Wondering how Trump could happen? Look to Russia

A mural of Putin and Trump in Vilnius. Image: Facebook/Keulė Rūkė

A mural of Putin and Trump in Vilnius. Image: Facebook/Keulė Rūkė 


As the presidential election in the United States approaches, the anxiety of political commentators and ordinary Americans grows.

The unexpected success of Donald Trump has raised concern not only in the Ukrainian Diaspora and among Russian dissidents, but also between many American intellectuals. Journalist Vladimir Abarinov warns:

“Trump will bring down all the currently existing system of international security; at the same time he will rely, as in the XIX century, on distancing himself from the troubles of the world with a border wall.”

And indeed, his possible victory seems to scare the Baltic States more than the Americans disliking Trump, especially after the Republican candidate has promised that his country will refuse obligations under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. And anyone can see with the naked eye how happy the success of Trump makes Vladimir Putin and all of his supporters.

Observers continue witnessing with surprise that a prosperous society is being openly sympathetic to a radical and populist figure. Experts agree that Trump plays on voters’ irrational instincts and desires. However, I would even venture to suggest that these instincts are not always as vile as the critics tend to assume. Unfortunately, the reality is that the most absurd decisions are often made under quite understandable and psychologically explainable emotions.

For instance, when the events related to the Russian annexation of the Crimea started, I tried to explain to my friends that an invasion of the territory of a foreign state could lead to a war – in fact, to a global war – as this event is associated with the dismantling of the existing world order. I remember being struck by the answer of one person, an older gentleman, known to be refined and not noticed in any militarist predilections. “Maybe it’s for the better?” he then suggested. “All the same, the existing world order has become unbearable. Anything else would be better.”

The question arises – what made this average, not associated with politics human being, who was leading maybe an imperfect, but a decent and peaceful life in Nizhniy Tagil, to become so discontent with the existing world order? How did this sense of the absurdity of the world order wake up a wish for the most destructive and irrational changes? I think the reason resides in the tragic combination of several factors.

First, people often do not appreciate the quietly arranged life, once it becomes too familiar and predictable. Remember the famous phrase from the song: “It is much harder not to go mad from boredom and withstand a complete calm?“ However, by itself, “a complete calm” will not secure the emergence of a “revolutionary” situation. It becomes much worse when there is a situation of stagnation, mixed with a latent regularity of a constant discontent.

However, as many might remember from the history of the Soviet Union, even the dull Soviet stagnation, with its poverty and tiresome ideological drills, lasted for a couple of decades. A mixture becomes truly explosive when a third component is added – an uncertainty about the future mixed with a lack of security and with the protracted sense of growing danger. It can be real or imaginary, but after some time it will project a feeling of an unbearable existence, that many are ready to end with the most irrational and destructive methods.

Russia in 2012-2013 entered a period of stagnation. The law on “foreign agents” was enacted, protests and activists vanished as did the hopes for any change in those who still hoped for change, and the majority of the citizens, frankly, approved of the government “crackdown.” However, even ardent opponents of “white-ribbon” rallies and Putin’s most loyal fans could not help but feel discontent over the growing level of local corruption, impunity, and arbitrariness of officials in the security forces. But as long as the general feeling of stagnation and quiet discontent was associated with stability, the majority of population did not fantasize about how to seize other country’s territory or to threaten foreign lands with war.

Of course, the levels of aggression and intolerance in society, artificially heated by Kremlin, were already high. Buses with Stalin’s portraits traveled the city streets, and Kurginyan on Poklonnaya Hill was shouting about the need “to destroy the liberal scum,“ while MP Fedorov prophesied about a world conspiracy against Russia and urged the public to go out and administer “the national liberation revolution.” However, the Russians, even the ones who voted for Putin and were sincerely dissatisfied with the neglectful officials, who Fedorov dubbed as “CIA agents,” stubbornly did not want to mobilize and take their dissatisfaction to the streets.

However, the paranoid fear of a revolution has played a cruel joke on Russian authorities. Frightened by Ukraine’s Euromaidan, the Kremlin propaganda began to raise the level of aggression and anxiety in an already divided society. The myth of America that “wants to destroy us and is creeping close to our borders” achieved its goal – the Russians became fearful of proposed enemies and got scared of a potential bloody coup, which would destroy their quiet life. And, perhaps, the combination of quiet dissatisfaction with the new era of stagnation, combined with a slight neurosis and growing anxiety created this irrational desire – to “break the cycle,” to check the credibility of the threat, to test the world on its strength, and to strike “a pre-emptive strike.”


