers to the question ‘Is a Putin-Trump strategic alliance possible?’

Putin/Trump (Image: Ivan Shilov, Regnum)

Image: Ivan Shilov, Regnum 

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Russian analysts are currently split into three distinct groups on the question of whether “a strategic alliance” will be formed between Vladimir Putin and incoming US President Donald Trump and thus define the direction of the world for at least the next four years, according to Regnum commentator Yury Baranchik.

According to the first of these, which is held most commonly among Russian liberals,

“Trump’s pre-election rhetoric was no more than a diversion and that as president he will return to the Obama-Clinton line” and that the new president will focus more on domestic matters, leaving Russia to “the students of Reagan.”

If this view turns out to be true, Baranchik says, Trump will have little room for political maneuver. But the Regnum commentator says that in his view, “Trump will not depart from his own line since this would mean his rapid political death” not only because it would betray his followers but because it would violate his psychology.

Consequently, this first view most likely will not prove to be accurate.

The second school argues that after becoming president,

Trump will “occupy a position of political realism and enter into a tough trading period with Russia concerning the entire spectrum of world geopolitics.” Each side will have to yield something the other wants in order to get or retain what it wants more.

Baranchik says this scenario is more justified than the first but that it suffers from two serious problems. On the one hand, “Trump has too complicated a situation inside his own country to get involved in a war on two fronts.” That is he needs to get a win quickly on one in order to be in a position to do something on the other.

Getting such an agreement with Putin quickly is possible but only if his demands for an equal trade are not pressed too far, the commentator argues.

And on the other hand, Baranchik continues, unlike the so-called “Kissinger plan” which requires Putin to make all the concessions, Trump has to come up with one that offers some American concessions on things Putin cares about if he is to get an agreement quickly and easily and that Putin can’t get simply by awaiting the course of events.

And then there is the third set of views, one few Russians currently hold although Baranchik for his part says he is among them. This third scenario starts from the proposition that “Putin and Trump have common geopolitical and personal enemies who want to remove both of them from power.”

“Both presidents have very similar domestic political and economic problems, including an intra-power frond and the necessity for boosting the standard of living” in ways people can feel, the Regnum commentator says. They can’t afford slow negotiations about the future because that means “to lose time, resources, public impact and allies.”

“Therefore, the most optimal variant and especially for Trump consists not [of a global trade of positions] but a global agreement including the restoration of a Russian zone of influence on the post-Soviet space except for the Baltic countries.”


Trump won’t get a lot in exchange, and his critics in the mainstream media in the US will attack him for selling out to Putin and sacrificing all the achievements of the West “which it got from the collapse of the USSR as part of their ongoing effort to strip him of legitimacy and weaken his position.

But in this situation, Baranchik argues, “Trump needs to give his voters another truth.” That alternative version of reality would be that now American boys won’t have to fight “god knows where for what commercial interests” and that “global stability is much better than a world war.”

The main reason this third scenario is the most likely, Baranchik says, is that Trump doesn’t have much time – only three years until his reelection campaign will absorb all of his time. And that means that he needs to “agree with Putin as fast as possible on as many issues as possible about a new world order.”

Trump: "Most important now is to position chess figures correctly!" (Russian political cartoon: Gorbarukov,

Trump: “Most important now is to position chess figures correctly!” (Russian political cartoon: Gorbarukov,

In short, the analyst says, he must conclude “a Putin-Trump pact and then, presenting his accord with Putin as his first victory as president, take up the cleansing of the Augean stables in the US. For that, he will need the support of the people.” Among those who share this view is a Russian blogger whose post is here.

Under existing circumstances, Putin doesn’t need to trade anything meaningful to get Trump’s agreement. Indeed, Baranchik suggests it would not only be undignified but “simply stupid.” There is no “Kissinger plan” and the Trump and Putin people have been talking intensively in Moscow.

Summing up, Baranchik says that what Russia and Putin need from the US and Trump is the same thing the US and Trump need from them: a joint agreement to end “the legacy of the Saudis and the Clintons.” That task is “the most general and important” of those standing before Putin and Trump. Achieving progress is the best way to avoid a broader war.

Given some of the statements Trump has made in recent days – his suggestion that NATO is a relic of the past and that the EU should fall apart – and some of his already demonstrated approaches to decision making, one can understand why at least some in Moscow share Baranchik’s views. Just how many do remains to be seen but should become obvious soon.



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  1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    We shall see, as the actress said to the bishop.

  2. Avatar Mephisto says:

    We shall see but I hold the position that Trump is a Russian puppet and most of his moves are orchestrated by Putin. Concerning Ukraine, Trump already hinted what he will probably do. He will legitimize Krym and lift the sanctions in exchange for nuclear disarmament. He will no doubt present it as a great achievement of his foreign policy, as making the world more peaceful.
    Russias nuclear arsenal is probably getting old and so they came up with one solution for two of their problems – get rid of some old nuclear weapons and lift sanctions.
    Trump should get 20 life sentences in prison for high treason.

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Trump’s problem is that ANY deal with the dwarf has to pass Congress. And given the full bipartisan support for Kyiv in both Senate and House of Representatives I doubt whether the dwarf has much to look forward to.

      1. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

        I think that Trump can remove the American sanctions by executive order. I may be wrong though.

        1. Avatar Turtler says:

          No, he can’t. At least not legally.

          I realize this must be incredible to someone who has probably spent months and months being an uncritical apologist for the Democrats and Obama, but it is generally illegal to pass through unilateral sanctions. Because sanctions and all other economic intercourse with foreign nations are under the purview of Congress, which can overturn or veto just about any action in those regards.

          But don’t believe me, take a look at the Constitution:

          Section 8:

          “The Congress shall have power to… regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes;”

          So while it might be theoretically possible for Trump or another POTUS (like say Barack “I have a pen and a phone” Obama) to jam through sanctions or the lifting thereof by executive fiat- like Obama did regarding the Iran Deal- that is REALLY not how it is supposed to work and might well skirt the bounds of unconstitutionality.


          1. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

            no , not ok.. read zorba below.

          2. Avatar Turtler says:

            “no , not ok.. read zorba below.”

            Which bit of Zorba?

