Special Olympics: Ukraine takes a scientific approach


Culture, Ukraine

Article by: Olena Luzhanovska
Edited by: Euromaidan Press Staff

Special Olympics Ukraine is actively involved in scientific research to help people with intellectual disabilities and is the world’s first Special Olympics to have two Doctors of Science in physical education and sport in their ranks. The first Doctor of Physical Education in Ukraine on the subject of Olympic Sports is Dr Yuri Briskin who has been, a member of the Board of Special Olympics Ukraine since its foundation and the head of the department of theoretical and applied methodology of Olympic and Professional Sport at the Lviv University. On October 9th the coordinator of Special Olympics Ukraine in the Lviv region, Alina Perederiy successfully defended her doctoral thesis on the topic of Theoretical and methodological bases of the sports movement Special Olympics. Alina has done a great deal for the development of the Special Olympics movement in the west of Ukraine. Special Olympics Ukraine congratulates Dr Perederiy with such an important achievement! We are extremely proud of the fact that our Program has such remarkable people!

Olena Luzhanovska: Development Director of Special Olympics Ukraine.

Edited by: Euromaidan Press Staff

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