Poroshenko shows passports of “lost” Russian soldiers




The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during his speech at the Munich Security Conference, Saturday, February 7, demonstrated passports and military IDs of Russian soldiers found in Ukraine, reports Ukrinform.

“How much more evidence do we need to recognize the obvious fact that foreign mercenaries, Russian weapons, tanks, and troops are present on our territory? I brought with me passports and military IDs of Russian soldiers, Russian officers, who arrived (in our country).  This is the best evidence of the aggression and presence of the Russian military. We want to show the whole world the Russian soldiers and officers who, as they claim, got lost many kilometers from the border, with weapons and tanks, who are killing our fellow citizens. And this has been going on for more than 8 months,” Poroshenko said, showing the documents.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Ukrinform

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  • W8post

    Russians just love to go on holiday in Ukraine! The Crimean resorts can confirm that. The problem being the low rate of the Ruble and Russians cannot afford the plane ticket. So now they come by (Russian State sponsored) means of vehicles like tanks, armoured cars, and humanitarian convoys.

    • Guest

      Yeye, spew out more USA troll propaganda.

      Donbas belongs to the people of Donbas, not to the corrupt pro-USA oligarch/nazi hybrid government… Donbas has expressed their democratic will to have more self rule..The sooner the USA puppets learn to respect democracy the sooner there can be peace.

      • Javier Morales Segura

        And Chechenya belongs to the chechens and Ingushetia ídem and Dagestan..ídem…. and Buratya to the Buryats…. etc, etc, etc…. so… for many peole around the World our misión now is stop this Mega Kleptocratic State Project (MKSP) who has implemented Putin in Russia and stop their supporters. And as in the same way we overcame the USSR, we shall overcome that criminal in the Kremlin

      • StumpedNoMore2

        Is this what your supervisor told you to post from St. Petersburg? All I hear is nazi this, neo-cons, fascists, CIA this, etc. I keep hearing that anyone that disagree with Russian’s policies are an USA puppets.

        Let me educated you scumbags a lesson. Finland, Sweden, Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Japan are having issues with your country. Even the Belarus and Armenia are not even sure about the CIS Union anymore. You want to tell that to Georgia who have lost Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

        Only two countries so far have threaten the world with nuclear annihilation so far in the new millennium – North Korean and RUSSIA.

      • Brent

        Here’s the truth behind the Donbas referendum


        You really should do the World a favor and TAKE THE CHALLENGE

      • George

        What kind of dope are you smoking? Have you ever tasted freedom? Your words are like dust in the wind. With your mentality, russia will never be civilized country. You have more pipelines than roads. I know,you don’t need to build roads because your tanks don’t need them. How about trying to connect some of your towns and cities together so you can grow your economy without sucking it from the west with your overpriced gas and oil? Wake up!!!!

        • Milton Devonair

          In The West, where humans reside, we look up on the creatures called ‘russians’ and though they partially resemble humans, their ‘thinking’ and acting resembles more of an ape than anything humans.
          So that person’s not on drugs. It’s just a russian.
          They are little more than a collective of ill mannered apes.


          • DejaVu

            This is Russia with nuclear weapons:

          • Milton Devonair

            wow, that must be one of the higher trained russian apes in their raping and looting army.

      • evanlarkspur

        Sure, just like St Petersburg belongs to the people who live there, so you all can hold a referendum at any time to determine which country you want to be a part of this week/year/decade, right? Not only will no one try to stop you doing so there in Russia, but no one even has any right to. The fact that others elsewhere in Russia have contributed to your budget and to your common defense doesn’t give them any legal interest in your city’s national alignment, and certainly doesn’t give them any patriotic interest either. And lord knows the fact that in order to secure the benefits of being part of a nation, you agreed to be bound by a constitution that requires the whole nation to have a say in the disposition of regions doesn’t sway you. When has a Russians written agreements with others ever kept you from doing whatever you please for your own benefit in the moment?

        You have a conveniently selective definition of “democracy.”

        • Milton Devonair

          Even though the apes of russian slaughtered/exiled most of the humans in lands they invaded, “russificiation”, still a lot of those remaining don’t even want to be connected to the criminal cesspool called russia.

          russia should just stay in their northern, trashed out area and let siberia and the rest of the human areas cut all attachements to apeville russia. russia could wind up to be about the size of a disneyland if that happens. And the humans of the world can go there to gawk at the russians in their cages.

