Debaltseve surrounded. Soldiers captured

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Russian militants are storming Debaltseve. They already have a part of the city under their control, and the city is surrounded, reported ATO spokesman Vladyslav Sleznov, who in on the scene of battle, as reported by Ukrayinska Pravda, February 17.

“An assault on the ATO base camp is taking place in Debaltseve. Militants are attacking with artillery and armored vehicles. Street battles are taking place. In fact, a part of the city is controlled by the militants, the other part by ATO forces,” he said.

Additionally, Seleznov reported that one of the (ATO) convoys that was moving to the encirclement has been overwhelmed.

On Tuesday it was reported that a convoy with cargo never made it to the soldiers.

“The convoy has been broken up. The soldiers have been captured. The militants have already started a campaign that the men surrendered voluntarily. But this is not true. They were captured during battle,” Selenzov said.

“We are surrounded. No one has been able to get through,” one soldier said.

“The situation is very bad. We are in a blockade. There is no lifeline,” another soldier reported.

At the same time, the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Donetsk Oblast, Illia Kiva, has confirmed that militants are clearing out parts of Debaltseve.

“The militants have penetrated into the city. They are clearing out parts of the city. It is becoming more and more difficult to maintain our positions. Every minute works against us,” he told channel 5 by phone.

“We must assess the situation fully and allow the artillery to function without hindrance, which would give us the possibility of pushing the militants from our positions … Because, well, we are … fighting with them in direct contact,” he said.

According to Seleznov, talks are taking place in Soledar with the participation of the directors of the ceasefire  working group — Major General Oleksandr Rozmaznin from Ukraine; Alexander Vyasnikov from Russia; Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Deinega from the militants.

Representatives of the militants and Russia are blocking entry of the OSCE to Debaltseve, stating that fighting is taking place.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Pravda

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  • sandy miller

    Bastards. Where is military help for Ukraine. I could vomit I’m so disgusted with what the West inclduing the US is allowing to happen in Ukraine. Western Europe is dead to me now and forever. May they all choke on Putler. May they get what they deserve. I didn’t expect much from Obama but this is in Europe’s back year. They have no morals.

    • Frank

      Why dont you ask other countries to bail out and fight Ukraine’s wars. Perhaps ask its Oligarchs to pay its debts, and buy the weapons you desperately desire. Americans will fund Ukraine right after they fund Iran getting a nuclear weapon (NEVER)

      • disqus60

        Fortunately there are enough Americans who care about Ukraine not being destroyed, that even with our marxist, Putin pal, President, will force the US to provide lethal defensive capabilities to Ukraine. The delay I believe was due to the corruption and traitors like your wife, who worked within the government and military that made the provision of weapons dubious. That’s changing. Ukraine will survive, and be stronger from all this.

  • misusan

    there are either traitors in the military command or incompetents. they should have retreated those troops while they had a chance. wtf. iilovaisk 2.

    • Frank

      those in power are afraid if they show failure, or retreat that they will have to answer to the physchopaths who run kiev.

      • disqus60

        Frank why don’t you go play “Call of Duty” with your wife. You’re a troll and inciting serious anger with your hatred of Ukraine. What is it? Your Ukrainian wife cheat on you so you’re taking out your anger on all of Ukraine? Get a life.

  • disqus60

    Something doesn’t seem right when a few weeks ago it was stated by General staff that this wasn’t possible. Of course we know that these Russian thugs have no intention to abide by agreements, proving there are no options except to defeat them. The US and Europe better get their “sh*t” together and give Ukraine the ability to defend itself against modern Russian weapons, or they will in the end be fighting against these killers directly.

    • Frank

      How about Porshenko and Yatsenyuk get their “Sh*t” together and stop lying to the Ukraine public. NO COUNTRY has ever won a war of occupation. This war is not win able for Kiev, because not matter how little they care to admit it, its a war / occupation against citizens of the east.

      Secondly, all this talk about Russian Thugs, yet ZERO PROOF. Of course Kiev keeps crying wolf, but the US has produced ZERO PROOF of Russian troops in Ukraine. I am not saying the Rebels are not supported by Russia. They get, training, funding, moral and strategic support. But they dont get Russian fighters, and the Russian tanks you see are those won over from Kiev or taken before the start of the conflict.

      Kiev is going to lose this war. Best they can do is split the country into two parts. If they hate the East so much, why are they so desperate to hold on to it? All this is just a distraction to keep Citizens from asking real questions. Like “where are the reforms?”, how come our politicans own everything?

      The new clowns in power are NO DIFFERENT THAN YANUKOVICH.

      • misusan

        do you know what kind of tank this is?
        the rest of your story is total bs.

