Moscow set to create humanitarian disaster in Ukraine by ‘mass deportation’ of Ukrainians from Russia

Ukrainian refugees in Russia


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As winter approaches, Moscow is set to expel many if not most of the Ukrainians who fled from the fighting in eastern Ukraine last year, an action that will place new burdens on Kyiv but not on the breakaway regions (Ukrainians from there are not affected by this rule) and threatens to create a humanitarian disaster.

Today, the special migration regime that Moscow created for Ukrainians last year runs out, and any Ukrainians in Russia except those from Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, now can live in the Russian Federation no more than 90 days in the course of every six month period.

If a Ukrainian citizen does not “legalize” his or her status by getting a work permit or securing residency by another means, Russian officials say, he or she will have 30 days to leave the Russian Federation. A failure to do so will lead to expulsion and a ban on entrance to Russia of from three to ten years.

According to Russia’s Federal Migration Service, there are approximately 2.6 million Ukrainian citizens now on Russian territory, of whom more than a million are from the Donbas. It is not clear how many Ukrainians have work permits, but fewer than a thousand have been given refugee status.

In reporting all this, the news agency says that a large number of Ukrainians face “mass deportation” at the end of November, precisely the time when the weather in Ukraine and Russia too becomes harshest and problems with providing shelter, heating and food are most acute.

In that context, Moscow’s exclusion of Ukrainians from the Donbas from any expulsion order shows that this action is intended to hurt Kyiv in the first instance. That alone should be the occasion for the international community to protest what Moscow is doing and to provide help to the Ukrainian authorities for the likely return of several hundred thousand Ukrainians.

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  • RedSquareMaidan

    Repatriation is something new for the Kremlinals, even under such harsh and cruel conditions which surprise no one.

    • laker48

      This will eventually backfire and blow in Putin’s face. Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.

      • Dagwood Bumstead

        Just goes to show how much the demented dwarf REALLY cares about Ukrainians and how much nonsense his claim “Russians and Ukrainians are brothers” really is. Some brother! He proves how right Anastasiya Dmitruk was with her poem “Никогда мы не будем братямы”, “We will never be brothers”
        Kyiv should retaliate and chuck all Dwarfstan citizens out. Give the dwarf a dose of his own medicine and a similar problem to solve.
        As for the Donbas refugees in Dwarfstan, they may be safe for now. But who can guarantee them that they won’t be next? Presumably at least some of the more intelligent of them will be asking themselves this question.
        Those who are now being forced to return to the Ukraine won’t be friends of Dwarfstan any longer, further increasing the alienation between Kyiv and Moscow- if that is possible.

        • laker48

          Cain and Abel were brothers too.

          • Dagwood Bumstead

            Indeed they were. The Bible’s Old Testament has several examples of brothers shafting each other in some way, Joseph being sold into Egyptian slavery by his brothers for 30 pieces of silver is another example.
            So much for brotherly love.

  • Rascalndear

    This is nonsense and exaggerated. Migrant workers in Russia have homes and families here. What ‘humanitarian disaster” is being provoked? These are not refugees or IDPs.

  • Vol Ya

    Just another tactic by putin to weaken or destroy Ukraine. But the more he throws at us, the stronger Ukraine becomes as a nation. The stupid dwarf can’t figure this out. putin has lost Ukraine for good.