Volunteer Vitaliy Deyneha: separatists who hate Ukraine should be stripped of their citizenship

Volunteer Vitaliy Deyneha

Volunteer Vitaliy Deyneha 

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Vitaliy Deyneha, founding volunteer at Vernys Zhyvym (Come Back Alive) tells us about some Luhansk and Donetsk residents who still support union with Russia and even threaten volunteers with weapons.


“It’s quite easy to fight for people who haven’t yet decided where they stand. But, when a person decides which side of the conflict he supports, it’s useless fighting for him. You’ll only make him a lesser or greater radical.”

“People living in liberated territories were finally able to get up from their knees. On October 14, many came to welcome and talk to our troops. It was fantastic and inspiring for both sides.”

“But, local separatists also crawled out of the woodwork and started complaining as they felt they were being ignored by local Ukrainian authorities. A year ago in Konstantinovka (Donetsk oblast), some even came up to me and told me that if ever the “DNR” returned, they would personally join their ranks and take up arms against the Ukrainian army.”

“I think that people supporting terrorism should have been stripped of their citizenship a long time ago, massively and mercilessly. If a person really hates Ukraine, I don’t want him to be a citizen of my country.”

More than 25,000 people have signed the petition (on the website of the Presidential Administration) to deprive Ukrainian nationals of their citizenship in cases of separatist statements or actions.


Thank you to all volunteers for your work and dedication! Ukraine would not have survived without your help!

Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: Glavred

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  • Dean Venture

    Part of living in a liberal democracy is tolerating ideas different from your own. You can’t strip people of their citizenship just because they hold beliefs you don’t like (actions are a different matter). There are hundreds of thousand of Scottish separatists in the UK, and here in Canada, we have hundreds of thousands of Quebec separatists, and I don’t believe anyone has ever threatened them with disenfranchisement. Aside from that one very big difference in opinion, we get along rather well, and should we ever get to the point where there is a majority in favour separation, then bon voyage, most of us are willing to accept that there are times when coexistence as a single nation is not possible.

    • Dalton

      Holding beliefs contrary to yours and killing and destroying because of it are two wholly different things. Once that line is crossed and in particular in the case of Ukraine when people are openly calling Donetsk “Russian land” and killing Ukrianians for it, then your concept of liberal democracy no longer applies. And who ever said Ukraine should be or intends to be modeled after “liberal democracies”?

      • Quartermaster

        Most of so called “liberal democracies” are simply weak. We see that in the muslim invasion in Europe. They’re too stupid see what the stakes and consequences are. When someone has taken up arms against their countrymen alongside invaders, they have repudiated their citizenship and official recognition of the fact is simply a matter of paperwork to make that repudiation official.

      • Nowhere Girl

        People who initially went to the Maidan said it. If they wanted Ukraine to negotiate and be given a chance to become a EU member in the future, it means accepting liberal-democratic values.
        Personally, I definitely don’t support “sovereign democracies”. I don’t support countries which think they may regulate what people thoughtfeel (<—my deep belief: "thoughts" and "feelings" are not separate things) or, for example, whom they love. Actually, I would prefer quite "weak" countries. Having strong and weak countries is of course dangerous, but if all countries were "weak", it could be better for the citizens. A state is only a way of organizing social life. So far we haven't found a better one. But the people are the sovereign, not the state. The state should only be a humble servant of its citizens, should work to give them maximum freedom and balance the needs of all groups.
        Having said that, I also acknowledge there is a difference between supporting separatism – as we can see on the Scottish example, it can be done in a peaceful manner – and being willing to fight against the state. The latter group IS potentially dangerous.
        A certain, not very large, percentage of "Novorossiya" sepratists are indeed locals, not Russians from Russia brought to deliberately try to destroy Ukraine on Putin's orders. Real locals who acted as officials of the separatist republics deserve losing their citizenship and, first of all, deserve being sent to prison. But for the moment that should be all.

        • Dalton

          Please provide reference of the phrase “liberal democratic” were given as a goal.

      • Dean Venture

        As I clearly stated, actions speak differently than beliefs. As for who said Ukraine wanted to be a liberal democracy, Ukraine has, in its drive to be a part of the EU. You can not implement the reforms expected by that union and remain anything other than a liberal democracy, can you?

        • Dalton

          Please provide reference where the phrase “liberal democracy” was conveyed as an aspiration. Don’t confuse the desire for individual liberties, justice and government without corruption, with “liberal democracy” because they are not one in the same. In fact, in America, liberal democrats are more closely aligned ideologically, with Marxist philosophy and ideals than ever before and just as corrupt. Find a more suitable descriptor and try again.

  • Dalton

    Absolutely agree and not even sure how this could be argued against by anyone remotely interested in preservation of Ukraine as an independent nation. The simple fact is that as soon as they began fighting against the Ukrainian nation under the flag of another (including DNR or LR), and most certainly while representing the kremlin, they essentially disavowed their citizenship and all the rights and privileges that went along with it. Perhaps they can become part of the Putin empire they so longed for. Pitiful.