We must be ready to die for Belarus — Lukashenko




Belarus will conduct a wise and cautious policy but the country must be able to protect its sovereignty, Belarusian President Alexander  Lukashenko said in a speech to the commanders of the Armed Forces of Belarus on Thursday, February 19, reports Espreso TV, citing the Belarusian news agency BELTA.

“If necessary we must be able to defend the independence and sovereignty of our country, but we will never get involved in senseless confrontations with anyone else. We will conduct a wise, cautious policy: we do not want what belongs to others and we will not give up what belongs to us. This is the essence of our policy. If we have to die for it, then we will die for it,” he said.

He noted that after the events in Ukraine it has become clear to everybody that “we must feed our soldiers and army and we must have enough to secure our own interests.” He added that “we must keep our powder dry.”

“No one can think that all is well today, that here we are great peacemakers, intermediaries, and that someone will pay us for it and that we will continue to have peace and tranquility. Do not be fooled. I emphasize again that no one can guarantee us a peaceful life. We will do everything for this life to be peaceful, but we must have an efficient army,” Lukashenko concluded.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  • disqus60

    He’s definitely in a tough place.. he has developed his country with the thought that Russia was his friend just as Ukraine did. Now he’s implicitly fearing for his nation’s life with a beast he has allowed to set up camp in his country.

    • Czech Friend

      Lukashenko is no better than Putler. He’s got a lot of blood on his hands too. The fact that he is now scared of his master gives me some slight evil satisfaction.

      • Milton Devonair

        Exactly. So, this soviet dictator thinks the people of belarus will fight to protect his dictatorship? They don’t arm their own people to fight against outside threats (russians) because they know if they gave their own citizens firearms they’d fight the people running belarus first.

        Thus, the clash of the dictators trying to keep their personal playground intact.

  • evanlarkspur

    No one can turn allies to enemies faster than Putin. As we seem to be unable to muster any sense in our halls of leadership, luckily we can at least count on Putin’s arrogance and inability to curb his sneering semi-veiled threats to everyone around him, and his lack of wisdom about when and where to make simulated bombing runs.

  • Charles J. Kollman

    I don’t know much about him. Is it true he rules Belarus as a Dictator.

    • Dirk Smith


      • Charles J. Kollman

        He does rule with a iron fist. I don’t think he and Putin are the best of friends and i don’t think he trusts Putin.

        • Dirk Smith

          Nobody on the planet trusts this reptilian KGB dwarf. His days are numbered. His Asperger illness is becoming more apparent.

          • Charles J. Kollman

            Well as i see it he painted a picture of himself that of a man of high adventure and sports and a bad ass. I thing he even turned around things with the Church that was not aloud in The Soviet Union. He goes to Church and for all to see the big good change. He i believe now uses the Church for his advantage like Constantine used the Church for his gain. Asperger is an illness that mostly effects children. If he has it maybe he has had it from childhood. I would love to know what the Prime Minister thinks and the other Ministers think. What does the elected people in the government think. I understand Feb. 21 will be a day in Moscow for the people to show support for Putin. If he gets the support he wants he is going to make some big changes like the Constitution.

          • Michel Cloarec

            Kiril, the church boss is ex kgb, friend to putin kgb time.
            Putin think that west is decadent ! So with help of church he will change all that .

          • Charles J. Kollman

            Who is this Kiril. I know Putin was an KGB. Officer. In my opinion he is not like the old Soviet Union meaning that people may not go to or use the church. Putin is using the church for his good like a weapon.

          • Michel Cloarec

            Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia

          • Charles J. Kollman

            Are you telling me that this Priest and Patriarch a person from the church and a man of God was a KGB Officer.

    • Michel Cloarec

      CCCP style

      • Charles J. Kollman

        Live by the sword die with the sword.

  • Michel Cloarec

    Lukashenko does not have the best place ! Belarus right in the middle of Europe, direct line to Kaliningrad. Dream position for Putin . They speak russian, they think russian ! A piece of cake for Putin !

    • Czech Friend

      plus Vladolf had already checked his soon-to-be new palace in Minsk last week

    • Ігар Лабацэвіч

      “They”? I don’t

    • Milton Devonair

      First, the next city in Ukraine that the russians are going to take will be Maripol. They can send their apes from the south, from their stolen Crimea and from the north and east. Once they do that, they have their land bridge to their new russian apeland, Crimea.