      • Andy Kokuu McLellan

        Families of dead Russian soldiers starting to speak out:

        The problem with the rebels in the east is they do not have a democratic mandate and no one knows how many of the eastern Ukranians actually support them. Many are hiding out of fear from both sides.

        The new government doesn’t seem to be lining their own pockets with public money which seems to put them one notch above Yanukovych if nothing else.

        • Frank

          90% of the refugees who flee ukraine go to Russia. Looks like they are pretty pro Russia based on that fact alone.

          Secondly, as for mandate. You must have missed the numerous takovers of government buildings over the summer. Tell me does Russia have elderly fighters or is there a real uprising in the east?

          • Andy Kokuu McLellan

            Numerous take-overs by a minority of people. Does the uprising have popular support? Not so sure.

            If Putin stopped supplying arms and men (also shelling from inside Russia), the actual situation might become clearer.

      • Mazepa

        We destroyed the soviet union and we WILL destroy the mockal federation. The only difference this time is that lavrov, kirill and putin will be killed also.
        Smert mockalyam.

        • Frank

          Spoken like a true Miadan physchopath.

      • disqus60

        I hesitate to respond because you are so clearly devoid of any understanding of reality it’s ridiculous. I doubt you have any actual interest in Ukraine so my first suggestion would be for you to find some news sources other than Russian TV or Putin’s propaganda network, preferably actually talk to Ukrainian people and learn some truth, then get back to us. FYI Einstein, it’s the Russian thugs/militants that are “occupying” Ukraine, not the other way around. Unless of course you want to suggest along with Putin that all of Ukraine is really just a territory of Russia, in which case, you have no business discussing matters in the real world.
        Your questions and comments show how little you know about Ukraine and the situation that IS a Russian instigated, Russian backed and Russian caused destruction and theft of Ukraine. Don’t even bother to reply with more BS, everything I just posted has already been admitted by Putin’s own officer who was in charge. Had you any interest in truth, you would know this as well.

        • Frank

          To correct you, My wife is Ukrainian. I have been to the country numerous times. Her family is from the east (Mariupol). With that said, when she talks to her friends and family there 80% + are pro rebel. The majority of refugees who have fled Ukraine have fled to (RUSSIA). The East is majority russian ethnicity, and has strong ties to russia.

          As for Russian troops. HAVE NOT SEEN 1. If russia were really to invade it would be a 1 week operation. My wife’s family wishes they would. Instead of hearing gunfire, they would probably have a Crima like situation. FACT IS no army would go up against Russia Directly, even the USA has said they dont want a war with Russia.

          As for Putins officer admitting whatever you claim, again SHOW THE EVIDENCE!. You are as pathetic as the Ukrianian leaders who first claimed tanks rolled over the “border” into Crimea, then Russians have invaded, and lastly passports of officers on vacation. Desperate, Pathetic, and it wont work.

          Bottom Line. Ukraine cant win a war against people who dont want to be governed by them. Its just smoke and Mirrors so Yatz, Kitch, Poro have a chance to sit at the big boy table and Rob the country blind.

          • disqus60

            First of all Frank, it’s really difficult to communicate with people like you because at your core you want death and destruction.

            If your wife really is Ukrainian and wants Russia to destroy her nation and take over, then I would suggest your wife is a traitor and should at the very least lose her passport. I would say the same for the 80% of her friends and family that you claim support an enemy that is destroying Ukraine and killing its people. I would suggest your wife and her friends and family don’t represent the majority of Ukrainians, even those in Mariupol.

            I can see from your response you are an avid Putin fanboy, which is fine. I have close friends in Russia and love the people and culture myself, and up until Putin decided to destroy Ukraine so he could make his mini-USSR, Novorossiya project, I admired him. Unfortunately, people like you either have no desire to learn or see any truth or ignore it when its clear, are too ignorant to search for truth and sort through propaganda, are too indoctrinated with Putin’s propaganda that you’re incapable of acknowledging or recognizing the truth, or are just diabolical and support the destruction and death of Ukraine for whatever reason. It’s a shame that you have such a vast resource as the internet at your disposal but you prefer to believe what your traitorous wife tells you, or believe everything you see on RT, rather than research for yourself.

            Refuges have fled the areas of attack and most likely fled to the closest and safest area, so your attempt at using the suggestion that people preferred to go to Russia rather than stay in Ukraine is absurd. If a town is being destroyed and it’s 2 km from the Russian border or 100km to Ukraine territory, which way do you think they would go? Maybe you’re an idiot and since we already know your wife is a traitor, you may go to Russia, just because they want to be Russian, but most just want to be safe. Also, recently in Debaltseve (you know? the town the is being destroyed by your Russian heros AFTER there was a cease fire agreement, the one the russian militant leader stated they wouldn’t honor), there was an option given to several hundred residents- evacuate to Russian thug territory or to Ukraine.. buses were available for either. 600 chose Ukraine, 30 chose Russia. That seems to be about 95% pro-Ukrainian.

