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Ukrainian flag after the Russian attack on the positions of the Ukrainian troops in the town of Maryinka. June 5, 2015. (Image: Reuters)

Ukrainian flag after the Russian attack on the positions of the Ukrainian troops in the town of Maryinka. June 5, 2015. (Image: Reuters) 

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Article by: A. N.

Sometimes inanimate objects can be the most articulate record-keepers of events that pass in their presence. So is this flag that was survived the attack of Russian troops and mercenaries on the positions of Ukrainian troops in the town of Maryinka in Donetsk oblast, Ukraine.

Despite the deadly bombardment by Russian heavy artillery and multiple rocket launchers (5 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 39 wounded), the Ukrainian troops  held their positions and captured 13 attackers.

Maryinka is just one of the Ukrainian towns attacked by Putin’s forces. The map below shows locations of the other attacks.


The military situation map. June 6, 2015 (Image: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine)

The military situation map. June 6, 2015 (Image: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine)

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  1. Avatar optionrider says:

    Mr. Poroshenko seems to exercise a right approach to Ukraine’s military. The Ukrainian army is being trained by UK, US, Canadian, and other NATO member states’ military personnel what will eventually lead to the creation of a well-trained and disciplined professional army that doesn’t need any draftees, as it’s the case in most NATO member states. Such an army can be entrusted state of the art western precision weapons without running a risk that they’ll be misused. This well-planned and disciplined approach will lead to a total collapse of Putin’s covert aggression and a defeat in his hybrid war imposed by Russia on Ukraine.

    Russia will never win this war.

    1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

      but is it enough in time right now?

      1. Avatar optionrider says:

        We don’t know if the weapons made in Ukraine and in cooperation with Ukraine in Poland are not already there. Lose lips sink ships. The destruction of 10 out of 40 tanks used by the terrorists and RuSSian spetznaz in the June 3 Maryinka offensive indicates that the Ukrainians are’n defenceless. They lured those attackers who had survived an infantry attack through an open, five kilometres wide field into town, withdrew and the Ukrainian artillery locked on them a barrage fire wreaking havoc. There are unconfirmed reports than tens of dead bodies of the attackers are still uncollected and rot in the battlefield.

        1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

          I wish you were right and the real deal would be going on behind the scenes.

          But with Obama in charge…

          1. Avatar optionrider says:

            No drama Obama is smarter than many people think. I happened to listen to his interview with Bloomberg Radio back in 2008 or 2009. He was grilled by three show hosts really hard and demonstrated an absolutely outstanding knowledge of economics and finance. Now, after over a year of US and EU sanctions slapped on RuSSia having been in force we can see this. The US seems to play a long, strategic game with the use of money. Obama wants to force RuSSia into either leaving Ukraine or repeat the 1991 Soviet scenario.

            As far as Ukraine is concerned, it has demonstrated more unity and willingness to fight the RuSSian aggressor and supported by RuSSia terrorists than anyone expected. The US started training Ukraine’s elite territorial defence forces at the end of April and in less than three weeks some 300 strong first batch of competent operators of modern US weapons and other battlefield equipment such as deeply coded communication devices and artillery detecting radar systems will hit the battlefields.

            The terrorists massed over 500 tanks and even more APCs sent to SE Ukraine from RuSSia. If these 300 receive some 1500 Javelin missiles accompanied by 50 launchers, these vehicles can be destroyed and their crews killed within an hour if they launch an attack without using RuSSia’s air power at the expense of less than$130 million, while over $300 million is earmarked for this purpose by Congress plus a bill waiting for the Senate approval awarding $3 billion in military aid to Ukraine over the next three years.

            The more red ink is drawn out of the RuSSian economy, the lower the cost to both Ukraine and supporting it western allies of bringing the RuSSian Federation into insolvency and a break up, as it was the case with Soviets in !991. Putler’s RuSSia is much, much weaker than its predecessor, the ill-fated Soviet Union.

  2. Avatar Nowhere Girl says:

    A little purely technical comment. When I click the map, with hope to enlarge it (anyway, the letters are very small and I’m quite short-sighted, so it’s not comfortable to read), it appears even smaller. Not a very clever solution…