Of course, latent imperial ambitions, a desire to be proud of one’s own country no matter what, and a longing for a sense of power was also involved; but I think that the most significant role was played by an inherent human instinct of destruction, which was provoked by a lingering unstable situation. In this case, this instability was created artificially, by maintaining a constant suggestible invisible illusion of a close threat, the invisible war, and an imminent danger. Because the real danger did not exist, it was impossible to fight a virtually created threat, which in turn only compounded the level of stress in society. Henceforth, perhaps, the inexplicable feeling of “intolerable” world order appeared, and it was strong enough to run the most destructive processes – the thirst for “a horrible end” with a direct collision, instead of a constant vague anxiety.

And in an American society, under the Barack Obama administration, there is a rather high level of dissatisfaction. Many are not satisfied with the unemployed, who live at the expense of taxpayers and receive a lot of state benefits, which in turn, deprive them of an incentive to seek work. The older generation of Americans is dissatisfied with the fact that patriotism recedes before political correctness, and in result, the country is losing its world leadership status. As a number of terrorist attacks keeps growing, the anxiety and insecurity within society increases – and unlike the situation in Russia, it is not imaginary, but very real.

Obama’s emphasis on peacefulness in the harsh circumstances of rampant terrorism was not seen as entirely appropriate. And the general understanding that an adequate response will not arrive only enhances the sense of hopelessness. It seems that the growing discontent in conjunction with worrisome feelings awakens in a large part of American society the same feelings as that of the Russians – a psychological need to escape from a state of prolonged discomfort. The more radical this process – the more desirable it is, simply because it gets in step with the desire to “run up and jump off a cliff,” to break the cycle, to obtain the result suddenly and swiftly. Trump was able to sense the mood of voters, Trump fits perfectly with their need “to vote with the heart.” And where the heart takes precedence over reason, no one thinks about the world order.


Translated by: Iryna Shevchenko

Edited by: Alya Shandra

Source: svoboda.org

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  1. Avatar Turtler says:

    Once again, another Trump hatchet job. I am not even that much of a fan of him but this site still tries my patience.

    You know, I would be more accepting of this stuff if articles like these could limit themselves to the nonsense Trump has actually done and reported it accurately. Accurate reporting on Hillary Clinton and what she has done would be Nice since I figure things like Uranium One and one of the worst intelligence leaks in human history would be worth evaluating, but I won’t require it.

    But no, apparently even sniping at Trump accurately is too much to hope for.

    Don’t get me wrong. I do dislike a lot of what he has done, and that includes butt kissing Putin and removing aid to Ukraine from the RNC convention agenda. These things are douche moves, I can’t fault Ukrainian patriots for distrusting him for that, and they are important.

    But what’s also important is how he flip flopped on NATO and is back to talking about it as an essential force to help counter threats like the Jihad. Gets absolutely no mention. In spite of the fact that if anybody paid attention it does not say something all that good about him. About the fact that he is an unschooled flip flopped with few solid principles or fixed positions.

    But that wouldn’t fit the narrative that Trump is Putin, Trump is Mussolini, and Trump is isolationist all in one. So it is dishonesty by ommission.

    And then we get into the half baked (which to be fair does mean half good) idea that Trump and Putin’s rise is fueled largely by qn instinctive self destructive impulse. While ignoring where destruction occurred the most in the US and Russia and asking what the voting patterns for those in the maelstrom of self destruction were. Hint: Baltimore is not an RNC stronghold and Chechnya does not like United Russia.

    I could go on to dissect the journalistic quote and talk about politics, diplomacy, what Trump does wrong, what Clinton does wrong, and what Obama does wrong, but that would be a serious effort for what is fundamentally a most unserious hit piece.

    Get better guys. Get better fast.

    1. Avatar Alex George says:

      You are talking to the wrong people. “Get better. Get better fast” needs to be said to Trump. He could extricate himself from the mess of his apparent relationship with Putin, but he doesn’t seem to want to.

      1. Avatar Turtler says:

        “. “Get better. Get better fast” needs to be said to Trump. ”

        I agree; you think I haven’t been shouting that at him too? I’ve admitted flat out that he is not the ideal candidate and his stance on Putin and Ukraine is worrying at best.