            You haven’t seen any Russian troops because they don’t show them on RT, and they don’t talk about them, but see this is how ignorant you are because Putin and Lavrov have both stated that any Russian in Ukraine are on vacation or volunteering. Then there are the numerous captures of Russian soldiers and admissions of Russian soldiers in social media, but you obviously have missed those too. Then again, you’re probably considering that when Putin says there are no Russian troops and no Russian arms for war in Ukraine, that he’s telling the truth because Donetsk isn’t part of Ukraine, is that it? In fact, to Putin, Ukraine is just a territory of Russia and not a nation, and Crimea was always Russian, and Donbass always Russian, so he can send arms and troops everywhere he wants in Ukraine and deny he’s sending anything to “Ukraine”.. and useful idiots and compatriots like you will agree. Is that it? If you want to see evidence of Russian troops and weapons being used against Ukraine I would suggest you actually search for that truth rather than take RT’s word.

            Here is your “EVIDENCE” of Putin’s officer that you are too lazy to search for and married to a traitor. Maybe she can translate for you while she applauds Putin’s terrorist. You’ll also note this man admitted to being in Kiev during the maidan on “reconnaissance”.. also you can easily search for recent report that a Russian Lt General Alexander Lentsov is leading the assault in Debaltseve. Murderous, lying, scheming, thugs.

            If it were me I would have cut Donetsk and Lugansk loose and let Russia pay for their rebuilding, but your killer heros don’t want to stop, they want all of Donetsk region AND 7 more, or didn’t you know that either? Pathetic idiot. I’m not wasting more time with you, you’re a pathetic warmongering useful idiot for a barbaric war against Ukraine.

          • Frank

            Thank you for the long response. Stopped reading it once you decided what is best for my wife and her family. I suggest you get on a plane and fly out to ukraine. Fly to the east, and figure out what is seriously going on. and pull your head out of your ass!

          • disqus60

            Been there, done that. Speak to my close people and associates every day. Too bad you stopped reading, you missed some of my most pointed comments for you and your traitorous wife

      • Morksuggan

        You can just fuck of

        • Frank

          I will, but will you be there to hold the hand of grieving mothers whos sons were killed in Porshenko / Yatsenyuk and Torchinev’s war?

          Most of which did not want to fight, but were drafted and threatened with prison. And once in the battle field had Oligarch funded militias aiming at them if they turned back and refused to fight.

          • disqus60

            That war wouldn’t have started but for Putin’s bandits, thugs and marauders.. and the Russian Military and FSB officers sure helped to kick things off. No one wants to fight except those who are trying to defend their country, and those who want to get paid for killing Ukrainians and taking land.

      • evanlarkspur

        Wow. Have you been off-planet for a while, or what?

      • Viktor Dolezel

        Are you blind or paid to be blind? There is so much evidence of russian interference, it’s totally incredible you can write this. Where do they get artillery, tanks, munition, guns, manpower to fight for a year against UA? I really feel threatened in Czech republic, because Russia has lost any self control. The biggest threat to world now comes from Moscow.

        • Frank

          So much evidence? If it comes from Ukraine it doesnt count. They are poor, broke and desperate. If you can find any proof (not cited from what Ukrainian officials have said) released by Germany, France, Poland, Hugary, or even the USA that would be great.

          Last week our US state department said No Russian Troops in Ukraine. The leader of the Ukraine army said the same thing.

          Big difference between Russian Backed, and Russian. Russia supports these people no doubt. Just like we support Israel.

          • Morksuggan

            You are just another russian goverment paid troll, no one but other russians and communists in the west belive a word what you are writing you smuck!

          • disqus60

            How about what Russia has provided? Jackass. Read my other response to you and find the “proof”

          • William Harasym

            Frank is a Russian Troll, and a traitor to Ukraine, and should be dealt
            with accordingly, as is his wifey. Both are the scum of the earth and
            true human garbage. I envision happening to them what many real
            Ukrainians wish happens to all Putin-Fans and the dictator himself. Fuck you Frank, and may you rot in hell you scumbag!

            Слава Україні! Слава Героям! Смерть Путіна, його терористи і всі його послідовники, як Френк і його дружина!

            Here are your little green men:



          • Viktor Dolezel

            So what about Crymea, check what liar Putin said year ago. “We are not there” – ha ha ha. Too bad I can’t access your history to check what you wrote back then, but I’d bet it was the same as now. Russians think they can lie all the day long and guys like you buy it and act as puppets.

