There is no cease-fire in Ukraine

Drills of the Russian-separatist hybrid forces battalion "Legion," 18/10/15 . Source:

Drills of the Russian-separatist hybrid forces battalion "Legion," 18/10/15 . Source: 

Military analysis

Article by: Nicole Gallina

Despite continued efforts from official bodies (western politicians, ATO-staff etc.) it is increasingly difficult to hide that Russia still has no interest in a real cease-fire: Terrorist units keep attacking Ukrainian positions around the Donetsk airport (Pisky, Opytne, Butovka…), in the Mariupol region, Avdiivka etc. – just follow @Guderian_Xaba@xuilolala @MarQs__  and @loogunda for updates.

There are daily losses among Ukrainian soldiers and civilians due to small arms, snipers, mines and booby traps. Ukrainian soldiers for the time being display overwhelming patience and discipline. Warfare at this point largely takes place in the cyberspace: For example, InformNapalm – to the outrage of official Russia – has published information on Russian material used in Syria and the personal data of Russian airfighters’ staff bombing the villages of the Syrian opposition.

Russia continues to fake withdrawal in redeploying and hiding material all over the occupied territories. The logic behind this game is only known to Gen.-Lt. Hassan Kaloev who supervises the Russian actions in the JCCC (which continues to be a vehicle for Russian actions).

The bigger logic is clear though: Russia is not interested in peace with Ukraine, and wants to have its material ready when the order for another attack will come. We know the Russian army has been training for an attack of Ukraine and the Baltic states, and this quite intensively. For the time being they have opted for warfare in Syria – which can also be regarded as some kind of compensation for inaction in eastern Europe. But don’t let yourself be fooled: The operations of the Russian army in Syria, such as bombing civilian quarters and hospitals with its airforce, using cluster bombs and the highly destructive flame-thrower TOS-1 Buratino (that also is deployed to the occupied Donbas), are also a rehearsal for a full-scale war with Ukraine.

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  • Lev Havryliv

    The ceasefire is a sham. The Russian invaders and their satraps are continually violating the Minsk agreements by firing on Ukrainian positions.

    The Russian forces are testing, probing and provoking the Ukrainian army causing daily casualties among Ukrainian troops. There should be no withdrawal of Ukrainian forces. The Russians simply cannot be trusted.

    Putin’s military aggression against Ukraine continues along with terrorist acts and attempts at political and economic destabilization of Ukraine. This is accompanied by a relentless, mendacious, malicious propaganda and disinformation campaign against Ukraine.

    Ukraine has every right to defend its borders, sovereignty and independence. Ukraine will not be safe until the scourge of Putinism and Russian imperialism is defeated.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      The dwarf is running out of both time and money. Obama wil be gone in 15 months and his successor, regardless of who ends up in the White House, won’t be as soft on Moscow.
      Finance Minister Anton Siluanov declared in the Duma yesterday that the reserve funds, which were intended to finance pensions but are being plundered to plug holes in the state budget caused by the collapse of oil and gas prices, will be empty by the end of 2016. The dwarf’s stupid wars in the Donbas and Syria only accelerate the rate of depletion so the funds may be gone even sooner. Then what?
      His only possible source of money, apart from his own offshore bank accounts and those of his crooked chums Medvedev, Rogozin, Lozhvrov, Shoigu, Miller, Sechin and Co, is China. Giving back his ill-gotten gains to the state is rather unlikely. As for China, it has its own problems at the moment. But if it does help, it will be setting conditions that the dwarf won’t like one bit, and may well be totally unacceptable to the extreme nationalists such as Dugin, Zhirinovsky, Guzenkova and their followers. How would “Hand over the territories Tsar Aleksandr II stole from us in 1856 and 1860, dwarf, and then we’ll talk” sound to them? And why would Peking help finance the dwarf’s wars in the first place, given that it has invested in Ukrainian agriculture and that a war there might well ruin its investment? What possible benefit does the dwarf’s war in Syria offer to Peking?