Russian musicians donate T-34 tank to Donetsk Opera

Vognenesto rett nord-øst om Doboj i desember 1995 copy



April 1, 2015. “Tchaikovsky had right idea for cannons in his 1812 Overture – but still not noisy enough”, boasted conductor Valery Gergiev. “We now protect Russian culture in Donetsk with 90 mm pig iron armor-plating from Magnitogorsk, 85 mm ZiS-53 main gun and twin 7.62 machine guns. Met Opera is nothing compared to Donetsk. We always had more balalaikas and now: loudest percussion in world. Ka-boom!”

Sources: – RT (Red Trash) and NY Thymes (4/1/15)

donetsk tank 1

German tourists look for parking at Donetsk Opera, 1943


Following the example of Anna Netrebko’s one million ruble “gift”, 511 Russian artists who signed declaration supporting Putin’s wars in Crimea/ Ukraine purchased the vintage WWII tank from a chicken farmer near Kursk. When not in use for climax of “Brünnhilde’s Immolation” scene, the T-34 will defend Donetsk Opera House against CIA inspired-fascist-homosexual-neo-Nazi juntas. During off-season, local separatist vendors will hang sausages on the tank barrel.

donetsk tank 3

“On to Berlin” logo painted on T-34 turret



“On to Berlin ” logo painted on soprano Anna Netrebko (Vienna State Opera)

Opera was appropriated for politics in 1943 when German occupiers enjoyed “Die Fledermaus” at Donetsk. In 2015, the same Donetsk Opera Theater performed Fledermaus for the occupying “separatists.”


“Die Fledermaus” at Stalino (Donetsk), 1943



donetsk tank 2

Eager operagoer in front of Donetsk Opera, 1941



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  • Mazepa

    valery is equally convinced, like those other mockal ‘artists’, in the deaths of 13,261 mockal invaders on Ukrainian territory which were successfully exterminated by our heroes. Dear valery….there will be many more before we destroy you mockal federation.

    • Vlad Pufagtinenko

      Glory to Ukraine.

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    Dumb Nazis.

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    METAMORPHOSIS of 1000 years reich to metaphor of stupidity !
    Chronic amnesia or delirium tremens or useful idiots: Make your choice !

    • Randall Cook

      I say the moskali-invaders have the DT’s..& are jonesing from lack of Bath-salts.

      • Michel Cloarec

        resultat of heavy drinking. But bathsalt they mix with bathcleaner and drink it .

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        Could you translate the panel ?
        It says stop the foreign fascist we have enough with ours.(russian lady in St P.)

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          “we do not need foreign nazis in Peter{burg}, we {want} nothing to do with {foreign nazis}.” that is what her sign means in English.