Russians to erect monument to Putin



A monument to Russian President Vladimir Putin is being erected in Saint Petersburg, the Ataman of the IRBIS Orthodox Cossack Society, Andrey Polyakov, announced on Echo of Petersburg, February 16, reports .

According to Polyakov, a monument also will be erected to the Russian Cossack Ataman Pyotr Krasnov. Both men are being honored for their active participation “in the revival of the Russian Empire.”

The unveiling of the monuments is planned for May this year on private land in the north of Saint Petersburg. The composition will include a miniature of the Potemkin steps in Odesa, and Putin and Krasnov will be gazing at each other, Polyakov explained.

As is well known, in March 2014 Putin signed a decree on the union of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol with Russia. Ukraine and most other countries regard this event as annexation.

Photo: Andrey Polyakov,

Translated by: A.M.

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  • Silencionomore

    No doubt this so called erection will be about 4 inches in height and be covered in sores.

    • Mark Williams

      You obviously misheard Alina, as they are on metric money in Putinopia! 4 cm. after 1 hr. long ‘b.j.’, from what I have been reliably told. Probably right about the scabs tho’!!

  • Mykola Potytorsky


  • Michel Cloarec

    To hell again ! more statues and statuettes to pull down ! No time to rest and relax !
    But my friends at CIA will be happy !

  • Dirk Smith

    Sweet, a new target.

  • Czech Friend

    You know what people do with rabid rats? They don’t shoot them, they poison them. And such will be the end of Putler’s rat. There are many ways to try and I have confidence there are people in very special ops working on them. It won’t be that spectacular like a bullet in the head but all the more efficient.

    Clock is ticking and Putler’s crimes are mounting, the judge who stands above all will soon issue a verdict.

    Justice is coming for the Russian criminal rat, it is getting closer with each day.

    So yeah, build monuments while you still can.

  • Murf

    I am going to submit a proposal
    A Ruble sign cut in half.
    Do you think they will go for it?

  • Mark Williams

    It could only ever happen in the city of his birth – or maybe Chukotka!!