Putin’s not dead fighters

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Article by: Hubert Wetzel

In Russia, it is now forbidden to talk about Russian soldiers killed during peacetime. President Vladimir Putin, for whom the outcry over Russian boys dying in eastern Ukraine apparently got too loud, signed a decree to this effect.

That’s interesting, since according to Putin, there aren’t any Russian soldiers who could be killed there. One who leans toward being cynical could see in the edict – which bans discussion of something that, according to the government, doesn’t exist – a kind of advancement for the rule of law: Opposition leader Boris Nemzov paid with his life for his investigation into Russian soldiers killed in the Donbas; he was gunned down. Russian mothers who still dare to whisper the names of their dead sons, on the other hand, can count on only having to report to a prison camp.

Battles in Donbas are part of Putin’s policy of war

Whoever passes such laws is fighting a war. And he is planning even more war. It’s as simple as that. The West is deceiving itself when it continues to describe the daily shootouts in the Donbas as “constant violations of the ceasefire,” as German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier again did in Kyiv. They’re part of Putin’s policy of war.

A ceasefire that is constantly broken is not a ceasefire. And the dead who may not be spoken about are still dead.

Translated by: A.K.

Source: sueddeutsche.de

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  1. Avatar Lev Havryliv says:

    Can Putin be described as anything but an evil sociopath?

    When will the people of Russia wake up to this inveterate liar and oppressive, imperialist tyrant?

    1. Avatar On the Balcony says:

      Perhaps never. After all, Putin and many other “soviets” still admire Stalin ….

      1. Avatar Lev Havryliv says:

        A recent poll in Russia indicated that some thirty per cent of Russians have a fovourable opinion of Stalin.

        What would we think if thirty per cent of Germans had a favorable opinion of Hitler? A case of mass psychosis perhaps?

        1. Avatar On the Balcony says:

          We (or at least I) would think that the Germans had not yet looked at their reflection in the mirror of history from the perspective of other peoples. Putin’s propaganda along with his political and social repression is designed to cover and/or destroy as many mirrors (opportunities for self-reflection and social interaction) as possible.

      2. Avatar Kruton says:

        Stalin shot his wife in the face!

    2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      Ban of the NGO, soon facebook,twitter , etc… will be closed ! Propaganda will work onesided . How many journalists and dissidents to the regime will die, and we will never know ! Gulag Archipelago book was smuggled out of russia in small piece at a time . Otherwise we will have never knew about the gulags.

  2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Putin and the other stooges say [there are no red army soldiers in Ukraine]
    But the dead ones must be a state secret !
    Is that a way to say , there are russian soldiers in Ukraine, in the same style than putin said it was soldiers in Crimea . OK mr putin we got the message. You admit without loosing the face ! Thank you to confirm what we knew all the time.

  3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    The ivan trolls are not writing ! It would be funny to have their opinions !

  4. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

    When a Russian special op finally takes Putin out, will anyone be able to talk abou it?