Ukrainian Secret Service uncovers network of “DNR/LNR” informants in Toretsk

Traitor Olha Lyubochko: “I hate them! Aim left, 135 degrees. Those motherf*****s are out there, in the field. Come on, give it to them right now! You can’t miss!”

Traitor Olha Lyubochko: “I hate them! Aim left, 135 degrees. Those motherf*****s are out there, in the field. Come on, give it to them right now! You can’t miss!”  

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Article by: Andriy Tsaplienko

While Ukrainian soldiers continue their slow advance in occupied Donbas, treacherous individuals are ready to shoot them in the back.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has exposed a network of “DNR/LNR” agents who for months have been systematically informing enemy forces about Ukrainian defense lines in Toretsk (ex-Dzerzhynsk, only a few kilometers away from occupied Horlivka-Ed.).



One elderly woman with no hesitation delivered data that was used to kill Ukrainian soldiers. During the day she received a Ukrainian pension, and in the evening, she called her contact and directed enemy artillery towards Ukrainian positions. When asked: “Why?”, pensioner Olha Lyubochko replied:

“I don’t know. Ukraine’s a normal country. Thank God, they pay out my pension…I want everything to be as it used to be back then.”

Thanks to Ms Lyubochko’s information, Russian troops were able to efficiently adjust their artillery and pound Ukrainian positions. Each phone call that she made killed a few innocent people.

This woman was part of a powerful network that the enemy had organized in villages located along the frontline. Here, it’s not difficult to find people whose head echoes and hums with “patriotic Russian nonsense”, and whose hands itch to throw stones and grenades at Ukrainian soldiers.

The network of informants had several branches and was composed of many people differentiated by social status and wealth. Some informants dragged family members into their circle without thinking of the danger to their children.

This system worked like clockwork. However, the SBU has managed to dismantle the entire network. It wasn’t too difficult as the traitors in these front-line villages felt quite confident and weren’t too concerned about their safety.

Toretsk network

Army of werewolves – Informant network operating along front line

Counterintelligence arrested Anatoliy Prima, who also delivered data about the positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces to the enemy. The agent worked together with his wife and daughter. Viktoriya, his daughter, confesses as tears roll down her face:

“I just shared what I saw with people I loved…”

The father’s at work, mining coal. SBU counterintelligence waits for him near the mine. Later, the accused reveals that his son is also fighting against Ukraine. The traitor’s last task was to collect information about Ukrainian air defense systems in Toretsk.

Roman Korovin, better known as “Rambo”, coordinator of this information network, lives in occupied Horlivka. He is a former officer of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine. He and another traitor, Serhiy Hromenko, created and launched a circle of informants in Toretsk.

In some telephone conversations, these turncoats from Horlivka are heard speaking vehemently against Ukraine to their agents, stirring up hostility and malice. They all speak the same language – the language of hatred. There are many of them. According to the Ukrainian counterintelligence service, hundreds of so-called “werewolves” have been working against Ukraine along the defense lines:

The program was aimed at supplying as much data as possible about Ukrainian defense systems and causing as many losses as possible. A militant known as “Filin” (Owl) mobilized all his contacts in Toretsk – friends, relatives, his wife, and even his former mistress… more than a dozen people:

“Wait till I get to Dzerzhynsk (now Toretsk-Ed.)! I’ll kill them all, slit their throats… I took prisoners just once, but no more! That’s it, there won’t be any prisoners left!”

Another informant, Oleksandr Shevchenko, denied providing information to the enemy:

 “I didn’t give them any information. I just spoke with my cousin.”

He lied, as evidenced in intercepted telephone conversations:

“A column of military troops and equipment has just moved towards the crossroads –  six BTRs. The other one went down the main road.”

The female voice in the video belongs to Viktoriya, the wife of a militant called Filatov. She gives him information over the phone, and he directs the guns accordingly. The SBU visited her at night before she could flee from the city.

None of the informants received money for their dirty work. Most of them express deep nostalgia for the USSR. They say they were born in the Soviet Union and want to return to those days. Unfortunately, there are many people like these left in Toretsk – those who hate the present and, for the sake of a murky past, are ready to kill and sacrifice their own future.

Video report in Ukrainian

Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: TSN

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  • freedom fighter

    yep, old russian and ukrainian grandmas make the best spies………’s not like they’re
    going to talk and talk till by accident they accidentally give it all away lol

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        • Mykola Banderachuk

          Yatsenyiuk is not a spy—you are

    • Turtler

      “yep, old russian and ukrainian grandmas make the best spies………..”

      You would be surprised.

      Perhaps the most effective Confederate spy of the entire American Civil War was Rose O’Neal Greenhow, who eagerly served as a “honey trap” and information handler in Washington DC in spite of being fifty (and an anticipating grandmother). And I could go on.

