Russia’s destruction of the Donbas



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Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

The Donetsk industrial basin has died. That is the main result of the Russian occupation of the industrial region.

One could entertain illusions indefinitely that the potential of the Donbas will be restored and everything will be as before after the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored. But these illusions have no relation to economic reality. Furthermore, with every new day of the occupation, the likelihood that any industry could remain in the Donbas decreases exponentially.

The reason for this is very simple — loss of markets and preferences. The production of Donetsk companies no longer reaches either Ukraine or the West. Russia does not need it either. It should be understood that before the occupation the Donbas was not only part of the industrial complex of Ukraine; it was part of the oligarchic mechanism. Enterprises could count on preferences, government assistance, preferential energy prices, bank loans. All this is gone now. What is happening is exactly what competent specialists warned against long before the Maidan — the death of the basin as a result of its integration with Russia.

Soviet leadership discussed possible closure of the Donbas mines still in the late 80s. Russia had eliminated its part of the basin long ago. In the Rostov Oblast, there are quite a few former “honored miners” who are now without a profession. Many Ukrainian mines remained completely or partly owned by the state because they could not have survived without support. And now they have ended up under the de facto control of a country that absolutely does not need them. A country that wants to keep them from functioning.

What will  happen next? What always happens in such cases. Donbas will empty out. Many of its residents will be forced to look for new work and a new place to live. Those who have left will not return. Whether a new industry appears in the region will depend entirely on whether the region is returned to Ukrainian control. Because only Ukraine can guarantee investments and promote new settlement in the region. These options simply do not exist for the occupation authorities. The statement that the Donbas can be either Ukrainian or desolate does not paint a pretty picture. But it is the economic truth.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  • Quartermaster

    If the separatists wanted a function country, they went about it the wrong way. They have destroyed the infrastructure and killed many of the people. Putin was an utter idiot to support them.

    • Dirk Smith

      You mean terrorists, right? I mean that’s the end product of a state terrorist like the gay dwarf.

      • Quartermaster

        That works too.

      • Dagwood Bumstead

        How do you know the demented dwarf is gay? He was married to Lyudmila for ages, until he dumped her for Alina. As far as I know neither Lyudmila nor Alina is a Billy Boy.

        • Dirk Smith

          It’s all a facade, just like his legitimacy to be President is. Alina is simply a propaganda showpiece; much like his hockey matches, shirtless pics, hunting, etc. Mussolini 101.

  • Dagwood Bumstead

    According to the Moscow Times Yanukovich wants a political comeback:

    If Proffessor Viktor is so desperate to return to politics, he can proclaim himself President of the Donbas People’s Republic, consisting of a merged DNR and LNR. He can then use the umpteem billions he stole to rebuild his Donbas.
    I wonder whether self-proclaimed “presidents” of the DNR and LNR, Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky, will graciously hand over control of their criminal empires, though. Naaah, probably not.
    That leaves a return to Kyiv, where PV will be welcomed with an extended stay in a luxury 5-star jail cell.

  • Being

    USA and UK: Is This your Guarantee of territorial integrity and sovereignty you signed for Ukraine = Russia has occupied the industrial region of Ukraine, Industrial region destructed, many residents are forced to look for new work and a new place to live. Those who have left can not return.
    Are you satisfied with your signed Guarantee??