Russia tries hassling Denmark over protection


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Denmark might become a possible target for Russian nuclear attacks according to the ambassador of Russia in Denmark Mikhail Vanin, of which he informed the “Jyllands Posten” newspaper recently in an article that he wrote.

One does not need to be an expert on organized crime, however, to notice that the tone of the ambassador’s message is handled pretty much in an offer you can’t refuse style.

“I don’t believe that the citizens of Denmark are realizing”, Vanin wrote, “the full consequences (sic) of what will happen if their state would enter the American anti-missile defense system. What will happen is that the Danish ships are going to become targets for the Russian missiles”.

“Of course”, he then continues, “the decision is yours to make. I just want to remind you that you’re gonna lose both money and safety”. What the ambassador, however, failed to explain in his “warning letter” is how a defence system, not designed for any offensive actions, makes its owner automatically a target for Russian missiles. Yet this blatant mafia-style threat, made as if warning a business owner of what will happen to his store if he refuses paying for protection, might be one of the best arguments for Denmark to arm itself further: if Russia sees any possible opposition to it’s offences as a threat per se, so far as to threatening one of the world’s most peaceful nations, then what more reasons one would need to be reminded of the ancient Roman saying “if you want peace, prepare for war”?

Needless to say, the threats made by the ambassador have already been condemned by the major politicians of Denmark as unacceptable, and the government seems to have not be affected with this Russian bullying, setting a good example for how to behave with the aggressor and its threats.

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