  • war-saw-wer

    kurw* co na to Merkel i Hollande> Putler was wyru***** jak zwykle. Oddaliscie sprzedaliście ukrainne za darmo. Nic nie pomogliście. Jestescie winni na rowni z Putlerem śmierci każdego ukrainca.

    A przecież wystarczy – wylaczyc Rosje z systemu SWIFT, zablokować WSZYSTKIE konta ruskich i podmiotow ruskich na terenie EU, zakazac wjazdu Rosjan na teren UE. I ostatnie wyslac natychmiast wojska ONZ na granice UA – Rosja. Trudno. Będą ofiary ale takie jest zycie.
    Dodatkowo należy pilnie Grecje, Wegry zapytać – chcecie być w UE i NATO czy w ZSRR – wybierajcie;.Jak w ZSRRR to wypierd****.

    Brak stanowczości powoduje takie efekty ze Ukraina jest dziś terenem wojny. Dzis Ukraina jutro pansta nadbałtyckie. Potem niestety Polska..

  • Тарас Шевченко

    by what definition is this not breaking the ceasefire?

    • Frank

      Poroshenko failed to include Debaltseve in the Cease Fire, because he was under the impression the area was in Kiev Control. Or he was willing to let 8k soldiers die.

      • evanlarkspur

        “Frank;” have you read the latest Minsk agreement? No, I thought not. Please go somewhere else. You are stinking up a perfectly good forum with your propaganda. We defend your right to speak whatever BS those around you can stand; just do it somewhere else.

        • Frank

          No I have not. But its been reported by many who were present that this was the case, and that 1/2 the conversation was trying to convince Poroshenko exactly what the dire situation is in Debalseve.

          Today, as Debaltseve is surrounded and 7k Plus Ukrainians are trapped (Most Drafted for this stupid war) you can see that if Poroshenko either knew the reality of the situation or gave a damn about the soldiers would have negotiated their escape at Minsk 2.0. Perhaps he knew the situation was bad, but did not want to face the wrath of the Maidan / Right Sector Nut Jobs who live in a bubble.

          As for CeaseFire. Firing would end if the Ukraine army (those not trapped in debaltseve) would just pull back. Again, they say they hate the east so much, and that its full of terrorists, yet they are crying and killing each other to keep it.

    • misusan

      the russian army never planned to keep a ceasefire, and prob. won’t keep one until they get what they want. thugs like them understand only force.

  • Kruton

    Where,s the counterattack?!

  • Jacques

    Ukrainians should have just destroyed the railway connections so that the terrorists couldn’t use them and just left the town. It was a very stupid decision from Ukranian military leaders to leave soldiers there. And the Minsk ceasefire agreement doesn’t work, the Russian terrorists should be attacked immediately and destroyed.

    • evanlarkspur

      I agree. The infrastructure must be completely destroyed. It is better to have to rebuild it later than to allow it to be used to advantage by an enemy. Foreign investment will help rebuild a free but damaged Ukraine; a Ukraine with whole railroads but war in the East will get no investment at all. It’s a pretty simple equation- blow up anything the terrorists can use.

  • Jacks Channel

    I am calling for the world wide removal of any Western Politician who was afraid to arm Ukraine with defensive weapons, by “VOTING THEM OUT OF OFFICE”.!
    You GUTLESS YELLOW COWARDS have just cost Ukraine thousands of lives. You are not worthy to help Ukrainian or the Ukrainian Army. Your useless. Go and hide cowards.

  • Dirk Smith

    These muscovite fascists have violated every agreement and treaty, which originates directly from Moscow. Zero credibility going forward. They only understand the bullet.

  • Czech Friend

    Merkel, Hollande, Obama, get on your knees and beg Putler for forgiveness.

    Do it now, so we can spit you in your face and start defending ourselves with true leaders at the helm!

    You have failed us all.

  • Morksuggan

    How stupid can the general staff of UA be? It has been obvious for a couple of weeks that Debaltleve was lost and the door to the cauldron would be closed soon. Now it has and the generals are totally helpless to do anything but to keep there mouth going.
    Why is that ?they should have been withdrawing and straighten the frontline and go on the offensive elsewhere instead. This is bullshit, now is the time to act and let the soliders break out and attack from UA positions with all they got.

  • Mazepa

    We destroyed the soviet union and we WILL destroy the mockal federation. The only difference this time is that lavrov, kirill and putin will be killed also.
    Smert mockalyam.
    Praviy Cektor
    P.S. We ALWAYS deliver on our promises – unlike the mockal child molesters.

  • Honesty Counts

    Isn’t it funny how Obama never does ANYTHING other than talk. And the same with the European leaders also: Talk, talk, talk. Just like Caesar played his fiddle while Rome burned. Oh well, let Putin take over the world, he’s the only one who has any balls.