      • W8post

        You are absolutely right! Donbas to the Donbas people! So, please, get rid of all those Russians hanging around and peace can return. And, meanwhile you’re cleaning up your favourite Donbas, you might as wel send home all those aliens at the same time! Good luck with your tiding up the place.

      • canuke

        What USA troll propaganda? Seems black and white to me: Russian passports, Russian military IDs, Russian military equipment that is not used by Ukraine. The list goes on and on. Your words are totally void of reality.

        • W8post

          WE ALL KNOW…

    • Michel Cloarec

      They love their white limousines, give them a sense of power and to be rich.

  • Roman Sverdetsa

    It is past time to cut the roads and rails and clean the varmints out.Get some excavators down there and build earthen barriers!!

    • Guest

      The people of Donbas are already clearning the USA backed nazi vermin out of Donbas..Perhaps in a few months they can clear of Kiev as well… Or better yet, perhaps the forced conscripts gets tired of dying for USA and will rise up against their nazi and pro-USA oligarch overlords.. I read recently that Ukraine has allowed officers to gun down their own solider for disobeying orders.. So clearly the forced conscripts are not as eager to die for USA as the nazists.

      “Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists”

      • Javier Morales Segura

        You are a poor and disgrace people who live in a Mega Kleptocracy State Project (Putin´s Russia) and like stupid brain washed nazis are following a Boss….. nashi….. nazi….. Hitler… Putin….. Germany….Russia…. ))))
        Wow…… so many similarities…. it is clear, most of the people of the free World know that as we did with the USSR we must to stop Putin. By now he has lost Ukraine….. forever. Nice!!!! )))))

      • StumpedNoMore2

        Keep spending the money you don’t have until it turns like 1991 and 1998 while the ordinary Russian population are suffering.

        Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/russians-advised-pull-money-banks-145700524.html

      • evanlarkspur

        Unlike your Russian troops, who were gunned down by their own comrades- not for disobeying orders, but if they tried to retreat. Makes a soldier pretty heroic to know he will be shot by his own buddies stationed behind him for that very purpose.

        But let’s not forget how the heroic Russian soldiers behaved once they DID capture a town or city- by raping every female in the city between 9 and 75. Sure does make those “nazis” in Kiev look a pretty good choice, as indeed even the real nazis were the lesser of two evils when the other choice for Ukraine was occupation by Russia. Then a few years later, you starved over 12 million of them to death in the space of two years, just to make sure they understood what you really are ( in case they weren’t sure already). 12 million people, two years. I’ve seen the pictures of some of those emaciated people and bodies. I can assure you, our patience with you is done. Utterly.

  • Guest

    Lol? Four passports is the best evidence of Russian invasion? Ridiculous – there more than five nazists just from my country Sweden that is fighting in Azov and other nazi battalion
    for the pro-USA oligarchy running Ukraine.. Does Porky the oligarch suggest that Sweden has invaded Ukraine? What a fool.

    “Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian

    “Ukraine conflict: ‘White power’ warrior from Sweden”

    • Javier Morales Segura

      You…… convulsive liars…. as when the Little Green Men invaded Crimea and the putinists said: “no, no they are not russian soldiers”, and later Putin himself admited publicy that they were russian soldiers … ))))))
      The people like you and your boss never (read it slowly) never, will be able to dominate Ukraine again. Ukraine freely decided to go west and to forget the tirany, kleptocracy, terror, non freedom and non democracy who has implemented Putin and his gang in Russia. And this is the first victory of the Freee World against all of you, later will come more……. sit down and see. Is sad.. Russia a rich country, with a third world economic living standard… wow… and people yet defending “him” ))))

      • Milton Devonair

        Every day since 1918, we humans are reminded why we are never safe around russians and those countries unfortunate enough to be next to the cesspool called ‘russia’, they should arm and train their citizens as russia and russians are, well, russia and russians.

    • StumpedNoMore2
    • Brent

      Here is more Russian neo-Nazi’s for you to admire

      YOUR COUNTRY>>>SWEDEN. Are you the stupid troll Kolingaradpaoidadhdadpyth Garden, or whatever the moniker you used to use on the Kyiv Post site?

      You still never answered the question I asked you back then. If you admire Russia so much, why do you live in the ‘evil liberal’ free and democratic West? What kind of sellout to your Russian people are you that you can’t even endure the same pain that Putin has caused them like their ‘rubble’ being worth 1.4 U.S. PENNIES, potatoes and cabbage for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and being reviled as one of most disgusting nations on the earth? Why do you choose to live in such peace and serenity in the evil West? Sellout. Take one for your team…..

