Kharkiv terrorists vow to kill five civilians per demolished Soviet monument


Article by: Kirill Mikhailov

In an apparent response to the laws recently adopted by the Ukrainian parliament, banning propaganda and symbols of Nazi and Soviet regimes and recognizing the WWII Ukrainian Insurgent Army, among others, as Ukrainian freedom fighters, have sparked a response from a terrorist group which labels “Kharkiv Partisans.” Enraged by the provision in the former law for demolishing monuments to Soviet leaders, Phillip Ekozyants, the leader of the group responsible for numerous bombings in Kharkiv in the recent months, took to Youtube vowing to kill civilian Euromaidan supporters in response to any such demolitions in Kharkiv. Just a day after the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the law, masked unknowns had taken to implementing the law by dismantling statues to Soviet leaders, many of which went into history as killers and oppressors but were hailed by the Communist party for implementing the Soviet plan.

Western media have reported on the group’s terror activities, citing Ekozyants admitting his close ties to both the “separatist” authorities in Eastern Ukraine and Russian itself. This could potentially serve as grounds to define Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. While indiscriminate attacks on civilians and bombings targeting military installations may be labeled as forbidden ways of waging war, Ekozyants’ activities are unambiguously acts of terror targeting people for their political views.

It should be noted that Ekozyants’ warnings are built on a warped representation of the decommunization law, which explicitly excludes monuments to WWII Soviet soldiers from the list of demolition targets. Moreover, the memory of fighters against Nazism continues to be honored in Ukraine, as evidenced by Poroshenko’s recent address (in Russian) commemorating the anniversary of Soviet troops liberating Odesa from Nazi invaders. Poroshenko has also hailed he Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which was not a Nazi ally, despite what Russian propaganda could lead Ekozyants to believe. The memory of Soviet heroes, just like UPA freedom fighters, is not forgotten in Ukraine. A Russian historian has said that in adopting the decommunization laws, Ukraine shows it is “increasingly diverging from Russia.” Could it be that the Kharkiv terrorists just badly need a pretext to kill civilians whose views differ from theirs, like any terrorist might do?

Edited by: Alya Shandra

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  • Peter K

    Journalists, civic leaders, military officials, etc have already provided sufficient evidence for Western governments to designate Russia a State-Sponsor of Terrorism. The problem, as with the origin of the “little green men” isn’t a lack of evidence, it is a lack of a will to act. Western constituents need to write to their representatives and demand that Russia be held responsible for its criminal actions!

    Then, perhaps, with dire consequences hanging over their paymasters’ heads, lunatics like Ekozyants will stop threatening and committing murder, and will crawl back to the cesspool which gave them form.

  • Brent

    IF Phillip Ekozyants in in Ukraine, he should be picked up and charged with terrorism. If not, Ukraine should send a request to Interpol. If these types of threats happened in Western countries, our leaders would be demanding these individuals and the country of Russia be put on terrorists lists.

    Is is pathetic that Merkl, Hollande and Obama that they value the lives of Ukrainians less than the other citizens of the World and they won’t step up and take this step with Russia and its state sponsored terrorists.

    • Eddy Verhaeghe

      Peaceful protester? Russian newspeak?

    • Brent

      Why should I respect the rights of anyone to express themselves when they do not respect human life and are willing to kill innocents for their murderous master?

      I don’t respect you either. You support murderers. You support thieves. You support those who want to destroy society and not build it.

      I’m curious, does “Севастьян Рамов” mean “dumber than a bag of hammers” in Russian?

  • Murf

    Behold the real face of Ukrainian nazism.

  • Eddy Verhaeghe

    Christ has risen? I personally think that an anti-Christ has risen. No statue is worth to kill for it.

  • Rascalndear

    The guy is a nutcase… nobody’s talking about taking down monuments to soldiers… duh. The trouble with troublemakers is that they rarely think before they act. To call on Christ after vowing to murder people is the height of sacrilege.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      Even if they do take down monuments to Soviet soldiers, so what? The Soviet “liberation” of the Ukraine was simply the replacing of one evil oppressive regime (Adolf’s) by another evil oppressive regime (Stalin’s). Solzhenitsyn called Adolf “little mustache” and Stalin “big mustache” and that was really the only difference between them.

      • Rascalndear

        I can agree with you on one level, but (1) this guy is threatening over monuments to soldiers specifically, which no one has been talking about tearing down and (2) soldiers are not to blame for the two mustaches, especially in the case of Stalin, who had NKVD squads shooting Red Army soldiers in the back to prevent them from retreating, surrenduring or doing anything else that might have saved their lives.

  • Wonfu

    Ekozyants is a Neanderthal as are his followers and they should be hunted down, arrested and placed on a chain gang to perform hard labor for the rest of their lives given gruel 2 times a day to eat.

