Separatist TV: Delirious Reports from the Stone Age

Snapshot from separatist TV

Snapshot from separatist TV 


Article by: Oleg Shynkarenko

There are several TV channels broadcasting in the part of eastern Ukrainian territory currently occupied by Russian army and pro-Russian rebels. In reality, however, what these channels produce cannot even remotely be called news reports. They spew nothing but vulgar propaganda, violating all principles of unbiased presentation of reality. And only when their cameras catch their surroundings do we see the reality of so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

The first and the final advertisement in a typical news broadcast goes, “Let’s win in the information war together!” and urges the audience to donate money to the Novorossia TV bank account, located in Russia. Considering that people in Donetsk and Luhansk are not able to donate money because of collapse of regional economy, it does not take a genius to realize that the lion’s share of funds for the “war” comes from Russia.

Anthracite Regional TV

The TV channel is named after the little town of Anthracite in Luhansk region. There are several rebel powers acting there, but a local warlord nicknamed Kosogor rules the town itself. He is a 50-year-old Russian man, and the raving speeches that he is so very fond of making are very incoherent. Kosogor frequently quarrels with separatist authorities in Luhansk. Anthracite Regional TV (ARTV) broadcasts his 15-minute speeches unedited, without any comments.

“The war for the Orthodoxy is going on, but the locals don’t want to fight. They hide in their homes like sheep,” Kosogor says in one of his propaganda flicks. “All the same – People are people. They have nowhere to go. Historically this [Eastern Ukraine] was a land of Russian Don Cossacks and even in the Holy Writ one can read, ‘Our Lord will come in glory and dead will live, their corpses will rise, and they will judge evil men.’”

That word salad must be the reason why he is not able to maintain the local social security: Not because he is just a run-of-the-mill Russian thug, but because inhabitants of Anthracite don’t want to join his rebel army. “I can promise you only free water and free funerals,” said Kosogor in a video.

geotv.geThe next video by ARTV is called “Public flogging of guilty Cossacks in Anthracite”. “Cossack laws are severe and since the beginning of time the lash is one of the education tools,” the anchorwoman says. “It is stern, but fair. Flogged Cossacks tell their leaders ‘Thank you for teaching me a lesson’ for a reason.”

Cossacks charged with drinking and armed robbery take their shirts off and lie down on a bench. A coterie of bearded insurgents counts the lashes aloud. After the punishment, Kosogor offers the flogged a cup of vodka, saying: “Our Lord said, ‘Be always fair!’ The Cossacks yell ‘Like!’”

Everything looks like a very successful roll-mankind-back-a-century experiment. Later, when insurgent “authorities” from Luhansk arrested Kosogor and his gang, ARTV showed 15-minute speeches of Kosogor’s “fans” who accused Luhansk rebels of treachery. The channel’s work is very amateur and sloppy; its cameraman often films everything he sees, doesn’t use a tripod and shakily waves the camera back and forth. Such style is a fair reflection of ARTV’s journalistic approach.

Novorossia TV

This TV channel looks more professional, because its journalists at least try on a guise of impartiality, sometimes even presenting statements by legal Ukrainian authorities in Kyiv. But of course, it is only an illusion: The first and the final advertisement in a typical news broadcast goes “Let’s win in the information war together!” and urges the audience to donate money to the Novorossia TV bank account, located in Russia. Considering that people in Donetsk and Luhansk are not able to donate money because of collapse of regional economy, it does not take a genius to realize that the lion’s share of funds for the “war” comes from Russia.

Whenever the Novorossia TV anchorman mentions Ukrainian soldiers or police, they are called “commandos” or “punitive squads.” These biased terms are used to reinforce a notion that all their actions are illegal. The journalists of the TV channel often broadcast live from the scene, providing commentary based on local rumors. One of the recent examples of such haphazard reporting is a recent accident in Konstantinovka, where a local girl perished in a road accident involving Ukrainian soldiers. When covering the incident, Novorossia TV presented a video from YouTube because they did not have an opportunity to broadcast from the spot: “Konstantinovka is under Ukrainian control.” The off-screen commentary goes: “Fascist goons from The Right Sector [Ukrainian right-wing party] were sent to pacify local residents.” Naturally, no “Right Sector goons” were shown and no comments from anyone presented, but the anchorman quoted the official statement by Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs: “Police were ordered to shoot to kill if people attacked the soldiers complicit in the girl’s death.” These words were accompanied by images of buses and cars burned by local residents.

The next part of the program presented a report the ruined Donetsk airport, which was a place of fierce fighting between separatists and the Ukrainian army in 2014. The reporter appears and the commentary goes as follows: “You see a Ukrainian chaplain. He has just noticed his dead commander in the debris and prays for forgiveness for him because of his grave sins against Novorossia.” Of course, the viewers don’t hear a single word from the chaplain himself, left with no choice but to believe everything the video says.

The general tendency of separatists’ TV channels and the pseudo-states that host them are very similar. Both are isolated from the rest of the world and use this as an excuse for substituting reality with their desires: “The world is not as it is, but as we would like it to be.” If something in separatists’ plans goes wrong, they go for their weapons. Journalists on their payroll have only one difference: they use cameras instead of rifles.