        But that doesn’t justify shoddy coverage of it any more than the shoddy coverage justifies him butt kissing Putin.

        “He could extricate himself from the mess of his apparent relationship with Putin, but he doesn’t seem to want to.”

        I am well aware of that, and if you think it does not worry me you do not know me.

        But forgive me if I think something could be said for Clinton’s own relation with him and her refusal to retract from it.

    2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

      Trump needs to shut up until he has a consistent message. Sites such as this one are Ukraine partisans, and what Trump has had to say is all over the map and it scares them when they are close neighbors to a country that seeks to conquer them.

      1. Avatar Turtler says:

        “Trump needs to shut up until he has a consistent message.”

        I wish. But unfortunately it is a bit late in the campaigning season to just suspend things and hash out a united message.

        He should have done that at the beginning, but apparently he thought SuperTrump didn’t need to stoop to such trivialities as issue research. And everyone else is stuck with it.

        “Sites such as this one are Ukraine partisans, and what Trump has had to say is all over the map and it scares them when they are close neighbors to a country that seeks to conquer them.”

        All true. Irrefutably, glaringly true.

        And that’s why I cannot fault Ukrainian partisans for taking him behind the woodshed over this, he deserves it.

        My issue is when it graduates from that to pseudo reporting, and particularly when the standards of it are clearly skewed.

        I can sympathize with the motives, there must be no pressure greater than the threat of another Holodomor. But bad reporting over sympathetic motives is bad reporting.

  2. Avatar Dalton says:

    Extraordinary.. The more globalists that attack Trump with false narratives, the more convinced I am he is the only one that poses a threat to the “world order of the Soros” type.

    “Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a United States government-funded broadcasting organization that provides news, information, and analysis to countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East”

    Thank you Obama spokesperson, for the article. I think it’s fair to say that Hillary, who as Sec of State not only sold Putin 1/4th of US Uranium production but also shared top secret information on her personal server, is far more of a risk to the US and to the world than Trump.

    1. Avatar Alex George says:

      That seems most unlikely. Trump had a campaign manager whose lieutenant worked for Russian intelligence. Another of his advisers, Gen Flynn, was photographed last month at a banquet in Russia, sitting on the head table with Putin. Carter Page, Howard Lorber, Boris Epshteyn, Michael Caputo are all Trump advisers or former advisers with significant ties to Russia over many years. Donald Trump Jr is a regular visitor to Russia, six times in the last couple of years.

      Trump has shot himself in the foot with these sort of relationships.

      1. Avatar Dalton says:

        A little bit of disinformation there Alex. Lt Flynn’s activities were well publicized here in the US and not out of the ordinary for diplomatic and military work.. you can read about it here – https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2016/08/15/trump-adviser-michael-t-flynn-on-his-dinner-with-putin-and-why-russia-today-is-just-like-cnn/
        The Russian intelligence story doesn’t mean he was working for them, Einstein, but if true it would show the level of infiltration Russia enjoyed in Ukrainian government and justifies all the claims made. Manafort was a public relations advisor… oh and by the way, Hillary’s campaign manager is the one that set up the company that Manafort was working for.. or didn’t you get that memo?

        Difference is one candidate is an international businessman who did business around the world with contacts around the world, the other was a politician that sold her influence.

        1. Avatar Alex George says:

          Yes, your post is “a little bit of disinformation”.

          Flynn was photographed at that dinner with Putin last month, not years ago. A little detail you glossed over.

          “but if true it would show the level of infiltration Russia enjoyed in Ukrainian government” – No it wouldn’t. This is a guy who was on Manafort’s staff when he was fired last week.

          “and justifies all the claims made” – what claims by whom?

          “Manafort was a public relations advisor” – WTF? He was Trump’s campaign manager. Read the news.

          And so far there is negligible evidence that Trump did much business at all. His claims to great wealth and success in business seem to be mainly smoke and mirrors.

          1. Avatar Dalton says:

            Ah you’re claiming that mandatory had a Russian spy on his staff while working as trumps campaign mgr. Lol and who knew about this besides you? I’m sure you have a highly credible source for that bombshell right? In fact how about a source for the Flynn dinner this month. Then go and read the interview with him and try to get a clue what people with a lot higher IQ and skills and responsibilities than you may do in diplomacy.

            If you’re suggesting that Trump is in cahoots with Putin and would somehow make the US subservient to Putin then you’re deranged. So Einstein,bhow about some resources for your claims and a fu#&ing motive for your conspiracy.