            He’s only made one comment on this thread and it’s well above. So I’m not sure which one you’re referring to.

          3. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

            sorry for hurting your feelings turtle.

          4. Avatar Turtler says:

            Screw my feelings and screw your feelings.

            My problem is not the fact that you hurt my feelings, it’s the fact that you decided to do it dishonestly.

            By altering my quote but keeping it in quotations, you were lying about what I said.

            By ignoring the entire context of my post, you were trying to slur me as something I am not.

            By ignoring the monstrosities of Tojo and Mussolini because they did not comport so well with your stereotypical, fake news narrative of “Trump = Hitler” you mocked their many victims, as well as those who fought and sacrificed to STOP those Fascist scumbags. And that includes my family.

            And that is before I get into the effect of this country when “yeah, whatever” becomes a valid defense for perjury before the Senate.

            Or the fact that you told me to “read zorba below” without explaining where.

            There are times when it is justifiable to hurt peoples’ pwecious feelings and even to lie. But libel like this? Never.

          5. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

            again i am sorry for hurting your feelings. i didn’t know you were that sensitive. but i stand by what i just don’t know how to explain your thoughts properly.

          6. Avatar Turtler says:

            You see, I might be inclined to believe that, except for two things.

            A: You had to intentionally take that snippet out of context and then *modify it to say something other than what it said*, resulting in a supposed quote that I never typed (close to what I typed yes, but not it).

            and furthermore

            B: Whatever problems I may have with explaining my thoughts, that does not mean that the context in the rest of the paragraph should not give anybody honestly reading a decent hint.

            “That doesn’t make him good. In fact I would argue it leaves open the CHANCE that he will be far worse, …”

            And more importantly:

            .”….And that
            is terrifying, because I find Trump being the Tojo to Putin’s Hitler or
            the Hitler to Putin’s Stalin more terrifying than him being the
            Mussolini to Putin’s Hitler. But in any case I DO NOT THINK IT IS THE CASE.”

            I may not have explained my thoughts well, but there’s only so much that can justify and ignoring what I actually wrote to do so is not one of them, especially since these things are so close together.

            If you think this is me being sensitive, you should know that most people probably do not like similar treatment.

          7. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

            There you go again calling trump Tojo.

          8. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

            ok,read zorba above.whatever.

          9. Avatar Turtler says:

            I did read him above, and I agreed with him/. We will see how bad or good Trump is, and if he is the latter (by my opinion) I will have my attacks primed for him.

          10. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            The difference between Obama jamming through sanctions and Trump lifting them by executive order is that while there was/is widespread in both Senate and HoR for Obama introducing the sanctions, there will probably be little approval of Trump lifting them. If anything, the Senate and HoR thought Obama didn’t go far enough.

          11. Avatar Turtler says:

            Indeed, and that is a major reason why Obama generally tried to avoid confirmation of those foreign policy initiatives in the Senate under the idea that they were agreements made by the Executive.

            Of course, if Obama could try that trick so can Trump, and we’ve already started to see the foul flowers of that with things like the Iranian dictatorship’s slaughter in Aleppo alongside the troops of the Polonium Dwarf. So here’s hoping that the Legislative Branch retakes its’ rightful place.

          12. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

            obama didn’t try to get any initiative through the senate because they wouldn’t have anything to do with whatever he tried to forget that mitch the turtle said his number one job was to make obama a one term president.nice try turtle.

          13. Avatar Turtler says:

            The problem with all this obfuscation and “pity the poor POTUS” is that the constitution and the roles of the intended government trump someone’s agenda. Bush didn’t have the right to make agreements with the Afghan and Iraqi national governments without going through Congresss (which about half way into his term became dominated by Dems). Trump won’t have the right to jam sanctions or sanctions relief through Congress wihtout their approval.

            And if they can’t get those measures approved by Congress, they should not try to ram their foreign policy treaties through.

            Why should the rules be different for Obama?

          14. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

            President Obama was overwhelmingly elected the president of the United States two times. When the Republican tea baggers in the house and senate did what they did they told us the American people who overwhelmingly elected Obama that we are just a piece Of shit.

          15. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            The people that elected Obama weren’t exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer. Give what Obama di the first 4 years told them what he would do the 2nd four, and he did exactly that. You can the Republicans in Congress anything you like, but electing Obama was one of dumbest things the electorate could have done, and they did it.

          16. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

            i wouldn’t expect anything less for someone from tennessee

          17. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            You’re showing why I long quit expecting much from Yankee libtards. And, I’m not from Tennessee.

          18. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

            I rest my case.

          19. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            You had no case to rest.

          20. Avatar Turtler says:

            “President Obama was overwhelmingly elected the president of the
            United States two times. ”

            Agreed except for the “overwhelmingly” bit. especially for 2012.

            “When the Republican tea baggers in the house
            and senate did what they did they told us the American people-”

            So apparently by your twisted logic, Obama was elected by the American people, but the Republican Congressmen and women (and my fellow tea-baggers, who are nowhere near as synonymous with the Congressional GOP as I would like) were elected by…..

            … huh, who DID elect them anyway?

            Do you even know?

            That’s why this “logic” falls apart. Because the President was NEVER Meant to govern alone or unimpeded.

            “they told us the American people who overwhelmingly elected Obama that we are just a piece Of shit.”

            They did no such thing. They behaved like just about ANY OPPOSITION PARTY- especially one dealing with a very combative and uncompromising rival in the POTUS- would. And how I imagine the Congressional Dems will largely act towards Trump, because that is why they were elected into office BY THE SAME AMERICAN PEOPLE.

            it is your emotional and political immaturity that you make this about You.

            Get Over Yourself.

          21. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            There was no contention over who was elected and how like there is with the combover. No scandals with Obama like already pushing to the surface like with the combover!

          22. Avatar Turtler says:

            “There was no contention over who was elected and how like there is with the combover.”

            There’s no legitimate contention in either case, since the “Russia hacked da election” meme is inaccurate on several levels (starting with the fact that they didn’t hack any infrastructure related to the election which Might have influenced it).

            “No scandals with Obama like already pushing to the
            surface like with the combover!”

