Putin’s young “Janissaries”

"Military exercises" for daycare children in the city of Gorlivka in the Russia-occupied Donbas (Image: tsn.ua)

"Military exercises" for daycare children in the city of Gorlivka in the Russia-occupied Donbas (Image: tsn.ua) 

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Article by: A. N.

Close to a thousand years ago, when sultans of the Ottoman Empire were looking for obedient soldiers to execute their wars, they started enslaving young Christian boys from conquered lands into their military. Some of these boys lost their fathers to Ottoman swords and their mothers to Ottoman slave markets, while some were taken from their living parents. The boys were kept and trained in war arts at army barracks under 24-hour supervision by eunuchs who subjected them to brutal discipline. They were called the Janissary Corps. In contrast to other slaves, they were paid salaries and pensions, and were allowed to marry. With time, they became a highly-trained and loyal to the sultan group of slave soldiers. These slaves loyally fought wars of conquest for the Ottoman Empire, wars where they ofthen killed, enslaved, and oppressed people of their own nations.

Although the Ottoman Empire and its Janissaries are long gone, the concept of using indoctrination and money to turn people of occupied territories into obedient emperial soldiers fighting against their own nations is far from dead in Putin’s Russia.

Kremlin-controlled Russian TV networks have been broadcasting their poisonous propaganda of invented Russian superiority and anti-Westernism into Ukraine for years. Their TV pictures show the “Potemkin villages” of Moscow and St. Petersburg that became affluent off exploiting the wealth of Siberian oil and gas. What is not in their TV pictures is the rest of Russia, Russia that is suffering from Moscow’s total neglect and corruption. The Russia of crime, alcohol and drug-ridden cities, crumbling buildings, muddy roads, trashed streets, cancelled trains, non-existent medical care, closing factories, unemployed, impoverished and striking people living in inhumane conditions. That Russia is never on TV.

Moreover, Kremlin pays well to fight and spill blood of the people being conquered. Mercenaries from Russia are paid over US$ 2,000 a month, which is a lot of money for Russia. Moscow offers people living in the occupied territories much less, just enough for them and their families to survive, but some of them see service in “LNR” and “DNR” troops as their only option for survival. The Russian occupation destroyed the local economy. Putin’s locusts stripped large enterprises that used to employ tens of thousands of people of their industrial assets.

So, in addition to criminals, hunger and poverty made some regular Ukrainians take Kalashnikovs from the trucks of Russia’s so-called “humanitarian convoys,” but the Kremlin has never trusted their loyalty and for a reason. To ensure the Ukrainians really fight against their compatriots, they sent Chechen troops, which is another kind of Putin’s “Janissaries,” also traitors to their own nation.

Now it seems it is Ukrainian preschoolers’ turn to get indoctrinated. Neither the Donbas “militia,” nor the Chechens are enough. Vladimir Putin needs more and younger “Janissaries.”

The above photograph was made at a children’s day care in the occupied Donbas where adults dressed kids into military-looking camouflage “uniforms” complete with Russian nationalist St. George’s ribbons and “military awards.” Then adult instructors guided the preschoolers through “military exercises” at a jungle gym.

Just look at the kids’ faces. They are kind and trusting, although not particularly excited about the games the adults make them play. If not freed, with time, these nice kids will be Putin’s next wave of imperial “Janissaries” going to fight against their own people…

"Military exercises" for daycare children in the city of Gorlivka in the Russia-occupied Donbas (Image: Gordon.ua)

“Military exercises” for daycare children in the city of Gorlivka in the Russia-occupied Donbas (Image: Gordon.ua)


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  1. Avatar Jack McColley says:

    And some say the Africans are primitive. Rape, murder, looting, drunkenness and now child soldiers. Welcome to the New Russia.

    1. Avatar misusan says:

      please. where did you get that one from. your african head.

      1. Avatar Jack McColley says:

        My post was not meant to disparage Africans. Your’s obviously was. I would expect that from Putin’s supporters. After all, according to your ilk the pure Aryan (OOPS I meant asio/slavic race) is the only pure race in the world.

        1. Avatar misusan says:

          My bad. I thought you was a bit racist. I’m not a Putler supporter.

  2. Avatar Kruton says:

    The new Putler Youth.An abomination!

  3. Avatar puttypants says:

    Can these kids be ethnic Ukrainians?

    1. Avatar MeinOhio says:

      Of course, they can. What’s your point?

      1. Avatar puttypants says:

        Poor little children. How can the parents do this to them?

        1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

          There are still a lot of stupid, who forgot to take the bus to russia in the last exode. !

        2. Avatar Mat says:

          do what? they’re in a playground

      2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

        The point that you are an idiot !

  4. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    After hitlerjugend, now the bolschevik indotrinaction . Stalin is not dead !

    1. Avatar Jack McColley says:

      But not original. It’s simply a reincarnatgion of the Hitler Youth Program under a different title.

  5. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

    the kuban cossacks are all of UKRAINIAN ORIGIN yet they are murdering their own people today- they are today’s Jannisaries (“Yanicharih”) murdering torturing Ukrainians in Donetsk due to conditioning disinformation and brainwashing by russia

    1. Avatar misusan says:

      lay off the CAPS. and stick with the burgers.

    2. Avatar Mat says:

      Everything you just typed is nonsense.

      1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

        It is nonsense only to ignoramuses who know absolutely nothing except what is spoon fed into them. So read it, learn it, absorb it and make it part of understanding history rather than simply “learning” from your Hollywood and Western press.

  6. Avatar Murf says:

    Come meet the New Russia, same as the old Russia.

  7. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Can someone tell me , how many urss citizens died in last war against fascism ?
    How many more must die to stop the fascism in lpr/dpr utopia ?

  8. Avatar Mat says:

    This is a real sad excuse for propaganda.

  9. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    Yet another crime on already too long a list for russian thug Putler.

    No more courts but a lynch mob will be his final trial, and a bullet if he’s lucky.