      The Dnieper river will be a natural land obstacle to land movement Ukraine might want to do, so basically from that river to the east will be property of putin’s russia.

      Their tactics are what they’ve done since WWII, stand back and shoot dumb bombs/rockets into a city as their rapists move in closer, but by that time, most of the humans in the city are gone/dead/wounded. Look at what they did to Grozny.

      This is a game to fire the most artillery/rockets at the other. the russian apes have an advantage though as they don’t care if they kill humans and any Ukrainian return fire, they will have their little internet chimpanzees spread lies about how Ukrainians are killing innocent women and children.

      This is the typical dirty war that the apes of russia always do against humans.
      The only question remaining is how bad do humans want to resist russian apes?

      • Levent İnanç

        When talking about Russian apes, and mention WWII and events since then, you should not forget to mention German mass murderers in WWII with their local accomplices in Ukraine, Latvia and other countries, also American and British killers who have killed hundreds of thousands of German and Japanese civilains, American torturers from the Middle East and Guantanamo. It’s good to remember the regular raids and killings of civilians in Afgahnistan and Pakistan by drones, as well as the collateral damage worth thousands of innocent lives in countries raided and “democratized” by American war planes. We have witnessed many “democratizations” by the USA and their allies in Iraq, Libya and Syria, once relativeley stable prosperous countries turned into ruins by this “democratization” When talking about Chechnya, don’t forget to mention the daily kidnappings and killings of fellow Chechens by the insurgents in the enourmous lawlessness after the First Chechen war. After resolving all these issues with the “very civilized” nations, I think you can have a right to talk about “Russian apes”

        • Milton Devonair

          lol kommrade in spirit….the typical “mean old US of A” eurotrash BS coming out again. Your programming is something trotsky would be proud of.
          So many lies/mis/dis information, where does a human start? Seeing as you’re so low level, I’ll just say ask a Ukrainian in Lviv about WWII.
          oh, and…
          Other than launching 161 tomahawks with the UK into libya so the europeans could send their air in there to support the people overthrowing quaddafi, the US did nothing–which is par for the course for a european wannabee president like barack obola. Him abandoning Iraq is also why the european style parlimentary form of Government the coalition set up there failed.

          How do you know anything about the russian genocides in Chechnya? Weren’t all the russian reporters reporting on it murdered?

          • Levent İnanç

            Oh, my highest level commrade, you are of so higher level, so you don’t know history of the WWII. Before asking Ukrainians in Lviv about the WWII, you should ask the Jews, and also Poles of Lwow. What you’ll say about the extermination of tens of thpousands of Jews in that city, do you think that Germans are the sole perpetrator without the aid from Ukrainian nationalists? Then, Soviets sent Poles of Lwow to German Breslau, and Ukrainians replaced them in that lovely city. So, please don’t forget about the thousands of Polish civilans murdered brutally by Ukrainian nationalists in Volinia too. So, Polish Lwow became Ukrainian Lviv in a few yeras. Ukraine was the country receiving the generous awards by Soviets, Ukraine acquired enurmous territories from Poland, and also from ROmania and Czechoslovakia, then Crimea was gifted to them without the consent of natives. As to the USA, recent democratizations of Libya, Iraq, Syria, all were as a result of the policies of the USA and their allies. As a result we are witnessing the huge humanitarian crises, millions of people have died, but still these countries didn’t become democratic, but instead a fertile ground for terrorist organizations as ISIL. As to the genocide in chechnya, yes, there were many tragedies there, but surely you are not informed about the lawlessness, regular kidnappings and murder of fellow Chechens by the terrorists before Russia effectively took control there. Americans didn’t made it in Iraq, they just brought democracy and left them to kill each other, in order to exctract thier oil and gas, and sell them weapons in return.

          • Milton Devonair

            If your historical babbling is trying to show me that europeans are tribal and have been at war with each other for centuries, use any and every excuse to wipe each other out, and are incapable of getting along with each other, well, we in America already know that.

            “As to the USA, recent democratizations of Libya, Iraq, Syria, all were as a result of the policies of the USA and their allies.”

            Do you ever get anything right? I know how leftist/socialist/communist the media and governments are in europe, but one would think that sometimes real information, facts, would sneak in and ‘enlighten’ what seems to be the ‘average brainwashed european’.