            That depends on how we define the “scandals like” those pushing up. But the idea that Obama had a scandal free administration is laughable. And it would be laughable for just about any President right on down to Tippecanoe.

          23. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            Obama has had no issues like Nixon or Bill Clinton. The combover has contention over possible/probable Kriminalin interference to assist the combover campaign due to perceived combover softness to Pootlerstan. Then there is the “golden showers” story that may or may not prove to be true. Only time will tell. Campaign comments that could be or are derogatory to women and his daughter that paint him as possible pedophile or pervert. Do not go out of your way to stand up for this buffoon!

          24. Avatar Turtler says:

            “Obama has had no issues like Nixon or Bill Clinton.”

            Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and having communications with his former Secretary of State’s illegal and unsecured private server all beg to differ. And not only was the Administration found to be acting either recklessly or/and dishonestly, it happened in connection with issues that are deadly serious.

            “The combover has contention over possible/probable Kriminalin interference to assist the
            combover campaign”

            Contention isn’t worth jack schiesse; the Kremlin has been interfering with American domestic politics for more than a century, that alone does not delegitimize a candidate.

            You would have to muster far more definitive proof that Trump personally was involved in whatever we accuse the Kremlin of doing, and nobody has come even *close* to that, considering the main conjecture goes that A: The Russian regime hacked the DNC (which is possible but far from definitive).

            B: The Russian regime then sent what they found to Assange (very likely, considering Assange is all but a paid for extension of the Kmrelin’s intelligence and has been for a long time)

            C: Assange then published these things, which the Russians wanted specifically to benefit Trump (dubious).

            D: These then had a major impact on the election (Very dubious).

            Now, aside from the fact that there are multiple points of failure in this chain (starting with the fact that Assange claims it was not a hack of the DNC at all, but the product of a leaker who either took the data from the inside or gave the attackers the key to open the metaphorical door), in order to actually pin any of this on Trump you would need to prove that he knew about these kinds of actions- not necessarily the hacking but enough that Putin would have his minions commit crimes to try and swing the election- and TOOK PART in it.

            Nobody “contending” the Russians”hacked the election” has come even close to proving the chain of events proposed, and believe me I’ve been looking including on the Intel report.

            And beyond that, absolutely nobody has come even within the ballpark of proving criminal action or intent by Trump in regards to these alleged Russian actions (which-again- may not have even been all Russian). And that would be necessary to do one iota about it.

            Yes, a lot of people have “contended” and “perceived” it. But there’s an old saying about someone’s hands, hope for a better world, and certain sanitary actions that should tell you exactly how meaningful those contentions and perceptions are in a legal sense.

            Not at all.

            “Then there is the “golden showers” story that may or may not prove to be true.”

            No, sorry, Golden Showergate has been proven to be pretty damn false, and more importantly pretty damn devoid of credibility even if it by some miracle *Were* true.

            There’s a reason why Bob Woodward- one of the people who broke open Nixon’s staggering corruption and abuse of power- was front and center calling it trash. And why the people over at Mother Jones slagged on CNN and Buzzfeed for being stupid enough to do this. Not because they magically became Trump cultists, but because they know some of the basics

            Because it is. And furthermore, tit’s worth noting that the sources comes from someone who has been willing to publish intentionally misleading statements on behalf of Planned Parenthood, and who has had a history of going out on similar limbs about anonymous sources relaying other anonymous sources, which in effect means that we have to take the “very trustworthy” guy’s word on it.


            There’s a reason why this thing was known for half a year and during that time absolutely nobody would touch it in spite of what we can imagine were attempts to verify or fact check it, and the dynamite nature of its’ out

            Not because Trump is a freaking saint- he isn’t- or is immune to mucky dealings or poor behavior. Sober observation of things like the Trump University case (which are far better documented than this) show that.But because this had a disproportionately high chance of being fake news, and even if it wasn’t there was scant if any reason to believe it wasn’t, which for a story of this magnitude is more or less the same.

            If a scandal does bring down Trump, it will have to be FAR better sourced than that rubbish.

            “Only time will tell.”


            “Campaign comments that could be or are
            derogatory to women and his daughter that paint him as possible pedophile or pervert.”

            Hardly, especially since the more damning comments by him c(like the grabbing P*ssy quote) came from well before. And he certainly made a big show of repentence.

            Frankly, I give it as much credence as some of Obama’s slipups regarding “my Muslim faith.” None at all; maybe eyebrow raising but not something I would use when actually formulating my arguments.

            “Do not go out of your way to stand up for this

            Well, one of my small pleasures in life is playing Devil’s Advocate, so I cmake no promises. For what it is worth, Trump was not my first choice for POTUS or even close to it, and I will have plenty of criticism for him when it is due.

            But I also believe that nobody should be accused of more than they deserve, and that includes monsters far worse than any to have appeared on the American political stage, such as Hitler re: Katyn responsibility. I’m the kind of guy who both defends Trump against the “Russian hacking” allegations, and defends Obama and Clinton against the idea that they somehow caused the Syrian Civil War (as if their mind control rays turned the House of Assad into a totalitarian dictatorship that was mercilessly intolerant of dissent).

            So while I don’t think I will go out of my way to defend him, I will also not abdicate defending him when I feel there is a point.

          25. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Legislative branch or otherwise, no one can stop the two dwarves. The future world order rests with Russia and China (and the satellites).

          26. Avatar Brent says:

            “The two dwarves”??? You can’t mean Xi Linping of China. He’s 1.8 meters. He’s no dwarf. I’m sure he’ll look much bigger when China comes to “protect all those Chinese speakers” they’ve been flooding Siberia with.

            The only “two dwarves” I can think of are from North Korea and North Ko-Russia….

          27. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Dwarf compared to Obama the Late. Lol

          28. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Figuratively speaking.

          29. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            To whom do you refer as the second dwarf? We all realize that little goat Bad Vlad is one. Could the other be from N. Korea?

          30. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Sanctions are good for Russia. They make her self sufficient and turn to China, which is the land of the future. The West (especially Europe )will die out under self inflicted muslim invasion. In London we have jihadist patrols and the police are afraid to go there. Muslims buy and sell women in the streets. Europe is finished.

