Moscow financier: Russia must be expelled from UN just as USSR was from League of Nations

An armed personnel carrier full of mercenaries from Russia in Donbas, Ukraine (Image:

An armed personnel carrier full of mercenaries from Russia in Donbas, Ukraine (Image: 

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Vladimir Putin is “not Yeltsin’s successor but Stalin’s,” and Sergey Lavrov is the successor of Stalin’s commissar Vyacheslav Molotov, Slava Rabinovich argues. Consequently, the world must “begin the difficult but necessary process of excluding Russia from the UN Security Council” just as the USSR was expelled from the League of Nations.

“The lies of Churkin and Lavrov in the UN General Assembly and Security Council are impermissible,” the Russian businessman says. “The lies of Putin to heads of governments are impermissible … The actions of the Russian Federation towards its neighbors are impermissible. The annexation of the territory of others is impermissible.”

Once again, he says, the world is confronted by “lying scoundrels and international criminals.” How did it react 76 years ago?

By the end of 1939, the League of Nations included 40 countries, including the USSR which had become a member in September 1934 on the basis of a French initiative. Prior to that time, Moscow had “actively cooperated” with the League and its various committees and taken part in its negotiations.

But on November 28, 1939, the USSR denounced the 1920 Tartu Peace Treaty and the 1932 Soviet-Finnish Non-Aggression Pact, and two days later, Moscow began its invasion of Finland. Helsinki called on the League to take measures to end the war.

On December 4, Vyacheslav Molotov, Stalin’s commissar for foreign affairs, responded that “the Soviet Union is not in a state of war with Finland and does not threaten the Finnish people because it had concluded on December 2 a Treaty on Mutual Assistance and Friendship with the government of a newly created Finnish Democratic Republic (FDR).

According to Molotov, the Soviet Union was simply working with the FDR to “liquidate” the threats to peace which had been “created in Finland by its former rulers,” who he said had lost the authority to run the country and with whom Moscow would no longer negotiate. The USSR, he said, would from then on talk only with the FDR.

If the League of Nations took up this issue on the basis of Helsinki’s complaints, Molotov said, the USSR would not participate in its sessions.

But the League, under pressure from demonstrations across Europe against Moscow’s obvious aggression and attacks on civilian targets in Finland, decided to go ahead. On December 14, it convened the 20th session of the Assembly of the League of Nations to consider a finding that the USSR was guilty of aggression as defined by the League in 1933.

Twenty-eight of the 40 member states voted to approve that finding. Nine abstained, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, China and Switzerland. But none objected because those opposed, including the USSR, refused to participate in the meeting.

On the basis of that vote, the Council of the League of Nations voted to exclude the USSR, condemning “the actions of the USSR directed against the Finnish state” and calling on the League’s member states to provide support for Finland.

Moscow reacted by denouncing this action as having excluded the 183 million people of the Soviet Union from international representation and by declaring, in the same statement, that the UK and France were supporting those who had provoked this war and that Moscow was thus now free to provide more assistance to its allies fighting inside Finland.

As Rabinovich points out, “history is repeating itself,” albeit so far in part, with the leaders of the member states of the League of Nations showing more commitment to the founding principles of that organization than have the leaders of the member states of the United Nations to its principles now.

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  • Michel Cloarec

    Anyone taking arms or supplying arms against another country cannot be member of UN . Anyone or any country not respecting the Budapest agreements cannot be member of UN. Any country using its force and military to annex any other country cannot not be member of UN . The meaning of UN is to stop any attempt to war and especially the return of ill minded country to start any war against other country. Therefore Russia of today had no completed the spirit of UN and therefore Russia has nothing to be there as a member of an organization who struggles to stop wars. China has proved to respect the charte of UN : Russia has not. Urss has not and without the veto of Urss or Russia in the UN the world woud not be at war in the same width as upp till now. Russia cannot be member of UN anymore and therefore should be excluded !