            The US didn’t set foot on Libyan soil. Sorry.
            Same with syria. Our leftist president (who you probably have a lot in common with, ideology and worldview wise), does nothing unless it has to do with black or brown people. His focus is on attacking America domestically and changing the demographic of this former nation into a secular progressive one filled with third worlders that spend generations on the government dole–hey just like european countries.

            I already splained the UN mandates Iraq wars and why iraq turned into its tribal self. And stupid, if the US wanted Iraqi oil, we could have taken it, but we liberated them so they sold it to….china. If we truly want to steal oil stupid, we can steal it from countries a lot closer, like mexico, venezuela.

            You are a the posterboy for ignorant european–or maybe you’re a russian. Hard to tell because as far as America, both of their propaganda and lies are the same.
            Guess that sort of explains why Americans aren’t too interested in yet more european b*llsh*t, huh?

            Wherever russian apes are involved, there is mass murders, rapes, looting, mafiyas….Why?
            Because that’s what russia itself is. And always has been. So why should a country they overthrow and occupy be any different? If anything, it will become worse as the apes of russia think that other people are below them. The ignorant russians are brainwashed and drunk enough to believe that they are ‘great people’ lmao…when in reality they’re slightly above the level of a troop of baboons chimping out at a watering hole in the desert……

          • Levent İnanç

            Dear Milton, I would have agree on many issues with you, but as long as you continue to label Europeans “brainwashed” and Russians “apes, simple barbarians”, I’m not sure will will found a common ground. I’d like to specify, that when talking about USA, I don’t have in my mind all the people of that country, contrary, I mean only a fraction of the American population, and that fraction is highly egoistic, cunsummerist, only profit oriented and aggressive one. And it’s that fraction that largely drives the various policies of the USA. In fact, if it wasn’t America, that would be another big country. It lies in the fundemantals of human nature. I admit, Europeans are tribal in nature, there are highly developed national conciousness among European nations, which is a result of centuries old close contact and co-existence, and clashes for survival with different people. If we can take the issue of conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Liby, etc, I have to explain you, that you are not aware of the true nature of these conflicts. All of these countries were ruled by dictators, and these people used to coexist under that dictatorship. It may have many shortcomings, but, dictaroships in these countries largely contributed to the peaceful coexistence of various nations. It’s not a surprise, that Sunnis, Shias, Kurds fight each other in Iraq. The same is true for Syria. In fact, they all should have their own governance in order to co-exist as neighbours. Of course, USA has been involved in all of these crises. If not with direct presence, then through auxilliaries. Bu USA always largeley contributed to the conflicts there. USA doesn’t need to steal Iraqi oil, it has its own supplies from Mexico, Venezuela and Candada, why should USA import oil from Libya and Iraq, or Saudi Arabia?. But USA wants to control oil -rich countries to exert control over the market. It’s Chinese or other energy-hungry nations who will buy it, but USA will have control over the price and the supply. If USA was so much interested in democracy, why they continuea to cooperate with one of the most oppressive and brutal dictatorships-Saudi Arabia? Why USA isn’t interested in human rights issues in that country, which is also a prominent sponsor of global terrorism? Why did USA not intervened in Bahrain, when the majority Shia polpulation confronted the sunni monarchy? (Instead, USA let Saudis to send troops to crush the revolt. What a democracy, eh? I shoul add, that I’m muslim too, aof Sunni denomination, but I reject all the barbarism and vandalism in the name of religion, especialy Sunni one, and as a person with strong beliefe, I don’t accept distorted and manipulated versions of Islam, which became even more widespread in the world)
            If we went to the original story on Lukashenko and Ukraine, I would like to say that there is constant and considerable interest in these countries from USA, and some other Western nations. It’s in the best interest both of Belarus, and Ukraine to be align with Russia, and to become prosperous nations. Russia has huge resources, and Belarus and Ukraine had very close economic relations with Russia, and they benefited from it for decades. Now some Ukrainians are dreaming of Western -European style of life, prosperity and democracy, but they don’t realize, that they will not achive these goals while breaking their ties with Russia. They will not be able to upgrade their industry to the level of Germany, instead, they will turn to a largely agrarian country with some light industries, absuletly dependent on techology to the West, and they will become source of cheap labour force, and a market for high-value technological products, as well as second hand goods from the EU. Belarus, retaining it’s ties with Russia, maybe will not become like Switzerland, Austria, but at least will spare itself from economic devastation for which Ukraine is heading so enthusiastically.