          31. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            Balderdash! What would you, a Savushkina troll, know about London or any other European city or country? You’re no more in London than I am, though I’m a LOT closer to London than you are.
            Tell your supervisors to come up with something that is halfway credible, not the drivel that you post.

          32. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I live in a home county.

          33. Avatar Brent says:

            CORRECTION: Like all other Russian trolls, you “DREAM” of living in a different country….Don’t forget to say goodnight to “Ralphie from Oslo” at the end of your shift tonight…

          34. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Ok. U win. East Sussex.

          35. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Ok. East Sussex. Lewes. Dave Guilmore of Floyd was my neighbour tillhe moved to USA. Complained of high taxes in UK.

          36. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            Stavropol krai, no doubt.

          37. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Rats are forbidden to eat in England, but when l dated a Chinese girl she let me try them. Ecxellent dish! I mean the rat, not only the girl. Russians dnt understand Chinese cuisine.

          38. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

            you’re blowing hot air again youngster. let the grownups debate the issues here.

          39. Avatar Turtler says:

            Oh, I do let grownups debate issues.

            The problem is you don’t debate. You throw out insulting bites of text and ad hominems in the hopes of avoiding debate.

          40. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Legal or illegal, sanctions may be removed. But my Russian friends are FOR sanctions because Russia made huge progress in the field of agriculture. French and ltalian cheeses being made locally, at a fraction of the price. Russia is the biggest grains exporter in the world. I know many Russians, NONE is for sanctions removal.

          41. Avatar Alex George says:

            Wow, you really have a talent for getting every detail wrong:

            Putin and his cronies desperately want sanctions removed because they prevent them getting access to new capital investment.

            Western sanctions have nothing to do with cheese, grains, or any food products – that was solely Putin’s decision.

            No, there has been negligible import substitution. Russians miss out on cheese altogether or eat an indescribable concoction made from palm oil and which is nothing like cheese.

          42. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Your Russian “friends” are sinking financially, and Russia is not far from bankruptcy as a result of the sanctions. Once more, you are showing you’re simply a lying troll.

          43. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I know a huge number of Russians and dnt know 1 who wants sanctions removed. Sanctions make Russia self sufficient and cements ties with China. Europe is dead. In 10 years time the majority population will be arabs, afghans and pakis. US is still holding on, but loses its international influence to Russia and China. FEAR is its main malady.

          44. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            I bet you know half the population of Russia.

            Everything you post points to two things:

            1. Your bald faced liar
            2. You are a very provincial man.

            Sanctions have been biting deeply and there are millions who want them off. Even Putin is starting to get desperate about because he knows what’s waiting at the end of his stupidity. He is aware of far more than you are in that Petrograd basement.

          45. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Just inside info. Am a source.

          46. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Being the most resilient ppl on earth, they can take anything and never surrender.

          47. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Keep telling yourself that. When Russia disintegrates, remember the stupidity of your posts.

          48. Avatar Brent says:

            “My Russian friends”…….”My Italian friends”…….”my DPR and LPR friends”……

            “what really happens doesn’t appear on the News’…….

            I’m sure your doctors at the sanitarium will want to know you’re reverting back to a life filled with fantasies and delusions “Toto”…..

          49. Avatar туфтуф says:

            What can l do abt the fact that l know so many ppl? I gave u a name of a famous man. Can give u more. But if you get in touch with Genadiy, you can learn a lot cus he s in situ. Just dnt tell him u support the putsch gvt.

          50. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            If he tries, he could be impeached as people are already looking for an excuse!

          51. Avatar Turtler says:

            Excuses have not had a great track record at successfully impeaching people, just look at Andrew Johnson. So it would have to involve something more.

          52. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            Exactly! Those people watching the combover include lawyers. Eventually the combover will do something stupid that gets him impeached. I have been saying so for the better part of a year and now Americans are lining up to keep him and his life under a microscope.

          53. Avatar Turtler says:

            We will see.

            Virtually every President is under the microscope by someone, but that hasn’t gotten most of them impeached, let alone convicted during impeachment.

        2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

          Obama put the sanctions by executive order and Trump can lift them the same way. If he does, he will be greeted by a firestorm from the Senate, at a minimum. It would a firestorm he can’t afford.

    2. Avatar Turtler says:

      “We shall see”


      ” but I hold the position that Trump is a Russian puppet and
      most of his moves are orchestrated by Putin. ”

      This is something that I think is pretty much the one option that holds no chance of being true, especially not in the radical “Manchurian Candidate” form you mentioned. elsewhere. If only because Putin didn’t come in early enough or have enough overwhelming power over him. He was wealthy before his Russian business dealings, he isn’t crucially invested in them (it would hurt like hell to divest, but pulling out from the interests with ties to the Kremlin would not erase the Trump fortune), and he probably spends most of his time doing things outside the Kremlin’s purview. That is not good material for someone to be a puppet (case in point: Alfred Redl, who actually was owned by the Kremlin). While Putin might have dirt on him, I doubt it would be enough to control him before, let alone now when he will clearly become POTUS one way or another and *even if he were impeached on the 25th* would still have placed the Veep/POTUS-in-this-case and have several bits of his agenda in play.

      That doesn’t make him good. In fact I would argue it leaves open the chance that he will be far worse, someone who does not have the excuse Redl did of being caught, but who would side with Putin anyway. And that is terrifying, because I find Trump being the Tojo to Putin’s Hitler or the Hitler to Putin’s Stalin more terrifying than him being the Mussolini to Putin’s Hitler. But in any case I do not think it is the case..

      “He will legitimize Krym and lift the sanctions in exchange for nuclear

      it is possible, and I fear it is true. That’s why I have been messaging my state reps and digging in to prepare for a fight. In any case, I can’t ignore or excuse his butt kissing of Putin.

      However, what is also worth noting is what others are saying, inducing people put in like Mattis. Who explicitly warned that Putin is trying to splinter NATO (no Duh) and that this has to be opposed.

      And Michael Flynn wrote publically about how Putin will not be of much help fighting the Jihad in “Field of Fight”, and while he has said the inverse to Russian audiences, he has notably not issued any kind of retraction or dismissal of the book.