      In the end, competence, willingness to keep a secret, and chattiness vary between individuals. And certain old women can be very effective indeed.

  • freedom fighter

    a guide to ukrainian propogando should be more like it…..

    • Turtler

      Would be a very poor guide, given the misspelling.

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        As they say in Ukraine, “Святе місце порожнім не буває”. Allegorically, it means “there’s a substitute for anything” – in this case, the UT, though for me, it’s not really a substitute, as I’ve been here daily since its inception. A very good and informative site.

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  • Rafael Hernandez

    Good, there is a reason why so many Ukrainains fled to Russia.

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    good to expose these traitors and close down their operations. Ukraine must alwats looking for thes people and remove them from causing harm to the nation!

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  • Matti Paasio

    What is worse than bitter old people in the area, Russian members of the OESC monitoring mission reveal the positions of Ukrainian troops to Russia forces. They should be thrown out, thrown into jail. I haven’t made it up – the Finnish reporter Nina Leinonen wrote about it in her book Silminnäkijät (in Finnish).

  • Tony

    Give them a lump sum payout of pension and send them packing to LNR/dnr. Let them learn the “joys and freedoms” offered in those areas the hard way.

  • Oknemfrod

    Understanding what these Orks are saying here in this video makes my hair stand on end and realize that these pathological cases are incurable. A few excerpts from their “explanations” why they directed fire at the UAF:

    Q: How did Ukraine wrong you?
    A1: Because I was born in the Soviet Union … I don’t like … this kind of this stuff…
    A2: I miss the Soviet Union … we lived well. My mother worked in the mine, and the father, you know … was stabbed to death when I was two years of age.
    Q: You hate Ukraine so much?
    A: Why, Ukraine’s normal … paying my pension…
    Q: What were you doing it for then?”
    “A: So that everything would return to … how it used to be”.

    These are direct descendants of the lumpen from the Urals who were resettled in Ukraine in lieu of the Ukrainians starved during the Holodomor. Makes me think … ah, never mind.

  • albertphd

    There is nothing so unusual about fifth columnists (aka: turn-coats, traitors, rebels, underground resistance fighters, seditionists, Judases, quislings, etc.) but the best description by far is that of: werewolves! “Werewolves” was a term attributed to the Nazi double-agents who spoke near-perfect English and infiltrated into the ranks of the Allies pretending to be their friends while relaying information as to their positions, military strength, etc. to their counterparts in Nazi Germany. Once caught, these werewolves were executed under the rules of engagement in times of WAR!
    Now, this very point raises the ugly head of Ukraine’s Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO). As long as Ukraine is not officially at WAR with these pro-Russian invaders, the question arises: “What to do with these Ukrainian citizens who have committed treason?”. Ukraine is not yet part of the EU, nor does it appear they will ever be?! so, Ukraine does not need to avoid capital punishment as a deterrent to double-crossers, to Ukrainians who aid and abet the enemy, these Russian fighters in the Donbas! But will they? Will these werewolves simply be treated with white kid gloves, given a light prison sentence and then be released into society again?

    Ukraine must wake up and realize that it needs to decide to stand alone and apart from the West and the East, as it’s own identity! To do so, requires genuine political and military leadership! To date, incidents such as the ones expressed in this article are becoming (sadly) more common and more acceptable–almost laughable (as even the comment section below clearly indicates!)!

    What is still so terribly disturbing is that as people are being killed and seriously wounded around the clock in this senseless suffering for a cause yet undefined, no one is standing up with backbone to make the much-delayed decision–to declare WAR against the invader!

    So, old Ukrainian (pro-Russian) baba-s (grandma-s) feel no shame, nor remorse even, to disclose sensitive military positions of their own soldiers to the enemy. They appear to have made their enemy their friend, and their own soldier boys, are considered the intruders, the inconvenient boys far away from home.

    Yes, it is expedient to rid Ukraine of these ingrates who (live off Ukrainian pensions, Ukrainian gas, Ukrainian electricity, Ukrainian water–freely, because they are ‘Ukrainian citizens’ but) see no social nor civic responsibility to contribute or to share in the struggle for a free Ukraine! They remind me of the OLD Hebrew generation who followed Moses out of Egypt but who had to die off before their children could inherit the promised land!

    And perhaps there lies the answer to the riddle behind the mystery of this enigma: to be Ukrainian and yet pro-Russian! This OLD generation of Ukrainians living in the Donbas needs to be peeled away from Ukrainian society so that this mysterious ‘butterfly’ (Ukraine’s hidden identity!) can emerge from the carcass of that dead cocoon…