          • Milton Devonair

            I state that most europeans are ‘brainwashed’, but “programmed by socialism in their educational/media/government” would be a more accurate description.
            I’m OK with cutting them adrift. Ukraine and europe’s indifference to it have opened my eyes. Like I (and many other Americans) say, “the badmouth us, look down upon us, demand we change, not be who we are and that we be more like they are, then at the first sign of trouble, they come to us demanding we help them, give them even more cash.

            Nope. I’ll only stop calling russians “apes” when they behave more like humans and go back to their own country. Until then, they’re stinking apes. Although europeans seem to like them.

          • Milton Devonair

            But I do agree with your assessment that europeans (and many other people) can only manage to “coexist” with others when they’re under some sort of dictatorship and are forced to. So it looks like putin will be the latest dictator to finally settle down europe.

            Since russia’s international gulag system (cccp) collapsed, no one in America has really cared about them. They are too corrupt, criminal and retarded as a people to make any business ventures worth doing there.

            It was during the 8 years of clinton and that was all about the stock market/dot com in the US. Then during the next 8 years, it was under Pres. Bush and we have been at war for all of those.
            obama only cares about blacks, gays and mexicans, so he probably doesn’t even know where Ukraine is.

            Europe would like Ukraine to join them, but probably only because they want more people to join their ‘union’ to help slow down its crash and add some people to their population that would want to work.

            Turns out france’s pacifist street artist, “combo” was beaten over his “coexist” street art……
            He chose not to judge.

  • Michel Cloarec

    Yes Mr Lukashenko get an army because Mr Putin is coming for you .
    Belarus strategical situation in Europe is too attractive for his empire !

  • Turtler

    Lukashenko’s spent his entire reign trying to erase all hints of Belarusian independence, quash any attempts at a separate identity and vilify groups like the post-WWI patriots and the government in exile, and PREVENTED HIS OWN PEOPLE FROM APPLAUDING ON WHAT HE CALLS INDEPENDENCE DAY…
    …. and *NOW* he’s saying they must be prepared to die for Belarus?
    Great thinking there, tyrant. I agree Belarus is worth fighting for. But you wouldn’t know it if you were going off of Luka’s vision of history.

    • Levent İnanç

      Lukashenko has been portrayed as a tyrant and dictator, in fact he was, because he has resisted to the attempts of a small fraction of Belarussian nationalists to establish a puppet state of USA, checked closely by Poland, aiming to drive Russia in greater isolation. That would not serve the interests of Belarussian people, vast majority of which are very closely associated to Russians, but to a small nationalist fraction, Poland and USA. He’s saying his people must be prepared to die for Belarus, but he has not mentioned that they shoud fight against Russia, probably he has Poland in mind. USA and Western Europe had more success in Ukraine for now, trying to control that country using the Ukrainian nationalists. And Ukrainians are paying the price of that adventure, sadly, they’ll see much more trouble in their country, as supporters of Russia will not easily give up. Ukraine will split, and the pro-democracy, pro-European parts will suffer much harder economic conditions without the industrial East and South, and without the Russian support. Then they will realize, that Europe will not offer them anything but empty words.

      • Turtler

        “Lukashenko has been portrayed as a tyrant and dictator”

        Because he is a tyrant and dictator.

        I don’t give a fuck what you say, but when you ARREST PEOPLE FOR CLAPPING on the day you (falsely) say is YOUR INDEPENDENCE DAY, it’s clear you’re the problem. Not the evil “other.”

        “because he has resisted to the attempts of a small fraction of Belarussian nationalists to establish a puppet state of USA, checked closely by Poland, aiming to drive Russia in greater isolation. That would not serve the interests of Belarussian people,”

        Which is why Belarus has been suffering gas war with Putin, and Luka is now coming to stump about “defending independence” against the (unspoken but obvious) threat of Russian invasion?

        Yeah. Great work serving the interests of your people there.

        And I suppose these evil ultranationalists (who have the audacity to seek independence from a traditionally oppressive Russia) are the reason Luka had- HAD TO- defend Belarus by taking the revolutionary step of OUTLAWING CLAPPING AT HIS INDEPENDENCE DAY SPEECH.

        “He’s saying his people must be prepared to die for Belarus, but he has not mentioned that they shoud fight against Russia,”

        Because he knows if he says that, Putin will jack up the gas premiums. Like he’s done countless times before. If not consider threatening him.

        ” probably he has Poland in mind.”

