End sanctions or Russia won’t join effort against ISIS, Federation Council declares

Putin/Obama political cartoon by Morten Morland via Twitter

Political cartoon by Morten Morland via Twitter 

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At the end of its call for an international coalition against terrorism, Russia’s Federation Council makes crystal clear what Vladimir Putin’s moves in this direction are all about: The Kremlin leader wants the West to lift sanctions against Russia imposed because of Moscow’s actions in Ukraine or he won’t play, Matvey Ganapolsky says.

Matvey Ganapolsky, Russian political commentator

Matvey Ganapolsky, Russian political commentator

The Moscow commentator points out that the Federation Council has used some beautiful language to call for the formation of a coalition of states for the struggle against terrorism, a challenge like that of Nazism whose aggression led to the formation of “the anti-Hitler coalition of states with different political systems.”

“A beautiful text,” Ganapolsky observes, but is it really the case that “the stupid Americans and Europeans had not thought about the creation of such a common front? Can’t they reject extremism?” But of course, the West has done both and long before Moscow thought about calling for the same.

Such a coalition already exists, he points out. “More than 60 states began war with ISIS even before Russia decided to save Assad. And everyone understood that Russia refused to join this coalition because it felt it necessary to save Assad and did not want to fight under the leadership of the US.”

So what has happened that has led Moscow to change its position? Did it really begin to recognize that “ISIS is a mortal danger for Russia, although it is far from the Sinai?” Did it really think that the West couldn’t succeed without Russian help or in this case without Russian guidance about what to do?

Of course not, Ganapolsky says, and writes that he will “now tell you what [the Kremlin] understood” and what led to this ostensible change of course and call for a new international coalition.

The explanation is to be found at the end of the Federation Council’s appeal to the world. There it is written: “The policy of double standards and unilateral sanctions weaken the chances for international cooperation in opposing terrorism.” That is why this document was written and sent out into the world.

“You want that we join your company, says Russia, then remove your sanctions on us for [the annexation of] Crimea and [the war in] the Donbas! But [if you don’t] we won’t join. And in general, your sanctions in this way are weakening you too.”

That is what “the hybrid Federation Council” actually wrote in its “hybrid declaration to the World,” Ganapolsky concludes.

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  • Forgotten Ghost

    Not long ago… “We do not need the world, let them sanction us- we are stronger without them, they will see!”

    And now… “If you don’t lift those sanctions, we’re not gonna play with you any more!”

    Appropriate response… “Okay, shorty- get the he** out, and stay out. Oh, and take your ridiculous chess set with you, all you ever do with it is move your toys across it and make ‘vroom-vroom-BANG!’ noises with it anyway.”

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      Unfortunately Frau Ribbentrop-Merkel and Hollande will jump at the chance to end the sanctions. Neither of them wanted to impose sanctions in the first place. So although totally INappropriate, their response will probably be “Ooh, yes, Vlad, please play with us. We’ll do anything to please you, including betraying Kyiv again, as we did at Minsk for you.”
      What a brainless and spineless bunch of cucumbers. The same goes for Obama, who will probably go down in history as one of the worst US presidents, together with Georgie Peorgie Bush, Carter and Woodrow Wilson. Obama makes even Carter look good.

      • Forgotten Ghost

        At least Carter knew his way around a peanut farm, right? I really haven’t had any faith in the US government for a very, very long time. As such, I hardly care what the hood ornaments do or say, but we’ve had a leaky, filthy engine running under the hood for a while now. I would personally only start to have hope for a future for humanity once all of the power players are gone, and skilled citizens are left to pick up the pieces.

  • Dirk Smith

    The EU response should be deeper sanctions and lethal aid to Ukraine. Third-world ruSSia is a crumbling kleptocracy that now resorts to lies, deceit, smoke, and mirrors to remain relevant in today’s civilized world.

  • Brent

    Didn’t Putin show up at the U.N. in September requesting everyone join Russia in fighting terrorism? Now the Federation Council is going to refuse to join the World in fighting terrorism????

    Just how f*cked up is Russia????

    • Vlad Pufagtinenko

      pretty f’ed up Brent.

  • Eeli Saretsalo

    what part of Liberal leadership is hard to comprehend? all of them, Obummer included are too cowardly to take on terrorism, say it Flowerhatism if you will.

  • Eddy Verhaeghe

    ‘Ideological hate’? My God, grand words to hide the fact that you don’t like that Matvey Ganapolsky points his finger at the real reason for the proposal of the powers that be in the Kremlin. A place where people reside that don’t have any ideology at all.