Ukrainian activists launch blockade of Russian trucks, following Poland and Turkey

Ukrainian activists block Russian trucks in Zakarpattia Oblast. Photo by 

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An termless blockade of Russian trucks heading to the EU starts in Zakarpattia Oblast, Western Ukraine.

The action was organized by local war veterans, volunteers, and activists, the local portal reports. It comes following Poland and Turkey closing their borders to Russian trucks.

The freight transport with Russian car plate numbers has stopped at the entrance to the Nyzhni Vorota village. A part of the trucks turns around and heads back. Some drivers stay to see what happens next.

“We won’t give up our positions until Russia is acknowledged as an aggressor country, is banned from placing its business on Ukrainian land, and until our authorities won’t stop trade with Russia,” the activists claim.

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Poland hasn’t prolonged its international agreements with Russia regarding transit of trucks. The talks have been ongoing since 1 February. Turkey’s agreements with Russia also expired on 1 February as well and haven’t been prolonged yet.

According to Ukrainian media that refer to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, this resulted in threefold increase of Russia’s freight traffic through Ukraine’s territory.

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  1. Avatar Lev Havryliv says:

    Excellent move. Keep up the road blockade and boycott all trade with Russia until Russia stops its military aggression against Ukraine.

  2. Avatar Being says:

    Fantastic, I like your braveness.
    When they can do it to you, you are allowed to do these cool things. you have the right, you are right, I am on your side Ukraine patriots.

  3. Avatar Tim Allen says:

    There is a grammatical error:
    “… until our authorities won’t stop trade with Russia,”
    should read “… until our authorities stop trade with Russia,”

  4. Avatar Randolph Carter says:

    You guys certainly have brass ones. I’m surprised one of those “freight transports” wasn’t filled with lots of little green men. Hope this sort of thing continues with no Ukrainian casualties, just Ukrainian heroes.