      • StumpedNoMore2

        Brent, I have saved his old username. “Kolaregårdens Domarering”

        This is his favorite phrase. “Information I: Object O seen at Place P at Time T. All four have to be verified.”

        • Brent

          Thanks! I thought it was him.

          But wasn’t the last part spelled “DUMMERing”??? Maybe that’s just how I remember it….

          • StumpedNoMore2

            I’m seeing new tactics being deployed in various forums. Here are what the Kremlin trolls are doing:

            – Flood the comment section with cuss words and vulgarity so that average readers would not even dare to read the comment section.
            – Pure Harassment of real professional commentators

            – Flag them
            – Tell everyone to do it too
            – Disengage in their silly games

    • Milton Devonair

      yet another russian ape thinking that humans are as ignorant as they are and will believe their neo-soviet, primate propaganda.

      If no russia apes are in Ukraine or Crimea, then we should all help arm Ukraine and the gulage prisoners in Crimea.

      Let’s do it!


  • Michel Cloarec

    For a start ! Guest trolls are cowards !
    Therefore not to comment their stupidities is to help Ukraine to be free from the parasits !
    Those guests do not know if they are radicalized to be nazi, sovjet,daesch, islamist.
    Like flies , they go on S….of any colors or origins. It is their breathing air !

    • rgb

      Michel, I do believe you are putting these ‘guest’ too high on the ladder of living things. Though, I have noticed an appearance of ill mannered ‘mushrooms’ throwing their ‘food’ around. Слава Україні!

      • Michel Cloarec

        Too high only in winter. In Summer I have a special trash bin for mouldering decay !

  • Michel Cloarec

    SORRY ! Of course I meant the guest troll hiding behind anonimity to write comment !

  • Terence Patrick Mac Dougall

    Donbas is Ukrainian sovereign Territory. Russia had no place there. Do you really think that Putin gives a dam about the people in Donbas and the Russian Soldiers that have given there brave life‘s for Putin’s aggressive ambitions. They die every day without family’s knowing and without daintily, Putin denies their lives and gives conciliation by dropping the price of vodka, hoping no one will notice when they are drunk. Putin is a KGB bully boy and his government are thugs there is not one Politian among them. Russia with become a dictatorship and absolutism, not freedom will rule

    • LorCanada

      A grave marker for a Russian soldier:


    • Charles J. Kollman

      You are correct in what you say. The Russian Soldiers that now die on Foreign soil The Ukraine are not defending Mother Russia from The Ukraine. They die for the idea and interest of one Mr. Putin. There are no more Separatists fighting in the east Ukraine they have been killed or have ran. The weapons equipment and fighters all come from Russia. Russia has no right in this conflict of Civil Disobedience in the East Ukraine. The US. and other west Countries have been wrong since they backed and supported the demonstration in Kiev. I am an American and i am not some progressive liberal socialist. I support defend and preserve the Law of The Land The Constitution. Five years ago most Americans and the Government did not know where The Ukraine. The American Government is looking for a way to create a Red Flag. The American Government do not care about the Ukraine or it’s people. This is all about the rick wealthy Bankers and the Industrial American Military Complex. Putin does not care about the Ukraine or it’s people, because over time The Soviet Union treated the Ukraine as a step child and now Putin does the same. Why is it that when this oh so great Union came apart in 1991 the Russian Government did not protect Russians living in The Ukraine. It was the Russian Government responsibility then to open the door and let these people come back to Russia. The West will not crush Putin, it will come from the inner circle of those who have been elected into the Russian Government that gets it backing from those who are wealthy in Russia and have much to loose.

  • Mephisto

    After today’s conference, it is clear that Merkel is the problem. She is as much out of touch with reality as Putin, constantly babbling something about diplomatic solutions and that weapons could escalate the conflict etc. Weapons are the only thing that Putin understands. If it means a fullscale war with Russia, so be it. I wouldn’t back down even an inch before such a bully. He cannot fight against the whole world. And he has not many friends left (possibly North Korea)

    • StumpedNoMore2

      Yeah, appeasement never worked. He already took South Osetia, Abkhazia, Crimea and now he is trying to take Donbas. I don’t know when Europe will wake up. Pretty soon it will be the Baltic States.

