The Donetsk region is on the brink of a man-made disaster — Ukrainian officials

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Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ATO (anti-terrorist operation) press center warn that the water filtration plant in Donetsk has shut down because of constant shelling by Russian proxy forces. As a result, some 400,000 residents of the Donetsk Oblast have been left without water and are facing possible epidemics of dysentery and hepatitis.

According to ATO, the water filtration plant is a critical public utility that is located on the territory currently controlled by the illegal DNR armed groups, who are engaged in constant provocations.

“The plant has suspended its activity because criminals are once again engaged in provocations to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In particular, the militants have set up several mobile units and have installed 82 caliber mortars on heavy trucks. These mobile groups are engaged in continuous shelling of the area near the water filtration station and the station itself,” the ATO press statement reported on Sunday, March 13.

In addition, there is constant enemy sniper fire for the purpose of accusing the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ATO stated. On the territory of the region there are no units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, no attempt on the part of the Ukrainian forces to seize territory. All claims regarding these incidents are untrue,” ATO stated.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported that the increased shelling and armed provocations by Russian proxy forces in the Avdiivka region are causing not only casualties among the military and civilians, but also are leading to the destruction of critical infrastructure that may result in a humanitarian catastrophe in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

“Since March 3, Russia and its militants have considerably stepped up their attacks in the Avdiivka area. Their main goal is to expand the territory under their control and to penetrate deeper into the so-called ‘gray zone,’ ” the ministry stated.

According to the ministry, a task force of up to 800 fighters has been formed for this purpose, who are carrying out an average of 30 attacks daily on Avdiivka and the adjacent areas, using tanks, artillery and mortars.

The MFA pointed out that this activity violates the agreement reached in the social-economic working group of the Trilateral Contact Group that the Donetsk filtration plant would be restored to avoid disaster.

“Russia must realize that if the Donetsk filtration plant is destroyed … an epidemic of dysentery and hepatitis could be ignited in the region,” the ministry warned.

Furthermore, Russia and its fighters are violating the Minsk agreement on the withdrawal of heavy weapons of 100 mm and higher caliber, as well as tanks, artillery guns of up to 100 mm caliber and mortars of up to 120 mm caliber, the MFA stated.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Pravda
Source: Pravda

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  • Dalton

    There needs to be some video evidence of everything to show the world repeatedly what’s happening so there is no question in those minds who otherwise are twisted by the Kremlin looneytoon news network (ie. all kremlin owned and controlled media, useful idiots in the West and putineer trolls)

  • Evelyn Myketa Livingston

    If it’s broken the DNR should fix it .

    • Lev Havryliv

      Exactly. The Russian invaders created this disaster. Let them fix it.

      More drain on the sinking economy of Putinstan. What karma?

    • Quartermaster

      The DNR can only destroy. Building is beyond the forces of Satan and evil.

  • Hillarious Clinton

    Now the Ukraine invites to make the “reforms” in Kiev a foreigners like Mr.Mikloshko from Slovakia…Your “reforms” is to sell out the state owned companies in Ukraine to the oligarchs for peanuts…Mikloshko is well known “tunnelar” of Slovak economy and finances when billions of Slovak crowns were stolen! dear Ukrainians, you will regret your moves toward EU(which doesn’t want you for another 20-25 years)…Millions of you will wander across EU “gulag” in search of jobs-mainly low paid jobs…And in your country,your average salary will be about 300-500 Euro…You’ll regret and hate your oligarch led government,mostly of khazars…

    • Hillarious Clinton

      This “reforms” will cost you millions of jobs! I predict, you’ll have another Maidan,against those idiots who grabbed power in Kiev…They’ll bring you on the edge of starvation with few millions of homeless and broken economy! The West won’t help you,they want make money from you! Later on,you’ll regret your yiddish led junta…I live in nEU and could tell you a stories of East Europeans being here cheap labor and almost slaves for peanuts! Just as with your oligarchs, only minority are oligarchs, and here,only tiny minority of us with better paid jobs…The rest struggles for survival…You’ll regret and hate your decision…Across EU is at least 6 million Poles(Polacks)…Ask them,how much they love their “democracy” and EU slavery…

  • Hillarious Clinton

    Do not blame the Donbass people for your own misery! It was your junta who attacked them because they didn’t want to succumb to the khazarian junta who grabbed illegaly power in Kiev! The world is not stupid or blind…And we know how was Crimea given away by that stupid shoe-tapper,Chrushchev…I have suspicion that you may lose a lot more land if you do not solve your domestic problems-soon…And the West won’t help you,they just are using you against Russia…You can forget about EU membership for the next 25 years,and NATO will sooner cease to exist than you could join it…