SBU detains four in suspicion of Kharkiv bombing (video released)



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On February 22nd, 2015 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, during a peace rally which was commemorating the mass civilian protests which took place in Kyiv one year prior and later became best known as the Revolution of Dignity, a remotely controlled explosive device hidden in the snow exploded in the middle of the marching group of people, killing 4, including two teenage boys age 15 and 18, and injuring 10.

The SBU as of now has detained four suspects whom at the moment of their detention had in their possession weapons and explosives of Russian origin with damaged serial markings to prevent more precise identification.

Further investigation has shown that the suspects are members of a terrorist cell identifying as “Kharkiv guerillas”, and had premeditated the bombing to be targeted primarily at the Kharkiv citizens in the time of their rally.

As the official SBU press release states, the suspects were gathering intelligence about mass events in the city, public gatherings and other places with lots of people to maximize the casualties. Besides the rally bombing, they were considering bombing a shopping mall, several public squares, diners and parks.

Among other weapons, the detained had in their possession an RShG-2 assault disposable grenade launcher, a derivative of the RPG-27 anti-tank rocket grenade, with only differences being the warhead and re-graduated sights. As the detained stated under questioning, the leader of the group was receiving funds, weaponry and instructions from their group’s curators in Russian Special Services, who he was meeting in Belgorod, Russian Federation, a small town not too far from Ukrainian border. In Belgorod, terrorist leader was reporting on his group’s activities and receiving further orders to cause violence and terror. As of now further investigation is ongoing, and Ukraine’s Security Service continues the search for other members of the Russian death squad.

Source: 5 channel

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  • Dirk Smith

    Parade them down the street in Kharkiv like they do in Donetsk.

    • Milton Devonair

      Why infect the surface of the streets with russian filth? Get all the intel out of these worms, kill them, then dump them across the border into the corrupt cesspool called ‘russia’.

  • LavrovRocks

    interesting how SBU knew this like 5 minutes after the attack. Was it not designed to kill a man that knew too much, aka the organizer of the Odessa massacre and burning of defenceless civilians?

    • Milton Devonair

      do you ignorant russian apes think that phrasing accusations as questions will make humans as ignorant as your ape like specie?

      But you repeating what you were given to post brought up an interesting point.
      The criminals, degenerates, and russians did the same thing in Odessa, when they cowardly fired at the unarmed civilians in the ‘Ukraine Unity” march.

      Every day humans witness something else that clearly demonstrates how russians cannot be trusted to be around humans and need to be forcibly put back into their cages in their cesspool called ‘russia’, which is a large monkey cage itself.