      • W8post

        You forgot Transnistria…ask those Russian ‘peacekeepers’ and instructors what business’ is there for them ??

        • Milton Devonair

          And you forgot Königsberg. It’s Germany on the other side of Belarus and Lithuania. The drunken, raping apes of russia probabably think that country is theirs too…..but like Maldova, it isn’t even connected to the cesspool called ‘russia’.

          russia is a disease upon humans.
          russians are ebola with two legs.

    • W8post

      ” weapons could escalate the conflict” so true. That’s why the Kremlin keep on sending those ‘Humanitarian convoys’, so they can return home with their Cargo200!

    • Milton Devonair

      Agreed, but europe has always been at the root of many of the problems to the world, either by starting them, or by allowing them to continue to grow until it becomes greater problems.

  • Guest

    Russian passports? Seems legit – every soldier takes his passport when he goes on the war [sarcasm]

    • Milton Devonair

      Than as long as you agree with little chimp vlady, there are no russians in Ukraine, nor Crimea (he did tell the truth on Crimea later though).

      So us Humans then should dump containers of weapons into Ukraine and none of the drunken apes of russia should care because none of those rapists are in Ukraine.

      Glad we agree on the need to give millions of tonnes of weapons to Ukraine.


  • Charles J. Kollman

    This is all good that this takes place today meaning the War in East Ukraine. Now people in Russia and The Ukraine speak out freely. If this was say 1955 and people spoke out about Mother Russia of the great Soviet Union they would get a free ticket to a prison in Siberia. No my passed Communist friends Capitalism is not the best it is only like Communism a form of slavery of the people. But Capitalism is better and stronger then Communism history does not lie The Soviet Union was an out of date 3rd. world Country 30 years behind The US.when it collapsed. I am sure in do time history will be rewritten by Russia saying this is a West lie.

  • DejaVu

    “If the war in Ukraine is ‘local rebels’ uprising or ‘separatist’ against the Ukrainian government, then answer these questions please:

    Why was the FIRST thing they did after seizing administration buildings, replacing ALL tv-channels for Russian ones?

    Why did Russia attack a Ukrainian camp near Zelenopole on July 11th CROSSING THE BORDER with 14 GRAD rocket launchers? See this blog.

    Why did Russia attack a Ukrainian camp with GRAD rocket launchers from Gukovo on July 16th? See this blog.

    Why did Russia drive one of their most advanced anti-air systems into Ukraine that shot down MH17? See this blog.

    Why did Russia invade Ukraine in the end of August to destroy the volunteer battalions that were retreating from Ilovaisk and were promised a safe passage? See this blog.

    Why did Russia invade Ukraine in the end of August to conquer Lugansk Airport as can be seen on Google Earth? See this blog.

    Why did Russia attack a Ukrainian army camp OUTSIDE the conflict area from RUSSIAN TERRITORY on Sept 14th, which is AFTER the Minsk agreement. See this blog.

    Why does Russia send ENDLESS amounts of ammunition into Ukraine?

    Why does Russia send all their newest equipment into Ukraine?

    Why does Russia send their Electronic warfare units into Ukraine?

    Why does Russia recruit criminals to fight in Ukraine in exchange for amnesty?

    Why does Russia recruit mercenaries from all over Russia to fight in Ukraine?

    Why do we hear “Alluha akbar” all the time in videos?

    Why does Russia keep Nadiya Savchenko captive as a prisoner of war?

    Why does all the command and control of the battle groups in Ukraine consist of Russian officers (such as Girkin and others)?

    Why does Russia send in their Special Forces (to capture administration buildings or to lay ambushes on retreating Aidar units etc.)?

    Why does Russia send in it’s green little men like it did in Crimea. But now they are called ‘polite people’?

    Why are there Russian generals in Ukraine? See this blog.

    Why do Russian tanks fly the Russian flag in Ukraine?


    Russia wants you to believe it is a local uprising, so it can freely operate under that cover.”


  • FabianFJ64

    You really are convinced that only a Russian could hold another viewpoint. I suppose we should be flattered. At least the Russians didn’t spend millions on trying to develop a pen that works in the weightlessness of space. The Russian solution to the “problem” was a pencil but I’m sure you knew that. http://tiny.cc/17o1tx here is some more about new Putin plan.

    • W8post

      I love my ‘Fisher Spacepen’; ALWAYS works. (not like a Russian, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. ~ not like a Russian: one never knows they will work or not…)