Source: Originally published on Georgian Journal

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  • puttypants

    If the propaganda aren’t stopped you will have novorussia. Ukraine’s truth has to come out to these people now…you can no longer afford to allow Putin to continue this propaganda in those areas.

  • Dirk Smith

    This malicious ignorance shows Moscow’s true colors. While the world generally progresses, third-world russia remains at the level of Islam and North Korea. Amazing…..

  • Michel Cloarec

    What is scary in this article is “The war for the Orthodoxy is going on, but the locals don’t want to fight. They hide in their homes like sheep” Stalin´s terror style !
    Bravo ! it proves again that those terrorists and bandits have no intentions to create something new for the occupied territories ! Only wishes is to impose their impostures on people which did not ask them to be there ! They do not understand the message. People want to leave in peace, they don´t want to live with the barrel of a gun on their heads when they don´t agree with the policy of the rebels !
    People in Luhansk and Donetsk are tired of restrictions and mischiefs from the rebels , looting, stealing, occupying empty homes , drunken most of the time, hiding in populated areas with their tanks. The proof is the amount of IDP in both russia and Ukraine . The fears of what was coming more than 1 year ago , forced family to run away from their homes to protect themselves and the children . The old people did not have that chance to move , broke without pensions for months , no where to go.
    Remember that the terrorists in spring 2014 looted all the funds transport from Kiev, funds to the civil servants, to pensions, to social benefits . Then looting the banks and atm machines. That are the FIGURES nowadays asking the people to join them and subside to their economy ! HOW ? They took all ! But now when Kiev wants to help the pensioners, they smell new fresh money coming around. BANDITS !

  • Brent

    It should be renamed “Troglodyte TV”. Kosogor is ANOTHER example of a Russian citizen who has relocated himself to Donbass to become some local warlord that can’t get along with the LPR leaders like Bednov and Kozitysn and others…hopefully he has the same future as Bednov!!!

    Putin’s World is one of corruption, lies, murder and mayhem. Interesting how the article mentions the ongoing problem with drinking and armed robbery. No wonder the locals stya in their houses No wonder many families have sent their young daughters out of the region.

    Useful idiots like Valentina Lisitsa should be given one way trips and have to relocate to this region instead of enjoying freedom and liberties of living under the protection of the ‘evil Liberal West’ while admiring Putin and his mafia government.

  • Johnny Websters

    Euromaidan press, you should know that you’re just looking in the mirror and seeing an equally biased reporting system staring back at you from the other side. Why don’t you tell your readers about the fire sale of Ukraine’s assets by the IMF? The economic vampires are going to sell out and rob every Ukrainian citizen while they are all looking East.

    • The truth

      Who are you ? Mini Stalin ? Mini Putin ? or simply a SHILLABER ?
      Running for the post of director of the regional carnival broadcasting .
      Working for the lpr/dpr junta does not seems to disturb you . What do you do about the threat from your nazis colleagues ?
      PS: Shillaber =carnival worker

    • The truth

      I just wrote your portrait to inform the world, that you are on the wrong track !
      Over the past 20 years, attempts have been made to understand through experimentation a phenomenon known as “cryptomnesia,” whereby you arrive at an apparently original idea that you later turn out to have heard from someone else or to have read somewhere. It can occasionally be the cause of what has perhaps rather generously been called “unconscious plagiarism.” In the laboratory, cryptomnesia can be replicated through subtle manipulation of the processes of forgetting. The trick is to mix just enough forgetting with remembering at just the right moment, such that the memory concerned does not disappear but is no longer recognized as memory.

      • Johnny Websters

        Not sure what point you are trying to make… you can say what you like about Putin and Russia, it still doesn’t detract from the fact that the IMF have no intention of “freeing” or bringing prosperity to the people of Ukraine, but rather of aggressively privatising their assets, seizing the чорнозем to grow their GM crops, and forcing austerity on the people which even Yanukovitch refused because it was so draconian

        • Michel Cloarec

          Very simple thayou did not read The truth portrait of a shillaber
          Read again . You are obsessed by your love of the junta in lpr/dpr cesspit . What kind of job did they promised you ?
          FASCISM under any flag is still FASCISM
          Have a look at history and see what happened with fascism !

      • Johnny Websters

        The situation is more like a jackal fighting a hyena for a fresh kill, rather than the good vs evil fairy story propogated by Euromaidan press and other such biased publications

    • Michel Cloarec

      Russland is a big IMF funds organization in itself. How do you think Kadyrov keeps his country going for example ?

      • Johnny Websters

        Interesting point, but at least Putin is keeping some independance for the Russians whereas Western countries are just selling out.

  • Michel Cloarec

    RIDICULOUS mini RT RIDICULOUS mini Sputnik news
    Radicalized stooges and useful idiots . And that was not an insult, simple fact !

  • The truth

    How on earth , are these people going to do to have the truth with novonews 1 and novonews 2 ?

    • Johnny Websters

      Sounds like Fox and CNN

  • The truth

    Surprise , Kiev cuts the electricity !