Kremlin’s ‘Top 5’ misrepresentations about Ukraine this week

Kremlin's propaganda fake #2 (week of 4/20/2015)

Kremlin's propaganda fake #2 (week of 4/20/2015) 

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As he does each Sunday, Dmitry Bukovsky of Kyiv’s “Delovaya stolitsa” chooses from among the flood of Russian coverage about Ukraine “the top 5 propagandistic myths, fakes and stupidities” the Kremlin has committed over the course of the previous week.

His selection for the past seven days includes the following:

  1. An effort by “Novorossiya” propagandists to claim that a Ukrainian sportswoman had devoted her victory to the “Donetsk Peoples Republic” (“DNR”) fell flat when Kyiv officials point out that Ukraine is not affiliated with the athletic organization involved and that the individual who the Russians claimed had gone over to their side in fact had competed on a Russian team to begin with.
    Kremlin's propaganda fake #1 (week of 4/20/2015)

    Kremlin’s fake #1 (week of 4/20/2015)

  2. Russian propagandists again accused Ukrainian soldiers of having “crucified” a pro-Moscow militant. But on the basis of the video the Russians distributed, Bukovsky says, “even Pontius Pilate would have cried ‘I don’t believe it!’” The whole thing was so clearly staged that the actors had to cut things off at the decisive moment lest one of their number be hurt. The link Bukovsky uses no longer works, possibly an indication that even the authors of this play decided it was too much.
  3. Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the head of the self-proclaimed “DNR,” says that in order to counter what he calls “the methodical and intentional zombification” of Ukrainians, he and his colleagues are preparing “a cycle of broadcasts about what it fact is taking place in the Donbas” – as if, Bukovsky says, “the flood of refugees from the Donbas who have lost their jobs and apartments or had their possessions stolen by local bandits had somehow run out and we had nowhere to learn the truth.” The working title for these broadcasts is “Antidote,” the Kyiv journalist reports. “We are impatiently waiting for it.”
    Viktor Zakharchenko presenting Kremlin's propaganda fake #3 (week of 4/20/2015)

    Viktor Zakharchenko presenting Kremlin’s fake #3 (week of 4/20/2015)

  4. The “DNR” has announced plans to create “a Museum of the Achievements of the Republic” on the basis of one of the exhibition centers of Donetsk. The self-proclaimed republic’s culture ministry says it wants to show all the things that the “DNR” has achieved in the last year, but there is a problem: many of the things that had been on display before the militants got there have been looted.
  5. Russian outlets in occupied areas put out the story that Ukrainian military commanders were asking the officers of the militias to open fire on groups allied with the Ukrainians. According to pro-Moscow leaders, the reason was simple: the Ukrainians needed evidence that the militias and not Kyiv were violating the ceasefire.
    Celebrations of "DNR achievements" started early... and in a puddle (Image:

    Celebrations of “DNR achievements” started early… and in a puddle (Image:

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  • The truth

    I have seen those 2 colors somewhere before !

    • Kruton

      I sort of like it!

  • The truth

    What ? No flag of the empire of novoroutopia ? here it comes !

  • The truth

    Museum of the achievements ! MUSEUM ?????

  • The truth

    Looting ! That is an achievement ! lpr/dpr profession !

  • The truth

    Bukowsky should have a look at the comments on Media . The prorussians think they are hens and lay down so much crap, enough to write a new book everydays !

  • Dirk Smith

    This elementary propaganda sums up the baboons who invaded Ukraine. Hilarious……makes North Korean propaganda look credible.

  • Dean Venture

    Dear Russian militants/soldiers:

    If you have to fake a video of someone being crucified, your cause is already lost. The flood of poorly thought out lies with which you have polluted the media makes it obvious you can’t find real and just reasons to fight Ukraine. On some level you must know this.

    Give it up already.

    • Brent

      Well said! I’m always shocked by the trolls that believe the garbage coming out of the Kremlin and their sponsored terrorists. The saddest part is the trolls actually seem proud of it!?!?!

      • Dean Venture

        That’s really surprising, isn’t it? They seem to revel in the most obvious fakes and lies. I imagine when most people read the news, they are interested in what is true. These trolls are interested in whatever validates their hate, and truth, common sense, and decency be damned.

  • Brent

    Let me help the DPR terrorists fill their “List of Accomplishments”
    1) destroyed Sergei Prokofiev Airport
    2) drove 1.2 million residents of Donbass to emigrate to “Free Ukraine”
    3) destroyed the local economy and infrastructure
    4) kidnapped, extorted and murdered scores of the local population
    5) failed to feed the local population
    6) helped make Russia into an international pariah state with a failing economy
    7) destroyed Debaltseve with an intense attack AFTER signing the Minsk II Agreement
    8) brought Russian neo-Nazi’s into Ukraine

    But #4 in the story was most telling of why they really are and what they really stand for. They looted the exhibits they planned to use for their museum proclaiming their own glory…

  • Stephen Dalton

    Thanks for this article! I saw an article about the ‘crucifixion’ on a few days ago. I warned my fellow commentators that this thing might be a fake, and not to put any stock in it until it could be confirmed by disinterested investigators with no axe to grind for either side. I also said that any movie studio with good special effects technology could fake something like this. The Russophiles on this site got upset that I couldn’t believe that ‘evil, Ukrainian Neo-Nazi’s were murdering a ‘good Russian patriot’. I stood my ground, and I’m glad I did. Those Russians and Russophiles are so gullible!

    • thatsrightstevie

      Haha, that’s right Stevie!

      • Stephen Dalton

        This “thatsright” is a troll. Please block him from commentating.

        • thatsrightstevie

          Haha, that’s right Stevie!!!

  • LorCanada

    Pardon my irreverence but sitting here alone I burst out laughing when I read #4 about DNR’s proposed Achievements museum that could not display their accomplishments because “many of the things that had been on display before the militants got there have been looted” — well, serves them right.

  • Terry Washington

    Given that “atrocity stories” are a staple of war propaganda since at least the US Civil War, we should be especially suspicious of any claims vis a vis the Ukraine conflict emanating from EITHER the “rebels” or official Ukrainian forces!