    What a bunch of sissies… Do what I say or I’ll kill you. What a joke this guy and his foolish followers are.

    Ekozyants; shut up and drop dead you mongrel nazi wanna be.

    Did you die at birth and your poor mother had to raise the after birth?

    russia = losers Ekozyants = loser Always have been always will be.

  • MB

    Russia clearly mass-produces sickos, must be something in the air there.

    • gmab

      Yeah, the hot KGB air coming out of Putler’s mouth.

      • LorCanada

        Not “hot” – but “stale KGB vapours” emanating from Pootie.

  • Sasha Kravets

    Come on! These are not locals, these are all Kremlin trained hood. For hundreds of years there was nothing like that in Ukraine, and suddenly there is a group of “Communism Lovers” who want to do terrorist acts? From top to bottom Russian-run operation.

  • Sasha Kravets

    Not to mention the fact that the man on the video speaks with clear Russian accent, and I mean Russian-Russian accent, not Russian-Ukrainian.

  • gmab

    Time for Ukrainian secret police, undercover cops to nip this in the bud. Follow the money & you’ll find the cockroaches. If they can capture dozens of them in Odessa, they can do it in Kharkiv & even smaller venues.

    • puttypants

      He must be captured. Why is he being allowed to threaten maidan activitists with murder? Find him put him in jail.

  • Handyman1

    I can only laugh about this ! For Ukraine to be free there will be many more death than this looser and his friends can ever cause.

    Ukraine is not and will not be intimidated by these threads. In fact, these terrorists will all be killed once Ukraine has fought of the joke of Russia !

  • Paul

    Haha, what a joke. Next story, please.

  • Milton Devonair

    Humans need to speak to him in his own language….”Bang!”
    Move on to the next ape.

  • Dirk Smith

    muscovites have violated every tenet of the Minsk agreements, lifted the ban on missile systems to Iran, and now conducting fifth column terrorism within Ukraine. The response should be deeper sanctions, lethal aid to Ukraine, and designation of russia as a merchant of state terrorism. Amazing what can be stolen just because a fascist thug wears a suit and, for some reason, is given credibility by the West. Act now or pay later.

  • Dirk Smith

    History does indeed repeat itself.

  • Eddy Verhaeghe

    USSR type communism and Nazism can indeed be put on the ‘same plate’. The first killed off a class, the second one killed off the Jews, homosexuals, mentally sick and handicapped people, etc… I don’t see much difference. Both were criminal.

  • Dalton

    So essentially, the Russian puppet terrorists thugs are showing why Ukraine wants a new direction. The old one is only full of hate and violence, slavery and poverty called Communism, which of course is embraced by the thugs. Anyone who threatens such actions, or is involved with anyone who does so, should be picked up and charged with terrorism. Ukraine should change its laws to include life imprisonment for such acts and for treason in time of war. At some point perhaps Obama’s lame administration will focus a bit more on helping a nation as it struggles for freedom, rather than those which live only to kill for allah.

    • Dalton

      Where do you people come from? I think the Ukrainian people have shown they will no longer tolerate Soviet era corruption anymore, that’s what the Maidan was about, or didn’t you get that from the planet you’re from? You think it would be better to take loans from Russia? LOL But the hope is that Ukraine won’t need loans from anyone once they are past this Putin war.

      Here’s what you can do to help Ukraine, because I am sure you want to help the people you so care about from your accusation of not being helped.. get Russian killers to go back to Russia and stop sending military equipment to Putin’s minions to destroy and kill Ukrainians. Then the government can focus on spending money on things other than military.

      Putin doesn’t want Ukraine to prosper, but it will. You and the world are going to witness Ukraine becoming the free and prosperous nation for all its people, free from your communist ideology and free from its Soviet slavery and dependence on Russia, or on anyone.

      • Dalton

        Thanks for the info. And I’m glad you go to the sources instead of read headlines and form conclusions like some do

        • Dalton

          Unfortunately you just blew your goodwill with garbage. Russia isn’t being “contained”.. in fact, Russia has done quite well in its expansionist policy of attacking and taking parts of nations it wants, while getting people like you to blame someone else.
          America didn’t draw anyone into a war.. Putin did that all by himself and the planning started long before the maidan, or didn’t you know that? Russia isn’t the “bad guy” here, Putin and his Lubyansk Republic is. You are a Putin sympathizer, and for that you are complicit in the death and destruction he has brought to Ukraine because people like you serve to obfiscate the truth from other’s who could potentially serve as voices against the violence. Putin knows this, people like you either know it and willingly go along, or are ignorant and useful idiots. Which are you?