An open letter to president of the United States of America Barack Obama from the journalists of Euromaidan Press



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This is an actual letter that has been sent by a staff member of Euromaidan Press to the White House administration and since we want to share it with our readers to state what we feel needs to be said in hopes of drawing more attention to this message and that it finds its way to the government of the United States.

Dear President Obama!

I, as many others here in Ukraine, am deeply grateful for all the effort the United States of America and its European allies, countries of NATO had done to support Ukraine in this time of sorrow and pain, when my homeland is at war. Without your great diplomatic achievements as well as sanctions on Russia as well as on Vladimir Putin, our own achievements here wouldn’t have been possible, if even probable.

Yet I can not help but feel as I must also state, with all due respect, that since the recent press conference which you and the prime minister of Germany Angela Merkel has given has left many of us Ukrainians with a feeling of disappointment, frustration and bitterness.

In the course of the conference you have said that the USA and Europe did not stand idly by, yet many of us now feel like you actually have been.

You have said that the people of Ukraine can be sure in your continuous support, yet many of us now aren’t so sure anymore.

In 1994 my country has given up more than 1000 of the Soviet nuclear warheads it had, atomic products of the infamous arms race between our nations.
Back then our young nation had believed in the ideas of mutual peace and understanding between countries and nations and we wanted to coexist in a non-violent world.

Now that these ideals to which we were merely trying to come by means of reforms and all around change are being shattered and stepped on by a small group of thugs, you have stated that you are not entirely sure if the US should give Ukraine the bare minimum it needs to survive in its time of need.

You have said that there is no hope for our army to defeat the army of Russia, yet somehow the bravery and the spirit and the gut that we see every day in these heroic men and women who fight for us and who die for us in the East every day, many of us feel like you are greatly underestimating us, and are burying us too soon, as if our cause has already been lost.

Dear Mr. President, we the common citizens of Ukraine, we the workers, and the teachers, and doctors, the mothers and the fathers, sons and daughters, we call upon your wisdom in which we put all our trust today, for you to make the right decision, for there is no price on liberty one can put!

Please, mr. Obama, arm Ukraine, we cannot fight with bare hands!

Sincerely, etc.

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  • ct

    Do not give up Ukraine! America and Europe do not give up on their friends. Ukraine will prevail. Putin, as you know, is a wicked and dangerous man to the entire world; he has nothing to offer the world except brutality, fascism, and totalitarianism. We must outsmart him cautiously to avoid further destruction and slaughter…

  • Dr. Stanley Wesolowsky Ph.D.

    Just to state the obvious – reference – “Please, Mr. Obama, arm Ukraine,
    we cannot fight with bare hands”, it remains important to stress that at issue
    is the request for defensive weapons, only, to maintain existing borders.

  • Richard Hoover


  • Jens A

    How right you are in your letter! You are fighting at great costs against a thread that also poses a great and deadly risk for us in the West, and yet, it seems that we offer you sympathy but in actual action we are ready to write you off. Not all of us are like that, but I understand your feelings! You are a brave people and you deserve our help, including arms!

    • StumpedNoMore2

      Jens, you are right. The big dog doesn’t always win the fight. It is the will and determination to defend one homeland that is the key. I have push diplomacy in the past but we are not dealing with someone who understand the peace process as he have broken every agreements that have passed.

      I am optimistic that the House Armed Services Committee jointly sponsored legislation that would provide the Ukrainian government in Kiev with $1 billion in weapons and other support to fend off “foreign aggressors. Russia On Monday, an anonymous member of the Russian Defense Ministry’s advisory board promised “asymmetric” responses against U.S interests worldwide. They have already threaten the West long enough, if this peace process does not bear any fruits, it is time to cut off SWIFT.


  • Mazepa

    President Obama!
    The war in the former Yugoslavia was NEVER stopped by Germany and France. They lack the will, the courage and principle to do WHAT’S RIGHT! They have never had the will to confront evil. It was the United States of America that stopped that war in the middle of Europe and stopped the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent civilians. Germany and France have always been spineless….unfortunately. Therefore, we plead that YOU DO WHAT’S RIGHT!! We don’t want American boots on the ground in Ukraine. We only desire access to modern weapons to help us defend ourselves. We will drive the Russian invaders from our country with these weapons. To date, their so-called military has robbed, murdered and even raped young children in the name of ‘russia’. We need YOUR help to eradicate these degenerates from Ukraine.
    Please!…..time is of the essence!
    America’s current and future steadfast ally!!!