ATO forces shelled 60+ times on first day of ceasefire



According to ATO headquarters, since the beginning of the ceasefire terrorists have fired on Ukrainian forces using all kinds of weapons in an attempt to break the ceasefire

An ATO press release, posted 19:00 (Kyiv time), reports that positions of ATO forces have been shelled continuously.

“Despite the Minsk agreement, illegal armed groups are continuing to actively fire on ATO forces, using all types of weapons. From available sources, it has become known that militants are planning to capture Debaltseve  from the direction of Horlivka and Vuhlehirsk,” the report says.

According to ATO, the terrorists have been directed to provoke Ukraine’s military and break the peace agreements. To accomplish their goal, the occupiers are using practically all kinds of weapons.

“The greatest fire intensity is noticed in the direction of Debaltseve. The activity of the terrorists has diminished somewhat near Donetsk and Luhansk. However, our positions are being shelled there as well. The enemy is conducting active aerial reconnaissance in the direction of Mariupol,” the report stresses.

In addition, the occupiers are deliberately firing on cities and villages where there are no ATO positions.

“At 8:25 and 15:10 terrorists fired mortars on Donetsk. Also at 00:15 several attacks from Grad multiple rocket systems hit Popasna. Over all, the illegal armed groups have shelled ATO forces more than 60 times during the day,” ATO reports.

“The enemy is not adhering to peace commitments and every day is trying to grab more and more territory,” ATO concludes.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia

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  1. Avatar Dr. Stanley Wesolowsky Ph.D. says:

    First day of ceasefire, disgusting provocations, 60+.

  2. Avatar ct says:

    Putin and his mafia are nothing but LIARS!

  3. Avatar Jacques says:

    Minsk II will have just the same results as Minsk I if Ukraine won’t take action soon. Those terrorists are impossible to negotiate with and they need to be destroyed. That’s the only language that they understand.

  4. Avatar DejaVu says:

    Is this a surprise at all? Poroshenko will give up Ukraine along with his so called Western friends such as Merkel and Hollande. Impeach them before it is too late and put in their place proper representatives and not cowards and oligarchs.

  5. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    muscovites=ISIL. Destroy them.

    1. Avatar Racquel says:

      ISIS is Russia’s sister state complete with their newly created Russian Islamic banking system. Way to lead your country, al-Bag-Vladi. The former an in-your-face terrorist; the latter, a coward hiding behind balaclavas and insignia-stripped tanks.

  6. Avatar Dean Venture says:

    Will Poroshenko put his money where his mouth is and declare martial law, or was that an empty threat? He must realize by now that Russia will call all bluffs.

  7. Avatar Roger Mikael Klang says:

    Not stopping own fire for hours or days is a Russian trademark at cease fire. That is what they did to the Finns in the second World war i believe.

  8. Avatar Murf says:

    I hate it when I am right.
    Not that it took a real stretch of the imagination to see how this cease fire was going to play out.
    The only real question is when are the Europeans going to get tired of Putin making them look like chumps?
    After a year of lies and murder you would think they would have caught on that there will be no peace until there is a clear military victory.
    Some things just have to play out to the bitter end.