    • Charles J. Kollman

      I am not what is called a Troll or am i against my Country We The People. I believe in my Constitution. I love my Country and have served it in uniform proudly. I support defend and preserve our Constitution. I do not love support defend or preserve people in my government meaning 97% that look to take Liberty from the people. They also look to destroy America. They are the true domestic terrorists. The UN. is a fucking joke it is the front and mouth piece for the group known as the secret group Bilderber’s that is controlled by another secret group the Illuminati. Not to long ago there was a vote in the US. Senate on a treaty with the UN. about gun control thank God it was voted down, but it was close. The UN. is a dues paying organization it is not a sovereign Nation yet the UN looks to control America. It is all about the New World Order and the powerful and rich making slaves of us. The first start of this is the EU. As an American that still has rights i speak out that i would like to see my Country get out of the UN. and NATO. Bring our military home to defend America and fuck the rest of the world. Fuck Europe like Countries like France that want protection from America and then turn around and screw us. Let these countries clean up their own back yard. In truth they have done nothing for Ukraine, but hang it out to dry. Ukraine is a Country in Europe and the Putin invaded her. When this took place he invaded Europe and he should have been stopped and pushed back to the fucking Red Square to get ready for his May 9 parade. No action from Europe NATO.or the worthless UN. All now hide under the table and they can stay there and lets see what their words will be when the border of Russia is with Germany and others.

      • Sven Plantin

        What does make you say “Fuck France that want protection from America and then turn down around and screw us” ? You are more than rude with no reason. We dont need you protection and have nuclear power to defend ourselves if necessary. You are typically the kind of Us patriot who make USA hated by other people by being so arrogant. When did we screw Usa ? We are allies since we helped you to become an independant nation from British but you dont seem to know it. You have more common values to share with Putin and his dictatorial regime than with your traditionnal allies and this is sad. The USA are not doing much either to help Ukraine to free from Russia. Finally you are indeed another kind of troll working for the enemy side.

        • Charles J. Kollman

          You were payed back for 1776 with America getting your balls out of the fire in WW1 and then on June 6, 1944. Go check how many Americans lay in French ground or is this arrogant. You must remember the french rolled over to the Nazis no big fight. French guns on sale never fired and dropped once. I remember when America was going to bomb Libya and France would not let America fly over it, so we had to fuel in the air, but mission accomplished without the help of the frogs. Tell me has France payed it’s WW11 war dept yet to America! France was never a traditional Allie it was something forced. You bet you fagot ass i am one hell of a American arrogant American Patriot and the more that hate us means less looking for free hand out’s. Tell what are you and France going to do when you look out the window and see T-90 tanks rolling by. The same thing you did when the tiger tanks rolled by fold your tent.

          • Sven Plantin

            Hey man get a life ! Dont you have anything else to do than trolling on forums, spreading your nasty opinions ?
            You continue to be insultant and show limited knowledge of history which is not an accounting of what we do or didnt do at a given moment. There is nothing to be paybacked. We have always been allies and friendly People to each other and its not gonna change just because of reactionnary isolationnists like you. Let me just remind you that when USA get into a war its not because of defense of freedom or whatever but just because of economic interests.
            Anyway i agree that we are too weak towards Putin and Russia and that we should help more Ukraine in its narrow path leading to democracy. By the way i know how many americans lay dow in soil of France, I often went at american cemetaries in Normandy so i suggest that you shut up about that. I have even seen a Tiger you know but not yet a T-90 and i hope i will never see any too closely. Concerning your country, no need of T-90 you will collapse from the inside like a house of cards, unfortunately sooner than you think.

          • Charles J. Kollman

            Did i miss something is there something new in the cards. You must be French Ya. The T-90 is Russian the Tiger Nazi German. At times truth hurts. An isolationists net. Help the people of Ukraine and whatever it takes to do it. These people are white Jews and Christians not some fucking rag heads. America is no path to Democracy, because America is not now or has it ever been a Democracy. This is the point that you and others don’t understand, because you hear the American government and American films. Read and understand the USA. Constitution. In it and for that matter the Declaration of Independence never use that word Democracy. True the Declaration of Dependence now is not law the law of the land is The Constitution and not fucking Obama’s Executive Orders that have no control of we the people only government workers. The framers of the Constitution were clever and knew that a Democracy like a Dictatorship never lasts. That is why they made The USA. a Representative Constitutional Republic.Most people think it has three branches Executive Congress Judicial, but there is one more We The People all with balance of power. What makes America great is the Bill of Rights with these Rights you don’t need a Democracy. Sorry i am tired of seeing the boxes come of an aircraft covered with the Flag. The ass-holes in government can not tell us just why in the fuck we are fighting in Afghanistan. This Libya Syria and Iraq are all fucking rag head areas. They are not worth the life of one American Soldier. These Muslim parasites that behead people and put it on youtube are bloodthirsty barbarians. And i throw in Iran. All these places meaning the cesspools they live in should be turned into glass and then made to be land fill dumps. There is no reason to respond. America should have stopped Putin when he invaded Crimea. Case closed end of fucking story.