          2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            There is no doubt that Manafort was in cahoots with the Russians. He participated in setting the stage for the theft of Crimea and the Russian invasion of the Donbas. It came out that Manafort took a lot of money from Russia for his “services.” The man had to go because he had become more of a liability than he already was.

            The article above is actually fairly even handed. Trump placed himself in the boat he is in because of his undisciplined mouth. You can get away with that trash with people that serve you regularly because they understand what is going on and things can be cleared up rather easily. In a campaign for President such actions are not just dumb, they are utterly stupid. Trump hasn’t actually cleared anything up. He has muddied the water a lot and he can’t remember what he’s said, or has too much pride to back off, so he can’t fix things. Better that he get a message and stick with it. If he won’t he will lose and it will be his own fault, not the fault of those that report his off the cuff remarks.

          3. Avatar Dalton says:

            One thing he has CLEARLY Stated is his intention to defend Ukraine from aggression. Again, despite his lack of political correctness or eloquence, he is by far the better choice than a corrupt and possibly compromised woman who has no policy regarding Ukraine.

          4. Avatar Quartermaster says:

            For him to have “clearly” stated that, this is the first time I’ve heard, even second hand, that he has said that. I’m not saying he’s not better than the Wicked Witch, I just wish he’d hash out a message and stick with it.

          5. Avatar Alex George says:

            No he hasn’t said that at all. You appear to be willing to say anything at all, regardless of its truth.

          6. Avatar Dalton says:

            You didn’t know about it because you get your ideas sifted through the news media that tells you what to think. It obviously is effective. Trump in an interview stated Putin was not going into Ukraine and while those people who understood his insinuation knew him to mean he will not allow Putin to go into Ukraine with force (any further), he was ridiculed as if he didn’t know Putin had already invaded, and that’s what YOU heard. The Republican platform also clearly states it. Contrast that to what Hillary has said regarding Ukraine and what the Democrat platform states about Ukraine. My suggestion is to get your head out of the news sites you’re getting the narratives from.. maybe RT? a

          7. Avatar Scradje says:

            Here is what he said :

            STEPHANOPOULOS: They took away the part of the platform calling for the provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine to defend themselves.

            Why is that a good idea?

            TRUMP: Well, look, you know, I have my own ideas. He’s not going into Ukraine, OK?

            Just so you understand. He’s not going to go into Ukraine, all right?

            You can mark it down and you can put it down, you can take it anywhere you want.

            STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, he’s already there, isn’t he?

            TRUMP: OK, well, he’s there in a certain way, but I’m not there yet. You have Obama there. And frankly, that whole part of the world is a mess under Obama, with all the strength that you’re talking about and all of the power of NATO and all of this, in the meantime, he’s going where — he takes — takes Crimea, he’s sort of — I mean…

            STEPHANOPOULOS: But you said you might recognize that.

            TRUMP: I’m going to take a look at it. But, you know, the people of Crimea, from what I’ve heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were. And you have to look at that, also.

            Source : http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/week-transcript-donald-trump-vice-president-joe-biden/story?id=41020870

            Conclusion : Trump is clearly acting as an agent of influence for a murderous fascist power.

          8. Avatar Alex George says:

            I don’t have to provide sources to you because its all over the news now. You really are ignorant if you haven’t read anything about this.

            And nobody has suggested Trump “would make the US subservient to Putin” so why are you making things up?

          9. Avatar Dalton says:

            ROFL I see. Well I’m not sure what news you’re referring too because I’ve not seen a single report on a Russian spy and as anti-Trump as the news media are here in the US, I’m sure they would have rammed that down the proverbial throats ad nauseum, so hotshot, “Put up or shut up” as they say.
            And to be clear- Manafort was a Public Relations advisor to Yanukovich, not to Trump. Don’t YOU read the news, I mean besides the news that bombshells the russian spy story that no one else seems to have seen?

            And no, Alex, I’m not making things up. Your insinuations suggest that the relationship between Trump and these “Russian connected advisors with Russian spies in their close circle” is one whereby Trump is somehow scheming with Putin or Russia for some grand scheme. If you read my last sentence again you’ll see I also asked (along with any sources of info you can provide to enlightment me with), a plausible theory *conspiracy) of why you think Trump would have this connection with Putin. While you’re at it, perhaps you can shed some light on the fact that it was Hillary’s campaign manager that set up and ran the company (Podesta group) which Manafort worked with in Ukraine, and why the news media have chosen not to question HER ties? (Not to mention receipt of millions of dollars for her favorable deal as Sec of State in the Uranium company deal with Putin)
            I wait your insightful and educational response with baited breath.