      Now, this is pretty interesting, and I want to minimize the possible rose colored glasses effect I might have. It might just be that these two Trump appointments differ from him so radically and Mattis is going “off script.” indeed, if it was just him that would make more sense. Ditto if these people were not in cabinet positions but were people in independent positions of authority that Trump had to make nice with, like the RNC Chair. But two is a bit much for a coincidence.

      So it looks like Trump is talking out of both sides of his mouth again. And what’s interesting is that talking out of both sides of your mouth (especially when using trusted proxies) is a common negotiating tactic, for the same reason Good Cop/Bad Cop is. Have someone saying one thing that scares the bejeezus out of someone or rankles them, then come up with someone else who is significantly nicer and offers an opening.

      So it is something to consider: that Trump is playing the Bad Cop to NATO and Good Cop to Russia while Mattis etc. al. are doing the inverse. That doesn’t mean that is what we are seeing here, and even if it IS
      that doesn’t mean this is good, since cutting a deal with Putin is
      probably godawful and going to end about as well as “Reset” did.

      “He will no doubt present it as a great achievement of his
      foreign policy, as making the world more peaceful. ”

      And it will be just as false as the last time this merry go round hit.

      “Russias nuclear arsenal is probably getting old and so they came up with
      one solution for two of their problems – get rid of some old nuclear
      weapons and lift sanctions.”

      I doubt it, especially on the former. Even an incredibly old nuclear weapon is still far, faaaar more than most of the world has, so the Kremlin has historically been very reluctant to outright scrap them (and it is why things like SALT were like pulling teeth). Sell them to someone else sure or put them on mothballs sure, but scrapping hurts what is just about Russia’s last significant military advantage. its’ clear weaponry.

      Take that away and what is it? Venezuela? The Congo? Egypt?

      That doesn’t mean they don’t make deals for scrapping nuclear weapons when they view it as a good enough deal, especially since the West has such an overwhelming nuclear advantage over them. But it does mean that they generally don’t originate those offers.

      “Trump should get 20 life sentences in prison for high treason.”

      A: On what grounds? Because we don’t like what he does?


      B: Then what should Hillary Clinton get?

      1. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

        ” I find Trump being like Tojo”.
        ” I find Trump being like Hitler”. And you still voted for the man. Excuse me while i go to the bathroom and throw up.

        1. Avatar Turtler says:

          And you still voted for the man. Excuse me while i go to the bathroom and throw up.”

          Way to fucking distort what I wrote, scumbag.

          “And that is terrifying, because I find Trump being the Tojo to Putin’s Hitler or the Hitler to Putin’s Stalin…”

          For the record, the context is that I found it more likely that- if Trump was as bad as you alarmist idiots think- it is that he will be bad AS AN INDEPENDENT POWER TO PUTIN RATHER THAN AS A PUPPET.

          Also, I note how you had to twist it. Apparently you did not deem a comparison to Tojo damning enough.

          You had to overlook the reference to a man who at his own time and among his own bloodthirsty militarist millieu was known as “The Razor”, a man who sponsored the Japanese “Units” like Unit 731 first in his time in the Kwantung Army and then as Military dictator, and a man who oversaw the bestial treatment the IJA and IJN meted out to civilians and enemies, because apparently you really want to go for the catchy stereotype.

          Christ Almighty, scumbag. Both sides of my family dealt with the original Fascists and had to go to war in the face of them, so the idea that I would gratuitously vote for one or support one is repugnant. But it’s not good enough for you idiots to condemn him and those who voted for him, you apparently have to demonize the candidate who spent most of his life as a typical New York Democrat as the next Totalitarian Dictator (as I note with irony).

          That’s How You Got Trump, Moron.

          That’s how you Got Trump.

          1. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:


          2. Avatar Turtler says:

            You want to maliciously misquote me (as I can prove you did) and accuse Trump of treason, but the best you can put forth is “yeah,whatever”?

            Sorry mate, that isn’t going to fly without being shot full of flak.

            That’s how you got Trump, moron. That’s how you got Trump.

            By turning a blind eye to Hillary Clinton’s weaknesses and sins- such as the rigged DNC primary and the lies under oath- you helped prop her up high enough to be the one Trump defeated.

            And if the best strategy you and your party can have is to continue vilifying him and everybody who voted for him as a Fascist, you’re going to lose the next elections too.

          3. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:


          4. Avatar Turtler says:

            Translation: you can’t actually refute my words. So instead you hope to condescend the problem away.

            Your idol must be proud of you, because you’re a condescending liar like her.

          5. Avatar Turtler says:

            Better a keyboard commando than a keyboard conscript.

            And ah yes, the Koch Brothers….. the over the top Devil figures of the Left, like Soros is for the right. And like Soros, they are used as shorthand to avoid having to confront actual debate or provide an explanation on why someone or something is bad.

            But say what I will about Soros and how he has been demonized far beyond what he deserves, at least the Koch Brothers didn’t look at their time helping Nazis confiscate the property of their co-religionists as the happiest time in their life.

          6. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

            George soros did what he had to do to survive. Unless you have been in his shoes or the millions of other Jews you have no I dea.

          7. Avatar Turtler says:

            George Soros might have did what he did to survive, but he does not have to feel the inordinate, sick glee he does over doing it.

            That’s the difference between him and the average Kapo. The average Kapo, Sonderkommando, or Judenrat member- in spite of also serving the Reich and in some ways screwing over their fellow Jews and other “undesirables”- were almost all wracked with guilt, hopelessness, and other things. Because they were human beings with actual consciences, and they often committed suicidal actions to try and sabotage it. Even if they didn’t think it would touch them themselves (as many Kapos didn’t).

            Not Soros. Nope, not Soros. The sheer lack of empathy, feeling for others, or for human suffering is beyond me. And no, pulling the “humans are psychopaths when they’re younger and develop sympathy and empathy later in life” does not work for someone that old (14).


            We may agree for the benefit of the doubt that Soros should not be blamed for what he did, but that does not excuse him for how he acts about it and to others in general.