      • George Knight

        Charles, do you know the US in 1994 signed the Budapest Memorandum? And do you know it guaranteed the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine? I guess you know. And so you should also know the US acted very restrained when in 2014 the Russian Federation occupied Crimea. In the UNGA it acted bravely, but in reality the US did nothing. Nice signature, nice country, nice leadership.

        You are right the European countries are mixing up trade policy and Realpolitik. I agree, it is shameful. The should defend their peace instead of pleasing Russia. I agree they should take the initiative within NATO and stop depending on the US. Because European and American interests differ.

        But your solution is out of date. Or: out of space. The US has its interests in other parts of the world. Isolationism is not the smart answer to the problem. Whatever Ron Paul says, while some of his co-operators are sitting in the pocket of Russian propaganda. An integrated approach is needed in which the EU takes the lead without letting itself be intimidated by Putin any longer. But the US, the European countries and other non-European Western countries are in in together. Putin has so to speak his finger at the button of his nukes and US, Canada, Australia and the EU may all be affected in the same way.

        • catholicchristian

          George, the Budapest Memorandum was exactly that – simply a “memorandum of understanding” rather than a formal, binding treaty (case in point: it was never ratified by the US Senate, so it is certainly not binding on the USA). It is telling of the character of modern national leaders that the moral commitment expressed in that memorandum is not considered by them to be binding in any case; Ukraine, by disarming, performed its quid pro quo for nothing in return. Morally, the USA and UK owe Ukraine support and defense against Russia; practically, it may never happen.

          • George Knight

            Catholicchristian, ‘The Budapest Memorandum was not an agreement on security guarantees. It was an agreement to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine’, so said US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt in Kyiv in May 2014. But both Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity have been violated by Russia. So this American shirk responsibility undermines American authority in the world and its general efforts to contain the spread of nuclear weapons.

            The US having played the leading role in Ukraine’s relinquishing of its nuclear arsenal and the arsenal’s transfer to Russia publicly took responsibility upon itself for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. But it 2014 it had a narrow mind. Those gentlemen Kerry and Obama. Is that the proper way to gain the support and the respect of the international community? The foreign policy of the US must be trustworthy. More than the unpredictability of the casino. An American signature has to be an American signature. But it is not. A shame for the US? Yes, I think so.

          • Brent

            This backpedaling about the true meaning of the Budapest Memorandum will cost the U.S. dearly. It’s lost credibility that any guarantee it ever wants to give any nation that wants their sovereign borders respected and protected, now means nothing.

            Using your logic, the U.S. should not be wasting its time negotiating with Iran or North Korea about gaining nuclear status, because how any guarantees the U.S. gives in these negotiations is now shown to be worthless. Why? Because now people want to make the excuse that it was never ratified by the Senate.

            So if Russia doesn’t nuke the U.S., now you will have to worry about nations like Iran or North Korea and God knows what other Russian sponsored rogue nation of the future doing so…..all because you did not want to stand up and honor American commitments because ‘it was only a memorandum’ and the Senate never ratified it…..good luck to your children…

        • Charles J. Kollman

          As per the US. constitution all treaties even tho agreed to by the President of the US. must be voted on and passed by the US. Senate. I don’t think this took place. Lets face it Ukraine is a big interest to the US and The US was behind and supported the Orange Revolution. It was behind and supported the demonstrations in Kiev Ukraine. President Ushenko that now lives in Moscow Russia was Putin Puppet. President Yanykovich that now lives in the Chicago area of the US. was a puppet of the US. Many don’t know his wife is American and was an Officer in the US. Military. I like and support Rand Paul US. Senator, but not 100%. The world would be affected with the use of nukes, but you can not live under fear by this of a Tyrant. I for one in my opinion and to speak freely are tired of Red Flags and American Soldiers dieing for the rich so they can make more money. It’s time past for Americans to love their Country and defend it, and not some of the cesspools we have been involved in. I am sorry but if the President of the US. was white and a Christian things would be different. Obama has his head with the Muslim Terrorists that he supports. NATO. and America should at the first sign of aggression from Putin taken action to stop him and this means in Crimea. I hate those who want to control others to make slaves of them. I hope and pray Americas next President is strong honest with the people first not those who control the government. Ukraine must be trained and armed to the teeth.