          10. Avatar Alex George says:

            “”Put up or shut up” as they say.” Yes, you should, instead of getting your news solely from RT, Sputnik etc. You wrote that Trump “has CLEARLY Stated is his intention to defend Ukraine from aggression”, and then failed to support that.

            You clearly cannot read the posts of others, as you continually misrepresent them. Just another Russian troll trying to rubbish anything negative about Trump – you never post anything on this site except in defence of Trump and his buddy in the Kremlin.

            Whatever – Trump has created his own problems through his stupidity in getting into bed with Putin and keeping a circle of Putin-sympathizers like Manafort, Flynn, Page and Dorber around him. It may have cost him the presidency, and all so unnecessary.

          11. Avatar Dalton says:

            What’s your problem? We’re on the same side re Ukraine.
            What posts of “others” have I misrepresented? Point them out so I can revisit them and so whomever I’ve misrepresented can correct me.
            I gave you the reference, more specifically – interview with George Stephanopolus. Google it and get the interview yourself.. if you need help how to use google, ask a friend.
            Here’s another one that discusses the interview and corrects the media’s misrepresentation and what I’ve stated :http://www.vox.com/2016/8/1/12191602/trump-ukraine-russian-troops

            What posts of “others” have I misrepresented? Point them out so I can revisit them and so whomever I’ve misrepresented can correct me.

            I’m an AMERICAN you twit I have a direct interest in the future of the US and particularly this election, and assure you have far more interest in it than you, so Go F yourself with your “russian troll” sh*t.

            Your previous posts have exactly 3 questions so let me revisit them. 1st question – by Ukraine and its supporters who made the claim.
            2nd question – Answered
            3rd question – Answered

            I’ve asked you very specific questions related to YOUR claims which were not presented in any media I’m aware of, and instead of educating me and citing something that would at least provide some evidence that you genuinely research and base your claims on something, you ignore the question twice.
            In fact, you haven’t answered any of my questions regarding your claims, except to inflame an argument.
            Now one step at a time. You make claims, back them up with your sources or reasoning with which you make them. This is what we call “Put up or shut up”
            The shut up part means that if you can’t or won’t provide either sources or reasoning then don’t bother answering, and what do YOU do? Make the same stupid opinions without a single reference.
            You sound like a Hillary Clinton campaign worker with your Trump-Putin crap.. so do me a favor and if you aren’t going to answer anything else, at least give me your reasoning for the motive of Trump “getting into bed” with Putin? For what purpose do YOU see?

            Now I spend a bit of time writing lengthy responses that I believe clearly state and back up my positions with at least what I ask of you. If you aren’t willing to do the same, then don’t respond at all with trolling BS

          12. Avatar Scradje says:

            Alex is a good guy, Dalton. Like me and others, he probably finds it difficult to understand why such a solid and staunch defender of Ukraine as your good self would wish to defend Trumpkov’s totally indefensible position. Shillary and the Dems are crap, I get that, but lovers of freedom and defenders of those Christian nations facing an existential threat from putlerstan are entitled to expect better things from the GOP. It is weird to again note that Trumpkov’s position on Ukraine was broadly similar to the mainstream GOP until Dr Michael Savage inexplicably reversed his own position and then influenced Trumpkov to follow his new ‘I like Putin’ rhetoric.