          8. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            I don’t know where you got your info on Soros from. He was never a Kapo at Auschwitz or any other camp- he wasn’t even deported from Hungary. And if he had been, as a 13-14 year old in 1944 he certainly wouldn’t have become a Kapo. Kapos were usually German criminals (though not always) and as people in a position of authority were adults- NOT 13-14 year olds. They were either gassed on arrival or used as slave labour.
            Soros and his family survived the war because they were able to obtain documents proving them to be Christians. I fail to see what he should be ashamed of.

          9. Avatar Turtler says:

            “I don’t know where you got your info on Soros from. He was never a Kapo
            at Auschwitz or any other camp- he wasn’t even deported from Hungary. ”

            I know. I was comparing him to the Kapos.

            And as for that, I mostly got my information from that one interview he held, and some of the original German documents I leafed through while researching on this and for roleplaying.

            “Soros and his family survived the war because they were able to obtain
            documents proving them to be Christians. I fail to see what he should be
            ashamed of.”

            Helping the Reich steal the belongings of other innocent people comes to mind, and at the very least I would imagine that describingit as perhaps the happiest time in his life is extremely off color.

            Especially if you know the situation in Budapest at the time, especially during the rump “Arrow Cross” government, where the Nazis were hurrying to steal and kill whoever could be done, people were being shot in the streets and alleyways by German military and Hungarian paramilitary troops, going down the wrong way could get you disappeared, and there was constant news of the Soviets coming in.

            There’s a reason why the number of people who refer to this as perhaps the happiest time in their life is incredibly small. Including among the Reich’s executioners themselves. And frankly, I can only imagine what it says about Soros.

            But I feel qualified enough to stomp “STAGGERING LACK OF EMPATHY” in big bold letters on it.

          10. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            To be a Kapo, Soros had to betray everyone he knew. What that meant is that he was your normal coward who would do anything to save his own special skin.

      2. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

        ” Trump is talking out of both sides of his mouth . ” and you still voted for the man. Well I got to go to the bathroom again

        1. Avatar Turtler says:

          “and you still voted for the man. ”

          Because of all the things and times he talked out of both sides of his mouth, he never did so Regarding Classified National Secrets or Human Lives, Under Oath.

          That honor belongs to your very own St. Hillary, and the fact that you have to resort to further lies in order to defend her (like slicing the duration of the Benghazi attack by more than half when it really lasted well over two hours) demonstrates it.

          “Well I got to go to the bathroom again”

          This is supposed to portray your contempt for me, but all it really does is portray you as ignorant, weak kneed, and remarkably ignorant. Much like your shopping my quote and depriving it of context earlier (when the main point was that the idea that Trump is a puppet of Putin is bumpkis).

    3. Avatar Dale Davies says:

      Just a matter of time until he steps in cow chip that is fresh and tries to clean his shoe on whitehouse carpet!

    1. Avatar Alex George says:

      Hi Brent, on a slightly different note, what do you make of this?

      This is not the Pinchuk plan but something else entirely. It seems extraordinary.

      1. Avatar Brent says:

        There has to be some kind of readiness on the part of Ukraine to take back control of Donbas, no matter what is currently happening militarily. If they are making preparations, they will have to move quickly to reestablish border control first and foremost and then move inwards into the occupied towns and cities. Without control of the borders in 2014, Russia had free reign and was able to “deceive” the gullible and useful idiots into believing Russia was not at war in Ukraine. When the Maidan Revolution happened, Ukraine was in such disarray that they were not able to prevent much of what Russia wanted to do whether in Crimea or Donbass, or elsewhere. It was mostly citizen protesting in many other cities AGAINST Russian occupation that prevented more of Ukraine from being taken over, until Ukraine finally got on its feet militarily months later.

        However, I would not be surprised if there is something deeper going on, such as a trade of regaining control of Donbas for Ukraine while it gives up any claims on Crimea. Drumpf will want to appease Putin, much like Bush and Obama thought they could have good relations with Russia when they first entered office. He’ll learn in time the Kremlin Mafia does not honor its word or any agreements, no matter how much “bromance” those two lavish on each other. I don’t think Ukraine can yet gamble militarily to make a push on Donbas because that gives Putin license to claim Ukraine is the aggressor….on its own sovereign lands. Ukraine has done well to hold off Russia from advancing, but Ukraine has little backing from most of the World to take the fight to Russia and it could backfire if they do.

        I just hope that if there is a “trade-off” that all those who want to be part of Russia and currently live in Donbas, make the choice and move to Russia so there can be true peace. I also hope the World lives up to its promises (Germany pledged $500 million Euros) and help Ukraine rebuild Donbas which has been devestated more than most people know.

        I also think Russia would be more than happy to rid itself of Donbas which has become a huge albatross, militarily and financially. IF there is some negotiations or pending agreement on a Donbas for Crimea swap, at least it may finally bring some peace. I still think the World has badly failed Ukraine, and I still think Russia’s own troubles are not over. Putin sounds way more concilliatory lately and you know that’s more smoke and mirrors with the demented dwarf. I don’t think it’s all to do with Drumpf’s election, but Putin is an opportunist who sees a chance to get Russia out of its war on Ukraine which has been a bigger disaster for Russia than he ever dreamed it could have been.

        1. Avatar Alex George says:

          Good points, and thank you.

          I found it interesting that Avakov says specifically that this does not involve any trade off for Crimea, and he also nixes that there will be any fighting.

          Not that I am putting too much on to this, it just raised some interesting issues.

          1. Avatar Brent says:

            I don’t like the idea of trading any part of Ukraine for peace, because I really don’t believe or trust Putin will ever allow Ukraine to be at peace because if it prospers, then Russians will want that same prosperity and the much feared colored revolution will come to Russia as Putin fears. I also think it rewards Putin for his illegal annexation. I’m sure that useful idiots like Marine Le Pen would not approve of another sovereign nation putting troops in a region of France, and then holding a farcical referendum with no option of that region to stay in France. Yet, that is what she supports with her wishes to accept Crimea as part of Russia.

            However, the reality is that it is up to Ukrainians to decide if they support any such tradeoff and I think they are getting tired of war gaining back Donbass gives them reason to think the 10,000 Ukrainian lives lost to Russia’s invasion were not in vain, whereas there were very few lives given for Crimea.

          2. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            I agree. Crimea was a Pearl Harbour situation repeated.The combover needs to realize that!
            I see there are groups forming and watching, ready to impeach him. This is one day after the inaugeration. That should be another for US record books.