          • George

            Charles, you need to get your story straight about the Ukrainian Presidents. First is your spelling and second, you don’t seem to know who lives where and who is married to who, Even though I agree with most of your statements, your foul language is not helping your case.

          • Charles J. Kollman

            I did not know this was about spelling or English grammar. The fact is the President that at one time three back now lives in The US. and was a US. puppet. While others had to do muck work and spend a lot of money to get their Ukrainian Fiance a K-1 visa and then again muck work and translation of all documents again for a green card this troll came to America free. He was even given money by this American Government. Foul language to you is not foul language for me. I am American and as you know makes me arrogant. I like people like Gen. with three stars Patton he was the best in WW11 America had and old blood and guts also used foul language, but he got the fucking job done. Don’t stop George keep attacking and advancing. The best offense is the best defense. I have to remove myself from the radar screen. To many plips that are red flags. To many people that worry more about how to spell Kiev and don’t use the in front of the name Ukraine. I can see why in Ukraine they are at where they are at. Bye Bye Bocka Da Da.PS. The only guy here that makes any sense and knows what in the fuck he is talking about is Brent. Like it or not.

    • Jens A

      What you write, is how it should be. Reality is unfortunately different. I hope reality will be as how it aught to be, namely that Russia is booted out of the UN

  • Calibra

    Such decisions must be ratified by the security council on which Russia holds a veto, so it’s impossible, the veto right of russia cannot be revoked, so this is wishfull thinking.

    • Michel Cloarec

      There are ways to disrupt the veto. Remember cuba crisis and krutchev shoe at UN meeting. He had to turn his boats back to Murmansk.

      • Calibra

        Disrupting the veto doesn’t change the outcome, Russia simply cannot be kicked out the UN, it’s impossible, none of the permanent SC members can be kicked out by the others, hence the name permanent member.

        All changes to that format must be carried unanimous, so therefore it is impossible.

  • Michel Cloarec

    It is russia which is the issue. Why can´t russia gets a real history without always looking west to compare . West is west ! Russia is a stew of different races and religions which were put together by force and terror by the bolscheviks. 1991 boom boom urss kaputt. The sovjets just ran away from the dictators ! Remind me how many republics are they in putin´s russia of today ? 80 ? 81 ? I wonder if putin knows. The west never knows because it depends on putin when he wake up on mornings !

    • Michel Cloarec

      The truth hurts . I know when the trolls start with insults in lack of arguments. You fall in the trap.
      You forgot to write karelia, vyborg, latvia, lithuania, estonia, crimea, georgia, moldova, belarus, and 72 republics till.

    • Marcin Spadi Zielinski

      Its interesting, how far in history Russian trolls can go back in their silly trying to find excuses to their aggressive, arrogant, reckless, and dangerous behave. Your arguing against war in Vietnam, Yugoslavia etc, what you mention in your aburdt post, fail in one place, NO on this countries was incorporated as a new US states, that countries, are free with own government. So means that Russia just should be kicked of from UN and any other organization, as long as not start behaving like a cilizied humans.

      Claiming Russian Crimea is a friking joke, there was never Russia or Russians, it was never belong to Russia, just occupied. Of course you dont know that, becouse you know only your fals propaganda history. You belive winning WWII, how you can win war you start, hand by hand with nazis as a frinds. YOu are the same like nazis or may be more, because you kip your murderous system long time. You claim liperation, of eastern europe countries, and then occupied them. You dont even know what are you talking about.

      And at the end, I’m realy sorry that you are Russians, because i did never know any other nation witch suffer so badly, so many casualties and loss of blood…… pitty that from own hands, the biggest enemy of Russia is Russia and that is your problem. No EU, no US, no NATO,but your own fellows Russians and government.