SBU arrests traitors who informed on Ukrainian troops for Russian intelligence




Article by: Anna Mostovych

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU)  has detained a highly placed traitor in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and his “DNR” accomplice, SBU Chairman Valentyn Nalyvaichenko reported at a press briefing in Kyiv, Wednesday, February 4.

The SBU has detained a Ukrainian officer who worked at the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and his accomplice from the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic,” who were coordinating and organizing provocations, most notably the one in Kyiv on Tuesday, February 3. The two men were also providing information on the location of Ukrainian military units for Russian intelligence services and their Russian proxies in the Donbas “republics.”

“We have detained and arrested a citizen of Ukraine, a lieutenant colonel in one of the main departments of the General Staff of Ukraine. (This individual), named Chernobay, born in 1974, and his accomplice, a representative of “DNR,” together organized subversive activities in the Ukrainian army,” Nalyvaichenko said.

According to Nalyvaichenko, the two men organized the provocation in Kyiv on Tuesday night when a group of people tried to penetrate into the presidential administration building.  Additionally, the two provocateurs planned and carried out various activities intended to cause unrest  and undermine morale, such as inciting provocations among the volunteer battalions and passing on false information to volunteers and activists on alleged battle losses and the seemingly insurmountable battlefield conditions of the territorial defense battalions.

“This lieutenant colonel, using his position in the General Staff, was passing on this information and lying to people in order to provoke them. Earlier, he had cynically worked as an instructor in one of the volunteer battalions. It was there that he established contacts, developed agents, and used  these people to distort reality and incite provocations,” Nalyvaichenko said.

Nalyvaichenko also reported that these traitors, in coordination with Russia’s secret services, were planning armed provocations near the parliament building in Kyiv, but the SBU thwarted their plans in time when it seized a shipment containing a great quantity of weapons, including grenades, which were to be used for provocations near the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, February 5.

“We have seized a huge shipment of weapons, which were hidden near Kyiv and were going to be used tomorrow in Kyiv,”  he said, adding that the cache of weapons included 10 grenade launchers, ammunition, and explosives.

“This was intended to provoke, organize, and exploit  sabotage  at a time when the Verkhovna Rada was going to plan and, I believe, designate the DNR and LNR as terrorist organizations,” he said.

Additionally, Nalyvaichenko noted that it was because of this traitor that militants learned the location and make-up of the Ukrainian units in order to then direct artillery fire at them.

Chernobay, the detained lieutenant colonel, handed over to the DNR militants and to Russian security  services the positions, navigational information, and exact locations of the territorial battalions so they could be attacked and Ukrainian soldiers destroyed.

“This group, using connections with the Russian secret services, distorted information and notified the TV stations controlled by Russian secret services in advance,” Nalyvaichenko said. This is why they always arrived on the scene of various provocations before any other journalists.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: IMI
Source: Interfax Ukraine
Source: Korrespondent

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  • George

    How many more to be cleaned out? FSB has had decades to plant ‘sleepers’.

    • Eddy Verhaeghe

      Don’t despair. The SBU starts to find them and such a cleansing of its own ranks starts with a trickle, will become a steady stream until they’ll start to flee of their own.

    • W8post

      Just DO it…

  • Malone_LeVeigh

    I hope tha,t as in most countries, being found guilty of being a traitor is a death penalty.

    • Milton Devonair

      Would be a nice touch to publicaly execute them, but then the russians and their trained internet bois would just babble on and on about how much they are innocently being victimized…..

      So probably just take them out back, shoot them and bury them quietly.

      • Murf

        Milk the puke for what ever he is worth.
        Drop him from a helicopter at 10k feet in the Black Sea.
        No fus on mus.
        His body can feed the fish.
        That’s what I call recycling.

        • Milton Devonair

          …then people can eat the fish, then go take a dump in russia to send their boi back home, completing the trip.

  • jim

    Death to all traitors by firing squad !

  • jim

    All men in sensitive positions need to take a polygraph test ,no exceptions . This should already have been done when issuing military clearances into these sensitive areas .

  • Mykola Potytorsky

    put this guy on trial and if found guilty sentence him to death as a traitor to the nation. anyone who is an agent for the ruSSians can only expect one fate-a vacation with stalin.

  • Murf

    good work boys.
    Every one should bear in mond that about three weeks ago they relived and arrested the head of the Anti Terroism department. With in days they also arrested about 200 people in the government and Military.
    The almost daily bombings and attacks dwindled to almost nothing within a week.
    You will also note that the Army’s performance has improved remarkably since August.

    Now this POS will have a bag over his head and a dose of “enhanced interrogation” Ukraine style
    Slowly bit by bit the claws of Russian Fascism are being purged from Ukraine.

  • Valera Sceptical

    Wow, so many bloodthirsty “patriots”! How about hanging real traitors to Ukrainian cause – the sellouts to Washington masters, like Poroshenko and “Yats”, as war-mongering neo-con Victoria Nuland called the nerd looking PM?

    • bill cocal

      Please get off this site, you Russian troll. Don’t deny this–your line was heard from the Kremlin since the Ukrainians got rid of traitor Vanukovicz.

      • Valera Sceptical

        Hmmm, actually I live in Illinois (USA). Where is your tolerance for a different opinion? It is gone, right? Only limited IQ naive and brainwashed nazzi lovers allowed to apply?

        • Doug Retter

          You don’t have an opinion, you have a sick, sociopathie lifestyle. You aren’t satified to screw yourself up; you’re out there trying to harass everyone who is decent. Fine if need to be a sickness; just leave everyone else alone, Dorothy!

    • W8post

      @Valeria, a) Putin doesn’t like gays; why do you call yourself ValeriA and your avatar shows a male[?]. b) make your choice: sellout to Washington or sellout to Putin; whom should be hanged? (suggestion > Yanukovych) c) choose: EU or Putin’s ‘Asian Custom Countries’ ? The choice is the same as the Crimean ‘elections’, gun to your head and make a decision …d) now go back to your St.Petersburg’s troll quarters and invent what you’re gonna answer!

    • Doug Retter

      You are a gay cut and paste atheist. You don’t even like yourself.

  • FunkyWinkerbean

    Squeeze everything out of them before the firing squad takes aim.