Moscow preparing massive invasion of Ukraine but facing problems

Russian military recruits

Russian military recruits 


The Russian government has introduced draft legislation that would make it easier for Moscow to sign up professional soldiers and for commanders to force draftees to convert to the professional (contract) status and thus be available for dispatch to Ukraine, yet another indication Moscow is preparing for a massive invasion and facing difficulties finding men for it.

Under current law, the only place where young men can sign up to become professional soldiers is at their local military commissariat. Indeed, Russian officials over the past year have frequently reassured the Committees of Soldiers Mothers that commanders are not allowed to change the status of draftees, despite numerous reports that such actions have occurred.

Today’s “Novyye izvestiya” reports that the new measure will allow for accelerating the recruitment of professional soldiers not only by giving legal status to the recruiting centers which already exist but also by having them expand recruiting propaganda, something the commissariats don’t engage in.

Recruiting centers have existed since September 2012, although they have operated only on the basis of a defense ministry directive rather than any Russian law. The ministry says that they are currently processing 6500 people a month for professional service in the Russian armed forces.

These centers, even under the new legislation, will not be entirely separate from the commissariats which will still handle medical examinations and be involved in the final selection of those who have applied to become professional soldiers, the Moscow paper says.

According to Oleg Shvedkov, the head of the All-Russian Union of Military Personnel, the expansion of these centers will bring Russia into line with American practice, increase propaganda for military service, and thus bring the day closer when all those in the military will be professional soldiers rather than primarily draftees.

Leaders of the Russian Soldiers Mothers Committees, say they do not see this program as being directly linked to events in Ukraine or to the illegal but apparently widespread practice in which commanders force draftees under various pretexts to convert to professional status so that they can be sent to the fighting there.

But there are at least two reasons for thinking it is. On the one hand, Moscow clearly feels the need to step up its agitprop campaign to get more young people to sign up for military service, something it might not have to do were it not actively engaged in military aggression in Ukraine.

And on the other, the creation of more recruitment centers almost certainly will make it easier for commanders to engage in the illegal practice of having draftees agree to become professionals. No longer will there be a single place where such transfers can be legalized – the commissariat of the soldier’s home area – but rather far more places where it could occur.

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  1. Avatar sandy miller says:

    i just wanna talk

  2. Avatar Tooni says:

    Hi, I woul like to ask a question to Ukrainians:

    Is it true, that you can not leave your country?
    That men between ages 16-60 years and women between 18-50 years old must
    present some kind of document from the military to cross borders? And you cannot get that document from the military so, essentially you’re prisonier in your country that way?

    Is it true or russian propaganda?

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      I seriously doubt it. That would require some sort of martial law and that entails pretty strict control of society–something Ukraine doesn’t have and is incapable of having these days. After all the dictators they had to endure, they’d not tolerate it. They have found they can stand up and be free. Once a people get that taste, the only way to re-enslave them is to kill most of them.

    2. Avatar Brent says:

      The decision isn’t typically made by the country you are ‘leaving’ as much as the parameters decided by the country you are attempting to enter.

      Ukrainians need visas to ‘enter Europe’ (my understanding but something the EU Association is supposed to change.
      members of EU countries can travel freely between them
      Canadians and Americans don’t need visas to visit each other, but you can still be refused border crossing by the country you are trying to enter if they feel you are a ‘threat’ however they define. There is also a limitation on how long you can stay,without getting a visa.
      North Americans (and I presume members of EU) can enter Ukraine without a visa, and can stay up to 90 days, without getting a visa More than 90 days, requires a visa North Americans require a visa to enter Russia.

      Curious about your question as it seems there is a 2nd part to your inquiry

    3. Avatar Bogdan Chupira says:

      It is true to some extend.
      But first, allow me to correct a bit your statement. Talking about man: the age of people who can be called to military is 25-50. Men, who reached 50 and more are not forced to enter the army force, but if they wish, they can sign up as volunteers.
      Talking about women: they ARE NOT FORCED TO ENTER AN ARMY. Only in case if they are taught as “field doctor” or “field nurse” they can get an “invitation” to field hospital.

      Now, the general answer to your question. It happened, that I come from “ATO zone” (area where all this shit happens), and here what I can tell:

      – 25-50 aged men really can`t leave the region without special permission, BUT THIS APPLIES ONLY TO RESIDENTS OF LUGANSK AND DONETSK REGIONS. This law is tough, but we all understand why it is done.

      – Other men and women CAN LEAVE country if they want. No one is gonna hold people.


      1. Avatar Tooni says:

        Thank you again. I’m very happy for your responses, now I can use your answers against this propaganda.

        1. Avatar Bogdan Chupira says:

          You are welcome 🙂

    4. Avatar BikeDude says:

      No, it’s not true. I left the country on business this week for a few days and returned without any problems

  3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    russia…..putin is doing to your youth, what hitler did to Germany’s youth.
    and putin will destroy your country just like hitler destroyed Germany.

    only russians can save russia. Get new leaders and if the ones you have won’t allow that, kill them. save your young and your country.

  4. Avatar DejaVu says:

    The problem is that a massive invasion of not only Ukraine and Eastern and Western Europe means that China’s preparation and exercises they have been running will go into reality as well. China also has an eye on Siberia and lost territory and will make their move even without Russia being distracted. So in essence it’s only a matter of time before the world goes up in flames in both Europe and Asia.

    1. Avatar DejaVu says:

      Also wanting to add that the most optimistic figures indicate a total collapse of Russia by Mid-2016. This will likely happen earlier (late 2015). Putin will do everything in his power to hold on to power and prevent a revolution. This means that war is coming home (as the World in Conflict saying goes).

      History has shown that war is the most effective external distraction from internal conflicts and problems. Putin will utilize this more aggressively this year unless he is stopped prematurely and overthrown.

  5. Avatar PaulaFS53 says:

    This ape only makes idiot comments or talks in innuendo. I maybe dim but what is LMC …it can’t be LOWER MIDDLE CLASS can it? If so why you as he sent me the identical message on a different subject 5 mins ago !! ie Very LMC ! Hilarious. here is more about Putin.