Terrorists fire on Horlivka; accuse ATO



Terrorists have fired Grad rockets on the Horlivka city center from Mykytivka, reports Viacheslav Abroskin, head of Donetsk headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on his Facebook page, February 15.

“Horlivka. According to local witnesses –city residents — at 21:30, terrorists fired Grad rockets on the city center, near the railway station. Also terrorist fired on the Gorky park of culture and recreation near the city center. They are shelling the area of Korolenkivsky ponds. The main purpose is to compromise Ukraine and break the ceasefire agreement,” Abroskin writes.

Meanwhile, terrorists have already managed to accuse Ukraine of the Horlivka shelling. DNR leader Denis Pushilin has declared that “three shellings of the city from the artillery of Ukraine’s armed forces have been recorded.”

Translated by: A. M.

Source: Fakty

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  1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Ceasefire in Swahili, russian, mongoloid,ape and monkey languages means ceasefire ! But not for terrorists, then they must be destroyed as soon as possible.
    Soon there are no kinder garden, no hospital,no buse, no ambulance, no school to shoot at ! So what are they going to shoot at ? Zoo in case they are afraid of competitions ?

  2. Avatar Olga Dora Garbar says:

    Como siempre los terroristas son demonios y mentirosos, arrojan la piedra y esconde la mano.Creo que existe un Dios y El les hará pagar en esta tierra todo el mal que están haciendo a la Nación Ucrania.-.