Why Putin needed two more days before ceasefire




Putin was able to bargain for two more days to complete military operations in the Donbas

Negotiators at the most recent peace talks in Minsk agreed to a complete ceasefire starting at midnight, February 15. Analysts questioned by TSN say this date was not chosen by chance

Volodymyr Horbach, political analyst at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation:

“It is obvious that this has to do with Debaltseve, which sticks out like a splinter for the militants and prevents them from looking at the map calmly.  Naturally, today or tomorrow they will try to change the configuration of the (truce) contact line to one that is more advantageous for them, and this applies first of all to the Debaltseve bridgehead. Fighting will continue there and, in fact, this fighting can disrupt all the agreements, unfortunately.”

Political analyst Yuriy Paliychuk:

“It’s all very simple. Putin needs the time to finally capture Debaltseve. And the news from the front confirms this. The fact that heavy weaponry and multiple rocket launchers are being concentrated there indicates that he plans to take Debaltseve. And to do that he needs two days.

Therefore, the question we’re facing right now is whether or not we can hold on to Debaltseve during these two days.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: TSN.ua

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  • Kruton

    Dig in !

  • Brent

    Then Ukraine should do an all out attack from Mariuopol to capture more of the south coast and bomb the hell out of the areas the terrorists are firing on Debaltseve from.

    Fair is fair…

    • StumpedNoMore2

      They need to ship anti-tank, anti-armor, and all of that to Ukraine asap.

    • Murf

      This cease fire means as much as the last two. However it will give Ukraine a breather. They put the Minsk1 time to good use.
      It would be nice if UA attacked all along the front and seize as much territory as possible. Particularly where coal mines are located.
      Azov should continue to drive hard for Novoazovs’k.
      Wouldn’t that just burn Putin’s arse.

      • DejaVu

        It won’t give Ukraine a breather if it is constantly violated.

  • Dr. Stanley Wesolowsky Ph.D.

    What a dirty trick, Putin wants two days before midnight Feb. 15
    to take Debaltseve.

    • sandy miller

      Putin told Poroshenko to give up Debaltseve. Unbelievable. I wish I was there as a woman I would have punched him right in this dirty lying mouth just as hard as I could. I wouldn’t even care if I broke my hand.I have never felt such hate against another person as I do for this creature from hell as for Putler.

  • Czech Friend

    I think I have never hated anyone so much in my entire life. There is nothing human about Putin as he emanates evil from every cell of his body. The pleasure he visibly takes from torturing others is not of god’s making.

    He inspires evil and darkness all across the world. Nothing good about him, absolutely nothing! I want him not only dead but to suffer I don’t want to wait for hell to do that.

    • sandy miller

      Czeck I so agree with you. This is the most evil man in the world since Stalin and Hitler. He should be killed that’s how much I hate the botoxed midget. I’m usually a dove. Hate war. How sad that Ukraine has to keep fighting for freedom over and over and over again. Each time the world fucks them.

    • Luc D.

      My friend, it’s because of people like you that wars exist and will ever exist. “There is nothing human” in someone with such a hate feelings like that.
      Putin is a great statesman and it is thanks to him that WWII hasn’t start yet.
      I am from Western Europe. You don’t think we in the west wil fight for such a corrupt country like Ukraine? And for warmongers as Yatsenyuk and other nazi’s? Forget it. If Ukraine will make war, ok let it do alone. It is their problem. Good luck.

  • Mazepa

    Save your hate for something useful…..putin WILL be killed.

    • DejaVu

      Save our hate for Merkel and Hollande as well. They need Darwin awards for them too.

      • Horis Buggle

        Merkel thinking about German gas and economey, Hollande about thinking about minstrals carriers, Fucking Cowards,,,

      • sandy miller

        Those two need to be taken out as well as they are cowardly worthless human beings.

        • DejaVu

          Along with Poroshenko and in Poroshenko’s place a proper and strong leader such as Yarosh.

  • DejaVu
  • Morksuggan

    obviously are the UA generals totally incompetent, UA needs to withdrawl from Debaltseve and attack on other places where the russian forces are weak.
    Now UA are making its on Stalingrad.