Russia exploring hybrid war in Belarus — ambassador

Roman Bezsmertnyi, former ambassador to Belarus

Roman Bezsmertnyi, former ambassador to Belarus 


Article by: ІК

Russian special services have launched trial balloons on creating separatist republics in Belarus, said Roman Bezsmertnyi, Ukraine’s former ambassador to Belarus, during an interview with Radio Liberty, March 19.

On Tuesday, March 17,  you stated on TV channel 5 that Russian special services have started disintegration processes in Belarus. On what basis have you reached such conclusions? Do you have any exclusive information on the activities of Russian special services in Belarus?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the social networks and to the fact that suddenly, for no apparent reason, the idea of creating various republics in Belarus has appeared. What is this?

In the KGB toolkit this is called a “trial balloon.” Right now the Kremlin wants to see how society and the Belarusian government react to these information items. This is a first. Second, the cancellation of the meeting of the three presidents in Astana is not accidental. And the coincidental emergence of certain postings in mass media and certain organizational activities are even less accidental. These are all trial balloons.

With regard to available data, you will have to excuse me but I cannot discuss them because no one can ever disclose such sources.

But this information exists?

Yes it does.

On TV channel 5 you also said that Belarus can be “pulled into the game” in order to torpedo the Baltic countries. What did you mean?

This is the same mechanism that can be observed in Ukraine. I think you must have heard that there is this so-called “Russian foreign legion.” If you look at the biographies of the people from this legion, you will see that most of them have already had a trial run in Ukraine on the side of the “separatists.” So pay attention to the number of Belarusians there. This is not accidental. Whom will they serve in Belarus? Russia, Belarus? Or will they carry out instructions on provocation in Lithuania and Latvia? Here the assignment is very clear: their main function is to create provocations in the Baltic region.

In your view, why should Putin do something against Lukashenko today? After all, Lukashenko is considered the Kremlin’s last ally?

This game is not against Lukashenko just as the game in the Donbas is not really against Ukraine. This is a big geopolitical game in which Ukraine, Belarus and Lukashenko are objects and not subjects in the process.

Still, why would Kremlin want to destabilize Belarus?

To strengthen his influence. What does Putin need today? Increased pressure to free him to influence the Baltic states.

How do you assess the political line pursued by Lukashenko on the Ukrainian crisis?

He has no independent position! He is part of the Kremlin camp followers choir and he only does what he is allowed to do and only within the framework established by Putin. What kind of independence of Lukashenko are you talking about? It never existed, does not exist, and will not exist. He will do what Putin tells him to do. If he does not, he will simply stop being president.

Today there is relative peace in eastern Ukraine. In your view, how long will this peace last and what can we expect in the near future?

Unfortunately, I cannot call this peace because bloodletting continues and people are being forced to leave the places where they have lived for dozens of years, where their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents have lived. Because this is not peace. This is unfinished war. How long will it last? Unfortunately, Ukraine has no influence on that. Today this conflict has gone beyond Ukraine: it’s a geopolitical game where Ukraine is only the battlefield.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Radio Svoboda

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  • Brent

    Kind of funny how we no longer hear anything from Merki and Hollande…

    • Charles J. Kollman

      I would like to see their faces when their border is with Russia. I know France will go to the gate and scream like a pork that it is.

      • Victor V

        And what is the problem for Germany or France in having borders closer to Russia? This can only improve different trade and cultural relations of mutual benefit. The problem is not in Russia, it is in the global expansion policy of USA for which Russia and China are the greatest threats.

        • Dalton

          I’m not sure why anyone but a monkey like you would think that anyone wants to develop trade with a nation intent on taking and destroying its neighbors lands and people.

    • Dean Venture

      How many Western countries are in the ‘don’t arm Ukraine’ camp now? That camp is weakening, and when the next offensive comes, which everyone, including Merkel and Hollande, knows is coming, that camp will die entirely. In their silence they hope people will fail to see them as the fools they are. It’s too late for Obama; I think his handling of the crisis has cemented his legacy as that of a weak president.

  • Dirk Smith

    The big lie is becoming this concept of a “ceasefire.” Since when is there a “ceasefire?” Was this the same “ceasefire” that resulted in the genocide of nearly 500 people in Debaltseve? Just because the botox dwarf decides to delay their advances so they can input more soldiers and hardware into Ukraine IS NOT A CEASEFIRE!! Deeper sanctions, lethal aid to Ukraine, and designate Russia as a state terrorist.

    • Victor V

      Killing of civilians, especially women and children is a main occupation of euromaidan followers in Odessa and Ukrainian army in Donbass, because the most population in Donbass and Odessa is pro-Russian.

      • Dirk Smith

        You Putinist parrots need some new material. And why don’t the pro-muscovites move to Russia? That disproves your propaganda. Putler is done.

      • disqus_aJpixObjG7

        78% of russian parliament are neo nazis (FACT, not opinion) HALF OF ALL THE ENTIRE PLANET’s NAZIS are in…russia. EUROPE’s NAZI FASCIST PARTIES holding a congress IN RUSSIA

      • disqus_aJpixObjG7

        come down to Donbas from Petersburg & you will learn

      • Michel Cloarec

        You are an idiot of special kind ! How many are left in Donbass . People went away when the gauleiters of lpr/dpr started to show their real goals as useful idiots for putin the king of utopia Even the ones like girkin ran away very quick . Is that proof enough or do you want more details.
        HAVE A DRINK ! Don´t break your screen it is only a photo.

  • Victor V

    The main idea of this article is that USA exploring hybrid war in Belarus, as currently Belarus is Russian ally.

    • Dirk Smith


      • Charles J. Kollman

        Russia has no cultural relations with the free world, so why would it change.Russia’s mutual benefit is control and suppression of people.Don’t look for the Chinks to help Russia unlike Russia they have an Capitalist economic system with a Communist Tyrannical government. Rummer has it that China is looking into the annexation of Siberia that Russia took with force. Why is it that Russia had to have the French build them some war ships. Is this because they don’t have the know how or the fact they have no up to date factory to build them. Tell me comrade what part of Russia you live in or come from. The CCCP. is done finished over cooked and it will not come again. You can not live and survive on propaganda and proof of it, is the collapse of the great big Red CCCP. You talk like you are stepping on your dick.

    • Dalton

      You just fell off a turnip truck didn’t you?