        2. Avatar туфтуф says:

          True, but many citizens of many countries also support the Republics. My ltalian friends organised huge demos, and my English friends too. That those things dnt appear in the news dsnt mean they dnt exist. My milkman never appeared in the news.

          1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Sure they do. In your drug fueled dreams. There were no such huge demos. You’re simply a lying troll.

          2. Avatar Brent says:

            Sure they did “Toto”….what’s even funnier is that you claim they were “so huge”, yet never appeared on the news!!!!

            I remember another idiot who claimed some Kharkiv bus driver was telling him how much support there was for Russia in Kharkiv, yet none has ever materialized.

            You idiots live in such a World of fantasy and make believe. No wonder you’ve been so easily duped by the Kremlin propaganda and lies…..

          3. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Most things do not appear on the news. Thats why i prefer insider info.

          4. Avatar Brent says:

            That’s called “fantasy” Toto…..

          5. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Ok. watch cnn till Drumpf revokes their licence. Its funny how a president can make ppl more clever.

          6. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            So you admit working for the Kriminalin!

          7. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            Only a couple of bombs set off by radical citizens recruited by Dugin’s group and trained and supplied by Pootlerstan. Sumy also had anti Pootlerstan demonstrations, which caused the pro Pootlerstan factions to back off. Should Czar Pootin of Mordor be successful in Donbas, they WILL then move back into these other areas and start this all over.

          8. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            Many people support the right of sovereign countries being able to determine their own decisions and direction, without external interference such as Pootlerstan is currently involved with.
            FYI, as yet I have not been in the news either!

        3. Avatar Quartermaster says:

          It’s my hope that Trump doesn’t pull a “Munich” on Ukraine and keeps the sanctions on until Russia evacuates Crimea and Donbas.

        4. Avatar Dale Davies says:

          I agree with Ukraine needing to be ready to retake control of the border where it was, but not at the expense of walking away from the Tatar population. I am also not convinced there can be any diplomatic negotiation to settle this. As you stated, Czar Pootin and the Kriminalin have no problem disregarding contracts and agreements. It is my thought that Ukraine may need to move militarily and decisively against Pootlerstan.
          As to the narssictic rectum posing as the elected president of the USA, he has NO RIGHT to make deals using Ukraine as a chess pawn in games for gis personal profit. This is not necessarily limited to financial gain as prestige is to be included.
          Fuhrer Shorty the Shirtless and the Kriminalin miscalculated the resolve of the Ukrainian people. I also take exception to calling Maidan a revolution. It started as a peaceful protest by Mustafa Nayyam making a FB post. Vikror Yanukobytch did things that got his own party MP’s to move to basically impeach him. It is Pootlerstan government and Kriminalin factions that sell the revolution conspiracy!

    2. Avatar туфтуф says:

      Raw intel for u: FSB agents, posing as ISIS operatives, are sending radical mussies to the Middle East fields of death in order to have them destroyed there. Far from home.

      1. Avatar Alex George says:

        Oh please – the FSB has had very limited success in penetrating Muslim networks. The fact is that Muslim networks have been recruiting in Russia for various conflicts for years – Russia has 23 million native-born Muslims, and they are reproducing far faster than the Russians.

        That is why Russian forces have avoided fighting ISIS in Syria wherever possible – Putin is afraid of what ISIS can unleash in Russia if it turns its atention there. That case last year in Moscow where the nanny cut off the little girls’ head and boasted of her allegiance to ISIS is the sort of thing they fear.

        1. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

          Jesus Christ

        2. Avatar туфтуф says:

          Not true abt penetration. Very good they are.

          1. Avatar Alex George says:

            Limited penetration. They are not nearly as good as the KGB was

          2. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Brits think the level of penetration is much higher than during the cw.

          3. Avatar Alex George says:

            No they don’t. This is the FSB we are talking about, chiefly noted for its incompetent bungling.

          4. Avatar туфтуф says:

            You need to read the lntelligence report and Wayne Madsen Repor. Avoid cnn cus it is brain damaging.

          5. Avatar Alex George says:

            I can read abou thte FSB’s constant c*ck-ups quite well. Another of their cells got wrapped up near Lviv a couple of nights ago. Their attempt to frame Ukraine for Crimean border incidents were laughable -they forgot when they had arrested people! And their attempt to assassinate the PM of Montenegro was a complete shambles.

            The FSB is way below KGB standard.

          6. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            Such fantasies you have.

      2. Avatar Brent says:

        I’ve said all along that Russia was supplying fighters for ISIS, and not fighting them like they claimed they were.

        It’s more proof of Russia’s export of terrorism. Just like the terrorists Russia allowed to cross its border into Ukraine.

        But here’s what idiots like you don’t understand. Not all of those terrorists will be killed on foreign soil. Many will return home. And they will grow their terrorist movement inside of Russia and pay back the Kremlin Mafia for its war on Islam.

        1. Avatar туфтуф says:

          If that is true, they had a reason for it. A good one.

          1. Avatar Brent says:

            “Toto”, the only reason Russia had is to sow discord in other countries. Russia wants more Syrian refugees driven into Europe to foster more right wing extremists and neo Nazzis like Marine Le Pen, Geerts Wilder, Golden Dawn in Greece and Victor Orban in Hungary, who are all anti immigrant and stooges of Russia.

            Read up on Alexander Dugin and his “Eurasian Union” stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok, with Muscovy in control. Of course an idiot like you will cheer that type of future on because you are a mindless sheeple, but in reality you’ll be crying from NATO and the U.S. to come save your worthless lying a$$

          2. Avatar туфтуф says:

            All powerful countries do it. Many of our fugees are from the US-EU distroyed once prosperous countries. Moreover, some of the fugees are dangerous terrorists who are angry at the West for not doing more to protect their brothers in arms against the Russian aggression. I think they pose serious danger to the countries which let them in.

