Ukrainian positions shelled 10 times over first five hours of ceasefire


War in the Donbas

Source: UNIAN
Translated by: Jeffrey Stephaniuk

As of 5 am, the ceasefire agreement is holding. A total of 10 artillery strikes against the ATO positions have been reported, according to the press agency of the Office of the President.

According to information provided by the general staff of the ATO, the situation as of 5 am has been a general observance of the ceasefire and all artillery have fallen silent.

Sviatoslav Tseholko, Chief of the Press Agency for the Office of the President, has posted these details on his Facebook page.

“A total of 10 artillery strikes have been recorded against the positions being held by the Ukrainian army, including six on checkpoints in one particular raion in which are located the towns of Chornukhine and Zolote,” according to the announcement.

“Although it is too soon to reach any conclusions, if there is to be any hope of ending this war, Russia has an obligation to enact the agreement reached in Minsk,” Tseholko emphasized.

Earlier, UNIAN had reported information from the General Staff that over a four hour period of the ceasefire, the protocol of no artillery fire was generally being observed. Artillery strikes that did originate from the terrorists were haphazard, and there have been no casualties.

As stated in the Minsk accord, as of 00:00 on February 15, a state of ceasefire was to take effect. President Poroshenko issued a decree ordering the ceasefire.

Source: UNIAN
Translated by: Jeffrey Stephaniuk

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