Stop Fake digest #51: fake secession of Odesa Oblast and radioactive smoke in Dnipropetrovsk

Analysis & Opinion

Article by: StopFake

This week Nick Piazza, CEO of SP Advisors, is StopFake News’s guest anchor. Russia Today continues its bogus practice of claiming that anonymous bloggers are experts and represent major foreign media perspectives. Russian media stir indignant hysteria about memorial plaques being taken down to be cleaned. Mihail Saakashvili allegedly says that Odesa Oblast will secede from Ukraine. And Russian media falsely claim that Dnipropetrovsk Oblast is covered in the smoke of a fire at a uranium mining plant.

1. Read more about Russia Today’s dodgy use of anonymous bloggers
2. Read more on false claims about the destruction of monuments to Soviet soldiers who fought in WWII.
3. For more information about Saakashvili’s alleged remarks on Odesa’s secession from Ukraine.
4. Read more about the video fake used to “prove” a fire in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.


  • laker48

    RuSSia’s credibility has tanked to subzero levels.