          3. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            You must be talking of muslim counties with Arab ethnicity. What was the land where Jewish Isrealits call home prior to 1948 like? It was desert with scrub brush that barely supported nomadic goat herders. Western countries have supported and assisted the Isrealites to make the country prosperous. They have made desert into productive farm land with inovative techniques.
            The muslim people would still be content to wander the desert herding goats and wiping their backsides with handfuls of sand. Then washing their hands with sand that has pulverized goat and camel dung in it!
            The USA and the EU have their problems, but backing groups that want to tear things apart is counter productive. Who do you support?!

          4. Avatar туфтуф says:

            I am talking abt fugees in EU and England. There are many terrorists among the fugees angry that the West didnt do more to protect their brothers in arms in Syria and they pose a serious security threat to Western countries. We have recently witnrssed several acts of terror in.Western Europe. They should not be underestimated.

          5. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            They are angry at western culture and anyone not muslim. They are picking on the wrong people if it is about Czar Pootin’s actions in Syria assisting Assad to conquer the resistance fighters. First they need to go into the RF state Duma and the Kriminalin. That is that source. European countries are scared crapless about another war in Europe as they had two devastating wars last century. Their thinking seems to be if they helped the citizens there would be war with Pootlerstan.
            The radical muslims have been causing problems in Europe since before Syria became an issue. Then there are African assylum seekers who can not be employed due to poor or no education and European standards job skills. All they are qualified for is moping floors and toilets in malls, which is beneath their muslim standards of cleaning up after (in their minds) infideles. Europe needs to wise up and get tough on criminals. If assylum seekers are found undesireable, ship them back! No ifs, ands or buts! And a no return policy in place. Those born there and get redicalized, ship them out also. When a bunch of students of a school turn up radical, ship the teacher(s) out also. We should eliminate private schools. The if parents want to send their children to religion and/or culture classes, that is their perogative and extra cost. ALL immigrants should learn the host countries language prior to being granted citizenship! There should be a time limit of 2 or 3 years for this. Anyone not capable in the family and the whole family gets sent back. Immigrants at citizenship swearing in ceremonies should have to plege allegence to the country and its customs and standards. If we immigrate to their home country, will we be allowed to openly practice christianity?

          6. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            There is a whole collection of stooges like Aleksander Dugin and Igor Girkin. These people think they should invade Ukraine and make good farm land purely agrarian. Citizens that are convertible to the Pootlerstan Mir ideology be sent to Siberia. The rest liquidated. Western oblasts would be turned over to Poland, probably with Poland capitulating to Pootlerstan. They talk of killing three million or more Ukrainians. The Baltic countries would be under the Kriminalin microscope also at this time.
            This sounds like Stalin and the CCCP when they marched into Europe in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The time to act is NOW!

    3. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

      Syrians won’t like Chechens shooting them.

  3. Avatar Alex George says:

    What really comes across to me from this is that all three groups of Russians misunderstand the USA at a deep level. Now I’m not suggesting that we on this side of the pond always have a great understanding of them either (!) but these Russians just seem to have no idea.

    They don’t realise how power structures work, or how responsibility is divided, or what a President can and can’t do. And note, I am not just saying “we have democracy and you are tyrants”. The fact is that Russian polity has its checks and balances as well, and its competing power structures, so you would think the Russians would understand that maybe other countries do too?

    E.g. Talking about Trump not being able to “betray his followers” is meaningless – which ones? Even the nastiest opponent of any US president concedes that they didn’t get elected by one pressure group.

    And while there are people in USA who deeply admire Russia under Putin and most of them probably voted for Trump, they didn’t give him the Presidency .

    E.g. Talking about the need to move quickly betrays no awareness that there are some things which Trump can’t control .

    Can Trump as President do a lot of damage if he so decides? – Sure, as could any President. And what little respect I had left for him tends to vanish each time he tweets.

    But if this is how Russians view the USA they are going to be left mystified no matter what happens.

    1. Avatar туфтуф says:

      The other side of the pond lacks understanding of Russia. There are only 2 competent men: Bzezinsky and …forgot the name. Old age creeping up on me. And CIA and MI6 operatives. The problem is, though, that their reports are not only not listened to, but often disregarded by Western gvts.

      1. Avatar WisconsinUSA says:

        stephen cohen. the worm at the Nation magazine.what a called expert.
        his favorite word is “provocation”. wooo i am really scared.

      2. Avatar Alex George says:

        Even to the extent that is true, so what? The article is about Russian attitudes.

      3. Avatar Brent says:

        “Toto”, we fully understand what Russia is all about more than idiots like you, Gerard Depardieu, Steven Seagal, Marine Le Pen and all the other stooges who think it is some Utopia.

        Russia is about being a criminal run Mafia enterprise where the mindless spineless sheeple would rather have some strong arm thug to look up to and admire as opposed to having their own human rights and dignity.

        You bozos that support Russia and its Kremlin Mafia are nothing more than the mindless North Koreans who crowd Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang and “cry on cure” while starving and living with no rights or freedoms….

        1. Avatar туфтуф says:

          Steve be a good men. Lolz

          1. Avatar Brent says:

            Seagal is just another washed up sh*tty actor who loves beating his ex-wives. He can no longer get movie deals but only appears on reality tv shows. He’s only seeking some return to fame and selling his soul to the Kremlin maifa is all he has left.

            Russia can have him….

          2. Avatar туфтуф says:

            Ok. But whats wrong with others?

        2. Avatar Dale Davies says:

          Pootlerstan has had this ideology for centuries. Ivan the Terrible. Then a century or so later came the murderous slut Catherine the Great. What part of her rule qualifies her as great? The probability she had Peter 3 murdered. The fact she was Prussian from a city now in Poland. The community was not physically moved from Russia. Then there is the issue she had 20 paramours sometimes going back and forth between them. Add to that stories she had sex with a horse.
          Then we come to Stalin and his murderous ways. He killed over 6 million people. Holdomor and internal Russian purges of suspected disidents.
          Yup, Russians like to rally behind thugs!

          1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

            I think the authorities in ruSSia have been adding LSD to the municipal water supply for a few centuries. Or maybe jimson weed grows as an aquatic plant there.

    2. Avatar Dale Davies says:

      In Pootlerstan at this time, Czar Pootin has been removing individual rights and bringing more control under him.
      Trump has held the presidency only one day and groups are forming to watch every move he makes, ready to impeach him at one wrong twitch.