“DNR” adopts a law against meetings and rallies

"DNR" leader Khodakovsky gives an interview to Dozhd. Snapshot from video 

War in the Donbas

Source: tvrain.ru

“The ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ has adopted a law prohibiting meetings and rallies, ‘Vostok’ battalion commander Alexander Khodakovsky stated in an interview for the Russian Dozhd TV channel while commenting on what he called “an attempt to usurp the power in the ‘republic’.”

“While Alexander Zakharchenko (the ‘DNR’ ringleader) is busy solving military issues, some people are attempting to usurp the power behind his back. These people have never been noticed at our squares (a hint to the pro-Russian takeover in Donetsk in April, 2014),” Khodakovsky said.

“The law prohibiting meetings and rallies is one of the points at issue. In fact, it is outlawing the very activities, which led to the arising of our statehood,” the terrorist leader argues.

Source: tvrain.ru

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