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Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

Putin and his entourage are deathly afraid of the ongoing investigation into the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing airliner

The appearance at a news conference of Yan Novikov, chief executive of the Russian state-run missile manufacturer Almaz-Antey, is not simply tied to the need to respond to inquiries by Western media about Russia’s involvement with the downing of the Malaysian airliner.

It is also driven by fear. As the time draws nearer for the results of the official investigation into the Boeing catastrophe to be made public, the fear grows. And not only in terms of the official propaganda. Russian television will always be able to explain to its viewers that the results have been fabricated by the CIA and that will suffice. What matters are the legal consequences. After all, the annexation of Crimea, the Donbas war, and other criminal behavior by the Putin administration are government policy. And responsibility for the Boeing disaster brings with it the possibility of criminal prosecution. This is what Putin and his entourage fear the most.

We have already seen how frightened Putin was after the arrest of senior FIFA officials — in other words, when a real possibility emerged that the corrupt relations of the soccer functionaries and the Russian political elite would be exposed. If he is so frightened by some soccer, then just imagine how frightened Putin is by the Boeing matter.

Therefore a plan has been formulated that even before the results of the investigations are made public to plant information in mass media that the Ukrainians did it. Moreover, it is easy to see how smoothly the direction of Almaz-Antey works with the representatives of the “people’s republics.” It   seems that the Russian rocket experts and the thugs from the “republics” have received the same propaganda directives from Putin’s administration — otherwise how else could the CEO of the missile manufacturer be able to name the village where the BUK rocket “could have been launched” (by Ukrainians) and the “DNR Minister of Defense” could then immediately announce that this particular village has never been controlled by the separatist “militias”? However, if necessary, if more proof is needed, Almaz-Antey undoubtedly would be ready to conduct an experiment and use a rocket to down another plane. The only requirement would be to write the word “Ukrainian” on the rocket.

All this would be funny if the fates of innocent victims had not been tied to all of this — men, women and children who found themselves in the sky above lawlessness. No amount of panic by Putin and his accomplices– not even the inevitability of punishment of the war criminals — will bring these people back to life.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  • Lev Havryliv

    Get ready for a new set of lies from Moscow about MH17.

  • mmilczanowski

    I believe this investigation is much more reliable:

  • Murf

    If Russia wanted to kill about 255% of the population of the West they could just say “yea we did it!”
    The hospitals would fill with hart attack patients so great would the shock of the truth coming out of the Kremlin.

  • Michel Cloarec

    The bandit (putin) knows ! The FIFA scandal , the WC 2018, and the MH 17 will be the end ! The “more” he plays with informations, the “more” he his digging the pitfall.
    These attacks on the NGO, next will be the social network ! He can fool the russians sitting in front of their TV with RT and Sputnik ! But he will have to build an iron wall around RF !