Wishes of a happy and successful New Year from Euromaidan Press!



Dear friend! 2015 was a year of contrasts for Ukraine. This year’s journey to fulfilling the promise of Euromaidan was laden with victories – most recently, with the entrance of the EU Free Trade Agreement into force, and loud shouts of discontent. Or, to put it in Ukrainian: one year between “Zrada” and “Peremoha.”

However, this rocky path was a good teacher: we became more mature and united. With every passing day we realize that nothing is impossible for us when we stay together, and that nobody can solve our problems but ourselves. At the same time, a tiredness of civil society can be observed; also, a return from the mental trenches into much-needed work on reforms. In this sense we wish you that you to stay true to yourself and your values no matter what adversities may come, and that you and your environment will be make 2016 a year of positive events!

A happy and successful New Year! Z novym Rokom!

P.S. And for those that have a few minutes: please give the political prisoners in Russia and in occupied Crimea a reason to rejoice, even if only to words on paper: Write a letter to Ukrainian political prisoners jailed in Russia


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