In the fields of Donbas



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Victor Suhodolskiy, a Ukrainian businessman and the founder of “Victor Suhodolskiy’s gardening center” has now become a soldier, and is currently fighting in Donbas as a volunteer with the Ukrainian Voluntary Corps. Featured in the image, Victor is demonstrating an amusing occasion in his service – a small field of cannabis plants which he has stumbled upon while patrolling. Wild hemp is a common plant in Ukraine’s flora, and can be found widely across the country as common weed, although in Eastern and Southern regions it is sometimes grown in guerrilla style by both recreational users in small amounts and professional drug producers in more massive operations. Amused by the occasion, Victor is saluting with the traditional Ukrainian scout movement trident gesture.

Source: Victor Suhodolskiy

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  • canuke

    My brother and I enjoyed the vast amounts found in our father’s village in Luhansk Oblast!

    • Nomid

      I propose it as a solution to a couple of problems… As an alternative, and as an aid to cut down on the Heroin and aclcohol abuse that is starting to beome rampant in the Russian occupied eastern Ukraine.. And if we ever got Putin to smoke a couple of pipes of the more CBD dominant varieties, he might skip his paranoia and tendency to ridiculous agressivenes? One can dream…