          13. Avatar Dalton says:

            Simple. Because the alternative is unacceptable to the future of Americans who don’t want the US to be completely taken over by leftists, globalists who Hillary and Obama work for. Between the two there is no choice. NONE.
            You can’t say “Shillary and Dems are crap, I get that BUT” .. it isn’t exclusive.
            There is absolutely no choice between a Trump or Clinton as an American who want’s the chance our government isn’t completely taken over by the leftists, globalists represented by Obama and Hillary and doesn’t become the same kind of Kleptocracy that Putin enjoys and that mirrors the old Soviet Union with the Democratic Party being the new Communist Party where the media is completely controlled (almost there now) and favors are handed out to party loyalists (already demostrated with Obama administration). The ONLY thing that has prevented a complete takeover in the past has been the courts, the Supreme Court in particular. The leftists know this as well and it is the ONLY thing that stands as the last barrier to America being fundamentally transformed.. The undermining of America has been underway for decades and it’s bad enough we have globalist governments and leaders who have spent us into 20 trillion dollars in debt, but they want to continue the insanity. Do you really think the US will be able to help anyone do anything if it collapses economically? So while you consider how Ukraine will be affected based on what is considered a stable and balanced America the world is accustomed to, what you don’t consider is what happens if the very principles you base your consideration of America on, are changed at the core and America no longer is represented by those Christian and faith based strengths that have been America’s strength? Hillary and Obama do not represent “Christian principles” nor will or have their policies reflected it, and that would include protecting Christian nations. The “establishment” wants a global order that is inconsistent with American ideals, those same ideals you count on to help protect Ukraine.

            Everyone is surrounded with overload propaganda trying to usher in Hillary and her agenda masters, and when I see comments from those who may not get it, or who fall into the mainstream narrative of what we are supposed to think, I correct it. To me there is absolutely no choice between a Trump or Clinton as an American who want’s the chance our government isn’t completely taken over by the leftists, globalists represented by Obama and Hillary and which would essentially potentially become dictatorial.

            Funny you mention Savage again. My main concern of Savage has been what his views on Ukraine were since I didn’t listen to him a couple of years ago. I wanted to call in and ask but unable to get thru when a couple of weeks ago a Ukrainian American called in and asked about the same thing we’re discussing and what he believed Ukraine’s future was etc.. I was very glad to hear his response that was very much against his Russian heritage and anti-Putin and very much pro-Ukraine with a presentation of understanding of the Ukrainian situation and its future needs. I say glad because had he stated the RT narrative I would have had to stop listening to him. Regardless, it’s this type of level headed thinking and common sense I believe Trump has at the end of the bs.. and when he is able to take counsel from non-establishment people, he will do the right thing by Ukraine.

          14. Avatar Scradje says:

            Clearly there will be no meeting of minds between us re Trumpkov, but I would much prefer that you will be proved right in believing that he ‘will do the right thing by Ukraine’, rather than my belief that he will sell them down the river. Never mind, we can at least be in complete agreement re Hillary.
            Now let’s look at doc Savage. I was quite a fan of him, not because I agree with everything he says, but because he is a high energy, almost mesmerizing presenter, an original thinker and an opinion former who clearly has the ear of Trumpkov. I dislike him now because of his reversal on putlerstan and constant repeating of the deadly phrase, ‘I like Putin’, since 2014. As previously stated, I believe that it was he who helped reverse Trumpkov’s previously reasonable stance on putlerstan/Ukr. I am therefore absolutely staggered that you report a doc Savage pro-Ukr, anti-putler conversation so recently. All the shows are uploaded onto YouTube, so I can seek it out. Is there any way you can narrow down the date for me? This is the most positive thing I have heard for some while; if true, it means that the doc could possibly swing Trumpkov back again. Are you sure you didn’t dream this chat with a US/Ukrainian?!

          15. Avatar Dalton says:

            Yes I thought to go thru the podcasts and find it for you so will try to do that and find for you.. I’ve not heard him say specifically he likes Putin except as a “strong leader” but again that was what made me want to know his view on Ukraine. I have to say though I’m not sure Savage sways Trumps views, more than perhaps amplifies what he thinks inside and puts it into general terms. I find myself sometimes astonished that he will say something that is almost exactly what I think about some issue or event and not necessarily politics, so I think it’s a matter of him representing the ideas of millions of people. You know Trump was recently in an interview I think after his first intelligence briefing and began to include Russia’s massive buildup in weapons as a pretext of needing to build our military capabilities.. One thing to be concerned with the next couple of months is Putin’s military buildup on Ukrainian border. I suspect the risk of attack on Ukraine before the new President is elected will be greater if the Kremlin begins to expect a Trump victory.