        Ah right. Lukashenko is now ruminating on the threat of Polish invasion- which has remained unchanged more or less his entire reign- on the eve of Russian invasion of Ukraine, and his own needling of the “Separatists” the Kremlin has supported (as you an see if you’ve been following his latest speeches).

        Yes. That makes total sense right there.

        The bottom line is that Lukashenko’s always been deeply unpopular in his home territory, and now after years of stamping on half the history of Belarusian nationalism (starting wit the white-red-white flag and those who carry it) in favor of some neo-Soviet identity, he’s now realizing he has made a mistake. And now he’s backpedaling, having “discovered” not merely his desire for autonomy from Russian gas pricing, but Belarusian independence.
        Which just so coincidentally happened around the same time as he began to question just how happy Putin is with enabling him.

        • Levent İnanç

          Turtler, you’ve made very emotional analysis about Lukashenko. Well, I’m not Belorussian, nor Russian or Ukrainian, but I have good knowledge of the history of these countries. I’ve born and raised in Bulgaria and now live in Turkey. I’d like to admit, that we have suffered because of the Russians’ invasion in my homeland more than a century ago,and were since then persecuted and driven out from our homeland by the Bulgarians periodically, so I don’t have any special sympathy towards Russia, nor I have any animosity. Could you specify your nationality please?

          I agree, Russians had oppressed many nations, that’s the rule of the Nature, the more powerful one oppresses the weaker, it applies to other nations, too. But please don’t put all the blame on Russians. What you would like to say about attempts of Ukrainization of Russian speaking population in Ukraine? What about the “democratic” Latvians who continuously restrict and put pressure on Russian speaking people there (they comprise about 40% of the poupulation, and 26% are ethnic Russians)?

          Belarus has better chance of prosperity only with close cooperation with Russia, it was the situation for Ukraine, but some of them have decided otherwise. Can you imagine, how many Ukrainians rose to prominence in every aspect of life in Russia? (and Soviet Union too)There are thousands of politicians, scientists, artitsts etc. of Ukrainian descent in Russia. Do you expect that Ukrainians can have so heavy a presence and high profile in Poland, Germany, UK, USA, or elswhere? Ukraine’s heavy industry, machine building and technology was closely aligned with Russia,and had a chance to thrive. Belarus is a smaller country, but still largely benefits with its ties with Russia. You’ll see, that if remaining parts of Ukraine ever became part of EU, they will find themselves in the position of Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, maybe worse. Their industries will close down gradually, only agriculture and related industires will survive. Millions of young Ukrainians will move to Western Europe for better chances, and will leave a stagnant and crumbling economy behind. Ukraine will become a large market for second hand cars from Western Europe, and many industrial goods. They will export mainly agricultural products, grain and other foodstuff. All the profitable sectors will be dominated by foreign investors, and some local oligarchs, but the country will be poorer, so the majority of the people.They will have to abandon all the technologic base and hundreds of thousands of specialists will look for work in different EU countries. They’ll find work there, no doubt about that. But they’ll see, that it would be much harder for them living in Western countries, not comparable with living and working in their own country, or even in Russia.The lower the edcucation, the lower the payment, and they ‘ll have to adapt for living as second class people in EU. That will not happen to Belorussians, if they preserve their bonds with Russia. Democracy is important, but do you think, that poor people benefit from democracy at all? Well, people have right to chose whoever they want, but nationalistic policies and the democracy which is largely promoted by Western countries in Ukraine, Belarus will not make them richer. They’ll not have power and means to enjoy “their democratic rights”. We have seen the results of democratization of Lybia, Iraq an Syria, all of these countries were ruined as a result. For now, Lukashenko had pursued a more beneficial policy for his people, than did the Ukrainian “democratically elected” governments for the past 20 years, and as a result, Belarus had GDP twice as much as Ukraine per person, and that gap will continue to rise. And, who cares which language speak Belarussian people, they speak which they prefer. What would they achieve if start to erase Russian language and culture in their country? Nothing but degradation.

  • Levent İnanç

    Well, I don’t think that he means primarily Russia. He knows very well, that without the support of Russia, Belarus will be in much worse politico-economic situation, and much dependent on its western neighbours. He means Poland, as he sees that Poles as puppets of USA are working very aggressvely against everything Russian. He had other dreams, maybe to lead a Russian-Belorussian federation, but has acknowledged that Putin will not give him the reins of Russia.