          16. Avatar Scradje says:

            I have specifically heard him say ‘I like Putin’, many times. And I am hardly a regular listener. He usually says it in context of Obama-bashing; contrasting the latter’s indifference to Isis with that of the minature chekist thug. (Hopelessly wrong as it happens, since less than 10% of Russian airstrikes have actually targeted Isis). Just before Trumpkov announced his decision to run, I heard him on the Savage nation addressing the usual talking points; Hillary, Benghazi, Obamacare etc. Suddenly he went off script and launched a conventional GOP-type attack on putler, condemning his invasion of Ukraine. Then an odd thing happened, Savage instantly changed the subject. The next time Trumpkov appeared on the show he was into his new ‘Putin and I are going to be great friends’ routine. As for Savage since then, you only have to google his name with Putin/Russia/Ukraine and a whole bunch of dispicable kremprop comes out. My question is; who got to Savage? Because he appears responsible for Trumpkov’s pro-putler position. He hired 4-5 putler shills for his campaign AFTER his ‘conversion’ by Savage.

          17. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

            Sounds to me like he’s getting funding from Putler, obviously channeled through a network of untraceable Caribbean and Panamanian shelf companies and bank accounts. The Putin regime has billions stashed, and a lot of it will be used in this way to buy influence. Donald Trump is the Manchurian candidate.

          18. Avatar Scradje says:

            Check out this Savage clip from Aug 2014. Pure putinoid propaganda; he even uses the imperialistic ‘sphere of influence’ phrase. I could not bear to listen to it for more than a minute or so. Can you?:-


          19. Avatar Dr. Heath says:

            This is appalling. An imbecile surrender monkey in the White House, the media infiltrated by what must be fully paid-up Russland shills and the Republican candidate to replace the surrender monkey taking some form of bribe or kickback from the Kremlin scum. The only thing conceivably worse must be to have Vladolf Pootler as a neighbour. Certainly, with either Obama or Trump as your ‘friend’, you don’t need enemies.

          20. Avatar Scradje says:

            Right doc. You have Alex Jones and Michael Savage in America acting as disseminators of Kremlin disinformation and cheerleading for Trumpkov. In the UK you have CorbLenin who can always be relied upon to promote the Kremlin line. In UKIP, a cretin named Diane James is keen to carry on where Farage left off and promote the same absurd kremprop, as this brief vid shows:-
            Boris also has form in this area, using all the tired old ‘poke the bear’ excuses to excuse the most appalling Russian aggression.
            In the states, unfortunately Savage is no marginal figure; he is a major opinion former with the ear of Trumpkov.

  3. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Trump has no workable policies.

    1. Avatar Turtler says:

      As a Californian who does not trust Trump as far as his natural hair grows but who has seen the Southern border, I am not so sure. But regardless I can’t blame people for distrusting him.

      What I can blame people for is trusting Hillary Clinton and excusing the fact that under American law, she has no legal right to hold Federal office. Which is why I have to go with what I see as the lesser of two evils.

      Not because I trust Putin, hate Ukraine, or forgive Trump for his apologetics of the Poloniun Dwarf. But because I will not play a part in electing the American Yanukovych.

      1. Avatar MichaelA says:

        if she has no legal right to hold high office than a court challenge will remove her, right?

        that aside, trump is a lackey of moscow, pure and simple

        1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

          The problem with her legal right to hold office is the crimes for which she has yet to be prosecuted for. Until she is prosecuted, she can run for anything she likes.

          1. Avatar Turtler says:

            Indeed, which is how it should be.

            The problem comes when the people who can prosecute don’t, and apparently not even for matters like disbelief over whether she actually did those crimes.

        2. Avatar Turtler says:

          “if she has no legal right to hold high office than a court challenge will remove her, right?”

          Right. The key problem is that it seems like nobody in a position to bring such a challenge denies the essence of the offenses but at the same time none of them will actually bring charges.

          Comey’s statement is pretty much the watershed of that problem.

          Bill Whittle does a good job summarizing the Title 18 laws regarding that.

          “that aside, trump is a lackey of moscow, pure and simple
          what does that say about his supporters?”

          Firstly, I can ask the same exact issue about Clinton, because while there is less gratuitous butt kissing that is offset by the numerous more concrete issues, like the Uranium One purchase, “Reset”, and Skolkovo.

          Secondly; like most poliical campaigns-particularly in a free country- people tend to support who they do for a wide variety of reasons. I myself am a Donald Trump supporter in a way, though I do not fit the mold of his most ardent supporters.

          And I supported this site long before I did him, and do so mostly because in spite of the moral offensed he has given me-‘including slurring the Iraw War and these Putin antics- I still find him the lesser of evils regarding Putin and our other threats than someone who aired the US’s most sensitive information to any intelligence agency worth a damn.

          1. Avatar Alex George says:

            That’s a fair point.